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Hit the Jack Pot or Stirring the Pot?

Updated on November 10, 2008

"The Devil is in the details" or at least this is what I've always been told. Maybe that would explain why so many now a days speak in generalities, half-truths, and try their best to be vague. Have you noticed how so many speak in broad terms, so not to let out too much information, but then ask for advice, opinions, or a general consensus? How can you want the truth about anything, if you are not being fully truthful in your question or statement? What are we so affraid of? Is this just the natural cause of the evolutionary ladder due to the "political correctness" movement started during the days of the Clinton administration? Where did this whole "PC" thing real get us? We started acting like a kind, gentlier nation on the outside, while we started to become a country of mounting and building spontaious contbustable frustration.

The internal eruption soon begins to manifest its ugly self in other ways. Personally, really all this broad generalization has seemed to bring a resurgence of predjudices. Deep seed intollerences toward our fellow humanbeings and citizen of the human race. So many live with such internal rage towards ours. I even see this on a smaller scale. Have you ever read a comment on a blog or a web page that just make you flinch? You just keep staring at it in the some way you view a 10 car pile up on the highway. You just keeping thinking to yourself "wow what brought this on?" or "what the hell does that comment really have to do with the subject?" At times the frustration is just at such a point that we lash out, say or do things that hurt, even intentionally mame. For what? What is actually the root of this? Why do some many decide to take such things into public forum, instead of handling it just between the parties affected? Maybe both sides of the dispute our attenton starved, or possibly both parties are hope everyone else will choose sides, and show support? Could be both parties just what total innilialtion of the people, places and things?

If you really are wondering were I am going with this post? So am I. I will say this, many of us have come from other sites that were filled with conflict, character assassination, and tempers that have boiled over in public forums and this showed very little decorum between all concerned. Amazingly, I have not seen even a small bit of this here. I, for one, am very thankful for that. I am not trying to "stir the pot" this is not a one place is better than an other, I am not attempting to draw nor make a conclusion. I am just personally going to say that I appreciate everyone here and the unspoken high standard by which we all seem be showing on here. My hat is off to all of you. There has been so many good deeds, topics, and informative blogs on here. I am proud to be a part of this group. There has been so much good support and views placed on here, without the usual mud slinging, name calling, or less than civility; that this little slice of recovery cyber space has been just what so many, including myself has needed and wanted.

We all have proven up to this point that, YES, we can all just get along. Regardless of personalities, backgrounds, beliefs, and ideologies. Thank you all for making this first year here a positive, enjoyable, and calm experience.

Positive Change?....It's Up to You

All We Are Saying....Is Give Peace a Chance


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