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Hippocrates Health Institute and Chuck Berry Remind You To Take Time for Yourself

Updated on April 3, 2017

Hippocrates Health Institute

Sprouts | Source
Sprouts | Source
Sprouts | Source
Wheatgrass | Source
Wheatgrass | Source
Valerie and Jackie
Valerie and Jackie | Source
Donna | Source
Jackie | Source

As I continue my journey of health to heal my arthritis, sciatica and pinched nerve with the help of what I am learning at Hippocrates Health Institute, in West Palm Beach, FL, recently I was reminded of an important lesson: Make time for yourself.

I’m a workaholic (sometimes a frustrated workaholic) who needs to learn how to relax and not worry about all the work-related things on the endless to do list. So, the reminder was on one recent evening when this group of musicians rambled into the food dining room carrying their instruments. Among them was Brian Clement and his wife Anna Maria, the owners of Hippocrates.

If you know anything about these two people you know that they work a lot between their travels, the many lectures they give and their meetings, but they look so young and alive every time you see them. This evening was their tribute to the legendary Chuck Berry, who recently died. He was 90 years old.

That got me thinking that I want to live to be at least 90 and to be as young and alive as Brian and Anna Maria. So, if I’m going to do that, I need to find some time for me.

Hippocrates Healthy Institute Setting

Spending time wandering the grounds at Hippocrates has helped me understand a bit about stress. I’ve noticed that no matter how frazzled I feel when I arrive, by the time I leave I feel serene. There is something about the peace and calming that this place radiates that creates this feeling of tranquility. It gives you time to think.

I notice that when I head home, I feel happy. It could be the two ounces of wheatgrass I’m drinking, filling my body with oxygen which helps to strengthen your immune system. Or the plate of sprouts of all kinds, each with a different benefit, supplying my body with the nutrients it is lacking.

The body is an amazing place. It is designed to heal itself if it has what it needs and so by eating sprouts, nature’s medicine, I’m filling in any gaps. One of the benefits of sprouts is protein. Yes, sprouts, a vegetable, supplies your body with a lot of protein, something my body needs more of.

The Missing Links

Early on when I had a blood test taken, I learned that not only was my body weak in protein but there were other missing links and so eating the sprouts and adding supplements targeted to those missing links is one way to work towards the healing process. For instance, arthritis involves inflammation and so one of the products I take is Phyto-Enhanced, which has been proven to reduce inflammation.

B12 is another weak area, and so I’m adding OceanEnergy to my daily supplements. The key here is knowing where the missing links are and filling them in.

However, you can do all that and if you’re stressed or anxious all the time, that’s not something you can solve with supplements or food. That’s when you are being sent a message that if you truly want to heal then remember to take time for yourself.

Wandering Around the Property

At Hippocrates you can do this by taking a walk or sitting on the many benches and reading a book. For you, maybe it’s going in the mineral pool, or taking an exercise class. Or it could be a visit to the Oasis for a massage or to Harmony for one of their many calming protocols. For each one of us that road to relaxation may be different but here you have so many options that it helps you figure out what works for you.

So, this column is sending a simple message to you and to me. It is one that I am reminded of as I walk the forest-like paths at Hippocrates and feel a sense of calm come over me, no matter what my day was like.

Stories of Healing

There is also comfort in being surrounded by like-minded people who are all working towards improving their health and well-being. I’m reminded of all the benefits this place offers when I chat with the people who are sharing their success stories of weight loss or healing. Often when I’m in the dining room eating the nutritious raw food from the buffet, people will come up to me and we’ll start talking about the journey they are on. As they are talking about the results, they are smiling with bright eyes and so much joy at having achieved or being closer to their goal(s). That gives me the hope and the belief that one day I will be the one sharing my success story.

For instance there was Jackie, who said, she was “looking for some place that I could go to focus on me.” She listened to a lecture by Brian, near her British home, “and he completely blew me away. It resonated with what I was looking for.”

Valerie from Canada came, “to get my energy back. I had done a lot of research into the raw food lifestyle and it made sense that putting live food into our body would give us energy.”

Donna had been to Hippocrates before when in 1996 she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and after following a strict protocol designed specifically for her problem she went home arthritis free.

To hear their stories of success was not only heartwarming but helps you understand that you can succeed. Just the other day I spoke to yet another woman who had thyroid cancer and after three months at Hippocrates following a very strict regimen she is not only healed but one of those people that exudes happiness.

That’s what I want people to think when they meet me. So, I’m trying to figure it out and that night when the band started pumping out their tunes that’s when I did one of the things I’ve always loved. I got up and danced with Anna Maria and the rest of the people who are also learning that we must take time for ourselves.

If you want to continue this healing journey with me, take time to read the other articles I’ve written about what I’m learning and how I’m moving closer to my goal of healing my body and feel free to share your story with me: click here and here.

Remember knowledge is power.

The Beat Goes on at Hippocrates with the help of Chuck Berry


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