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Hives Symptoms, Can Stress Cause Rash and Treatment to Help Allergic Reaction

Updated on August 29, 2012

What is Hives

Hives are an extremely painful condition that occurs on the skins surface. It makes its appearance as raised, red, and extremely itchy splotches on the skin. There is no distinctive shape or size, it varies from very small to very large. Hives is also known to move around on the skin. It can show up on one area and then totally disappear and reappear on another part of the body. Women tend to get it more than men. They seem to last at the very most 24 hours, but sometimes it can be longer or shorter. There are many things that can cause hives, and a lot of times they'll just appear for no apparent reason. One of the major things that can cause hives is stress. Some people get hives because of an allergy of some sort, but usually there is no specific thing that triggers it.

Picture of HIves

Hives Treatment

Unfortunately there isn't a whole lot you can do for the treatment of hives. They just have to run their course, but you can get some things to help offer some relief to the extreme itching and pain caused by hives. Benadryl is probably the most effective, but it will make you sleepy. You may only want to take this one before bed. You can buy it over the counter or your Doctor may prescribe it.

Claritin is another oral medicine that effect are similar to that of Benadryl but it won't make you drowsy or tired.

Some Doctor will prescribe steroiods, but many do not due to the fact that it cannot be safely given for the length of time it takes for hives to fully heal and leave the body. They are only used in extremely bad cases.

There are also topical creams and lotions to help with the itch.


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