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Hip Implant Recall

Updated on December 6, 2010

Hip Implant Recall

If you or someone in your family is one of the unfortunate people that are going to have yet another hip surgery. I wish you the best of success! I have collected a few links on the recall that I hope are helpful.

Hip implants were recalled by DePuy Orthopedics several months ago due to high risk of failure in the 93,000 ASR metal-on-metal hip implant units.

Here is Depuys Hip Recall guide

Learn more about Hip design

The DePuy ASR Hip System, which has recently been deemed unworthy of use and subsequently recalled, has caused thousands of individuals severe pain, discomfort, and difficulty performing daily tasks that were once easy to carry out due to its failure.

Symptoms of Recalled, Faulty DePuy Hip Implant Can Be Too Much For Recipients to Handle

As you can see there are many hip replacement systems that are being recalled and that were thought to be sound by the medical establishment. Having worked in surgery for 25 years I personally would not have any prosthetic implanted into my body.

Most of our health problems are either nutritional or from our lifestyle. Most of us can remain healthy if we take control of our own health and well being and look to doctors only as a last resort.

Depuy Hip Replacement Recall Lawsuit

Zimmer Durom Hip Cup Recall

Depuy Hip Recall


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