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Holistic Approach to Health

Updated on January 21, 2016
UniquelyMe135 profile image

UniquelMe135 spawned out of sense to share a journey to a more natural approach to health; using holistic medicine, meditation, and nature.

A Natural Approach To Health

This year, I resolved to ditch the prescriptions and take a more holistic approach to my health. I was on 10mg Adderall two times a day, and 10mg Elavil at night. The doctor's mentioned increasing the dosages and I knew then that I did not want any part in their pharmaceutical pushing. Don't get me wrong, the meds helped, but the side effects just weren't worth it.
I've always had ADHD and anxiety, and up until the birth of my son, I only had migraines every now and then. Once I was put on the Adderall and Elavil it seemed things were looking up, until the side effects started kicking in.
Zero sex drive, insane mood swings, going from not hungry at all to wanting to eat an entire pizza by myself. Yeah, not worth it. So, in my pondering, I figured I'd give holistic medicine a try. I stopped taking my meds (I don't recommend this if you are a on a high dosage) and got me something called Sleep Optimizer by Jarrow Formulas. It has L Tryptophan, Valerian, Hops, Lemon Balm, PharmaGABA, and Melatonin in it. I needed this to replace the Elavil, which I used to relax me as I slept. You see, my migraines seem to be triggered by my inability to relax in my sleep. I'll wake up in a complete tensed mess sometimes... and for no reason.

I've been taking the Sleep Optimizer for almost a week now, and I've had pretty good results. I don't sleep quite as soundly, but it's a start. I plan on trying out several different products in my quest to ditch the prescriptions for good. Perhaps I need something a bit stronger to really knock me out?
Either way, since stopping my prescription meds, I have felt 98% better. I had one migraine yesterday and I am 99% certain that it was caused by Cheese-its. Yes, Ceese-its; although, delicious, that TBHQ in them can trigger some gnarly issues in the body. Things like that are something you often don't think about.
So, on top of getting off the prescriptions meds, I will be consciously looking out for those nasty additives lurking in food that can trigger neurological issues. I have also downloaded some relaxing, zen-inducing music that I will be listening to as I fall asleep.
I've talked to many people who have said that mediation and music have helped with their anxiety issues. By implementing meditation and the relaxing sounds/music into my pre-sleep regime, hopefully I can get all the way to 100% again. I hope to get back to the way God intended us to deal with health issues... naturally. I'm not knocking modern medicine. If it works for you, that's great. However, if there is a natural alternative that works just as good than a prescription, that's the route I'm taking.

The goal this week is to purify my environment. I have ordered some sage and will be smudging my house once it arrives.
This journey might just turn me into a zen master by it's conclusion... and that would be perfectly fine by me.


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    • profile image

      Dave e 13 months ago from Fargo

      I just awoke from a headache and concluded it's from the TBHQ of the taco shells. I also get head aches from bleached flour that you can find every where. I just started researching others out. Anyway good luck. Thanks for the confirmation of headache with TBHQ preservative.