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Hippocrates Health Institute Graduation Focused on “Know Thyself”

Updated on May 14, 2017

Hippocrates Health Institute offers a variety of programs including a Life Transformation Program and a Health Education Program. If you’ve never been to Hippocrates and are new to this lifestyle, adopting an all raw vegan diet can be the beginning of a new life.

For some people that first week can be tough. However, after that you feel and can see in others the beginning of a change. Energy level increases, eyes brighten and your skin starts to glow. For some that transformation can be very subtle and for others quite dramatic.

While in the beginning, three weeks, six weeks or nine weeks can seem like a long time, when it’s over you wonder how the time swept by so quickly. You also wonder what life will be like in the real world. Yet, since you’ve made it that far, Hippocrates celebrates the occasion with their version of a graduation.

Anna Maria Clement
Anna Maria Clement | Source
Brian Clement
Brian Clement | Source
Pam Blue
Pam Blue | Source
Jackie | Source
Brian, Anna Maria, Jackie
Brian, Anna Maria, Jackie | Source

Graduating from Hippocrates Health Institute Health Education Program

Since the people in every group are different, so is each graduation. I was lucky to be part of a nine week Health Education Program graduation, since this was the group that arrived when I did. For me it was the perfect time to share the occasion with so many friends I had met over my time at Hippocrates Health Institute and to talk to them about their growth, their transformation.

The celebration began with Pam Blue, Director of the Hippocrates Health Educator Program, talking specifically about this group and what she felt about them. “This group has clarity, stillness and power. Their depth comes from their heart,” she remarked.

“The power is selected from the power you see in the water. The light that shines down on this lake is reflected so beautifully into those who witness it.”

She also made reference to the man himself: Hippocrates – Know thyself, because as we all know, the greatest source of information is self-knowledge. If we want to make the change and transform to a healthier person, we must learn the tools needed to do that, which is what HHI offers.

Learning how to Heal Thyself

At Hippocrates Health Institute they don’t just say, “do this,” but rather explain why and support everything they do with the science to back it up. While in the beginning that in itself is an eye opener, what makes an even greater impact is the results you feel and see by following the knowledge they share with you.

Fortunately, I have experienced my own transformation firsthand. The pain from the arthritis I arrived with no longer keeps me up at night. Each week I feel just a little bit stronger and once I leave here I know what it will take to continue on that road to wellness.

Knowing the road ahead may be difficult, Pam gave some encouragement by noting, “I suggest that those in this group will go beyond that ancient wisdom to a new age; go beyond know thyself to be thyself.”

This was a group of 22 people who shared the transformation together and bonded because of their combined goals and in fact in those nine weeks they gave birth to a new life, a new way of living their life.

Some Thoughts from Brian Clement

Brian Clement then got up and spoke to the group. As the owner, along with his wife Anna Maria, he takes pride in every group that passes through their institute.

“What courage it took for you to come here and take time out of your precious lives. It is a beautiful thing to take back our lives. There is no power over you when you have control of yourself. Total absolute control over your life,” he began.

Brian then talked about how countries and cities like Germany, Romania and Barcelona are taking more control over the foods they make available. For them it’s about focusing on foods that feed your life, body and soul.

“When we dreamed of health communicators we dreamed of people who would go back to their community and help them. I have a whole lot of faith that you are going to do great things when you are out there,” he added.

Anna Maria Clement and the Graduating Students Share Their Thoughts

“You have taken in knowledge that is for life. We have to be the change,” commented Anna Maria. In words paraphrasing what Ghandi said, she concluded, “You must be the change ... As you heal yourself, you will give others the opportunity to heal. By being true—living from your true self, speaking your truth, acting from a place of growth and healing, and ... You can't help anyone else if you are sick and exhausted.”

It was then that each of those graduating took time to speak.

Jackie began. “The opportunity of being here for nine weeks has been amazing. We’ve all got our own journey. What I really noticed is the quality of the light here. You can see by the second week the light, the eyes have brightened up and the light is just the energy that we all have. When you’ve got the light that’s lit up within you, we want to change. This place makes you realize you have unlimited potential.”

Valerie commented, “I wanted to come here to help myself grow a healthy mind, a healthy body and a connected spirit. Now, I’m a rainbow warrior. The world is filled with many different colors and I’m one of them.”

Michael added, “Love is the reward for the character you have built and the person you come to be.”

Andrea continued noting, “because we came together as one in spite of all the differences we are one. We are the light. Now we have got to get out there and shine it.”

Other comments included “You’ve given me information I will take a lifetime to digest.”

One of my favorite quotes was, “I feel like I am a sprout; a sprout is 60 times stronger than anything out there. Brian has taken a complicated world and made it simple. Each and every one of us is geared to go forward and bring our gift of sprouting.”

The ceremony continued with some personalization and a flower exchange. It was the perfect type of ceremony to enhance the meaning of what Hippocrates Health Institute is all about: health, healing, wellness, love, compassion, kindness and know thyself.

Graduation Program Fun at Hippocrates Health Institute

A few words from those who graduated


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