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Holiday drama dragon slayer

Updated on December 5, 2016
Looks peaceful doesn't it?  However, under the tranquility is a boiling drama.
Looks peaceful doesn't it? However, under the tranquility is a boiling drama. | Source

Family gatherings seem to provide their own stress

Getting older comes with some anomalies in the holiday season? Gifting for the holidays, whether within the family at Christian Holidays, Birthdays Anniversary or so many other times, bring along extra stress. One way to cut down on the stress is to remember the reason for this holiday. Financially, this a draining time of the year, and we can get through with little or no financial outlay. The art of finding the “right” gift also adds to the stress. Somehow it does not matter which side of the gifting we are on the presenting or receiving many times we do not have any idea what to give. The gifting is hard to accomplish when the receiver is older and has everything. Or providing a gift to someone that is very ill, perhaps terminally ill leaves us in a situation which seems we cannot think of what gift they would want.

The best gift is one, which brings up feelings of love, family, and nostalgia. A gift does not have to cost so much as to put us in debt. We can find gifts in many places that perhaps we had not thought of before or didn’t even know it was there. One solution is simple and has a place in the history of this country. This situation and solution will show grace and a gift of conversation and perhaps bring everyone together while continuing a holiday atmosphere.

Wether hanging on a wall or in a trunk in the attic, this can be the best gift ever.
Wether hanging on a wall or in a trunk in the attic, this can be the best gift ever. | Source

Where to find these gifts of miracles? Perhaps the attic, garage, hall closet and even placed in plain sight. Let’s start with the obvious, photo album (bring together a set of pictures not seen for years to discuss and bring us to a feel of warmth and nostalgic) what a great idea. Or let’s pull from hiding a group of childhood toys, and clothes (perhaps putting a tag on each explaining what they had been for and or maybe gifted by or for a special occasion) imagine the wet eyes and beautiful feelings coming from this. Perhaps a group of letters tied with a bow (if not tied, let’s do that now) from one member of the family to another. Let’s talk about who gave and who received these letters. Maybe a personal item carrying with it a story of lifetimes past and think of the emotional feelings this can bring to the receiver and other family members.

Gifting is not the item; rather it is one of the emotion, providing times for reminiscing with family members. Let’s talk about the benefits for some of the family. So many times there are no ideas of what to buy for an older family member, especially when this person has short-term loss. Okay, so let us have the memory loss work for us. Giving this person a new picture album of professionally copied photos will perhaps be the best gift of the season. Take the photos to a local specialized copying center to receive the professional help they provide could be required. Now with them (5 to 10 pictures) write a brief description of each, being sure to give a label with event and person’s name.

You have a relative or close friend who is pregnant or has just brought a bundle of joy into the family. A dress used in the christening of a beloved family member or a toy played with by family member(s) until the letters rubbed off. Either of these would be a memory filled gift. It is important to remember and memorize a brief account of the memories of this particular present commemorating the history of the gift.

Now those of us not having the photos, pictures, personal items can’t be found. Perhaps we may have newly married into this family or have had limited socialization with the family, or we are involved in a nontraditional relationship which has so many issues, well we need to think of how to meet this situation. There is a way to take on this situation head on, for the family and yourself. Discover what you can about the person you will need to give a gift. A truly wonderful gift personalized to the receiver or perhaps another family member. The information you can gather or find in conversations will tell you which song or poem is fun for the person. Now write down the song or poem and exchange the words in it with words about the receiver. An example would be; T’was the night before Christmas when not a creature was stirring not even (individual family members name ) was stirring not even a (name a pet or perhaps a family member who snores). I believe you have the idea. Present this to the person, as their gift is special for you as well.

There is not a lot left to say. I wish you less stress, more fun and a blessed Christmas Season.


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    • MGWriter profile image

      Marsha Caldwell 15 months ago from Western Washington State

      I agree it is the perfect gift in many instances. After being estranged for many years from a family member, I chose this gift for the holiday coming up. I found for this time and this person there could not have been a better gift.

      More to the point, while working in a dementia care unit families were always asking what gift they could give. This gift stimulated conversation not just with the family but also the staff. When a person became anxious the could sit with them and look through the memories. No drug could have been better for these people.

      Thank you for reading and commenting on my article.

    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 15 months ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      Thanks for giving this idea! Our finances are a bit strained this year, and I was not sure what to give to our children and grandchildren. The gift of memories from our past sounds like just the thing!