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"Hold Your Horses"

Updated on October 5, 2014

At six a.m. the alarm kept on as I kept hitting a "bit" more rest to my body which felt worn out, not only by aging but daily heavy duty life stuff (more emotional than physical). The sun was warming the house as I prepared for work in a rush because the bit became a "lot" when a deep soft voice inside me said: "hold your horses". My cousin compared me with an untamed wild mare; today looking back I guess he was right. Learning to tame myself has taken time, effort and prayer.

I skipped worked today taming that inner wild mare and cool my thinking brain which was making my heart beat as fast as a speed train. Being sick does not necessarily means you have a fever, cough or measles...being sick is kind of what Shel Silverstein wrote in the poem: Sick.

Balance is just the perfect concept for health in every human aspect. Taking time to know when "STOP" has to become a must. Holding the horses...stepping on the brakes of our own inner and physical environment is absolutely a necessity.


Hold your horses?

Language is the tool that every culture uses to express themselves to others. Idioms are phrases like 'Hold your horse' said with a different meaning from the words composed.

It is said that this phrase 'Hold your horses' belongs to the British soldiers. When they fired the cannon and the horses ran away out of control. Can a soldier be in combat without transportation?

What does hold your horses means to some people?

To be responsible for own things
Keep calm
Slow down and wait
Hold your tongue
Take care of your love ones
Keep your animals safe

More idioms

I like many things in this life and I see from them lessons because of the need to learn daily. I will share how nature talks to me and idioms are used. I hope what I share may be like a seed in you.

Wild horses

Horse lessons

'A voice crying in the wilderness'

The freshness of wilderness...the call of freedom from untamed horses flips a good sensation in me. I express my opinions even though I may be left alone.

I have learn to run fast from harming situations, smell the evil and be tamed by love.

Tornado chases train

Train lessons

'Keep on track'

Trains, have beauty, interesting and useful engineering structure which will give awesome individual lessons like makes me answer...

Who am I being connected while moving in life's track? Am I on the right track? Is my speed controlled?

Flower in growth

Flower lessons

'Blossom forth'

Ohhh...yes! Of course flowers talk! They have conversations such as...ouch...aging...

What have I done with my time and time coming? What do I need to keep blossoming? Am I enjoying the aroma, colors and new buds? Is my inner garden without weeds?

Complete life cycle of the monarch butterfly

Butterfly lessons

'Gaudy as a butterfly'

Butterflies have been my life guru. God has given them a special task and to me the privilege of wisdom by them.

Am I having patience waiting, or do I wait when I have too? Into what am I transforming? Am I flying freely in the right direction?


Froggy213 | Source

People lesons

'All things to all men'

Yeah...yeah...yeah...having space is great. Being alone is wonderful also but having that special person near you is a gift from God.

We all need somebody to hear us and lift us up. Learning from others, hearing, seeing and feeling them is such an awesome balance in our life.

Do you know what 'Hold your horses' means?

See results

Lastheart's Life Advice

Hold your horses!

Listen to the voice within

Live life freely in peace and love

Have your inner ears wide open

Receive life's wisdom lessons

Express gratitude taking care

Blessings to all!

© Maria Magdalena Ruiz O'Farrill

© 2011 Maria Magdalena Ruiz O'Farrill


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    • carolinemd21 profile image

      Caroline Marie 

      7 years ago

      What a beautiful hub Last Heart! I love the conceptual comparisons with horses, butterflies, trains, & flowers to life. Voted up!

    • ShyeAnne profile image


      7 years ago from Deep Bay, British Columbia, Canada

      That was a written meditation..Thank you.

    • Da Filkman profile image

      Da Filkman 

      7 years ago

      UH-oh...what's that I hear

      ...the sound of little ponies running around your house soon?

      "Oh give me a home

      Where the wild horses ro-ammm"

    • Froggy213 profile image

      Greg Boudonck 

      7 years ago from Returned to an Isla Del Sol - Puerto Rico Will Rise Strong

      You are amazing; just amazing! I am so, so happy you stayed home with me today. I gaze over the top of my computer and look at your beauty and I just cannot "hold my horses" to jump up and give you a kiss.

    • Lastheart profile imageAUTHOR

      Maria Magdalena Ruiz O'Farrill 

      7 years ago from Borikén the great land of the valiant and noble Lord

      This was really good to write this hub, because spilling out worries and sharing our thoughts gives balance to each other. Thanks!

    • Da Filkman profile image

      Da Filkman 

      7 years ago

      I have such a sense of serenity after reading your wonderful words, Maggie...thank you!

    • rasta1 profile image

      Marvin Parke 

      7 years ago from Jamaica

      This was nice, balance is very important in enjoying the beautiful things of nature. Its good to be able to give some time to sooth the spirit and body.


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