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Holistic Medicine, Fact or Fantasy

Updated on June 16, 2008

There have been long deliberations on which one of the two systems of healing existing today, i.e. Western medicine and holistic health care, is the better of the two. The latter has gained in popularity in the recent past, due to the active and committed awareness efforts of environmentalists who have enlightened us about how harmful chemicals are to the environmental as a whole, and to our bodies in particular. The decision on which of the two is better depends upon inner perceptions and what you want, with regard to results.

Western medicine is still the standard practice of treatment all over the world. What happens when you use this method of healing is that you attack the result of the malfunctioning of the body in an attempt to get quick relief.

The Western medicine system is based on the belief that the body is a battle field that has to be defended against enemy intruders, such as viruses, bacteria, germs and the like. Yet holistic health care principles say that all diseases are the direct result of your lifestyle, energy type and level, and beliefs. The bacteria, viruses, etc, would not find themselves inside the body in the first place if the body was encouraged to protect and heal itself through all natural holistic therapy.

The system of holistic health care is based on the principle that the human body is a complete and highly self-sufficient system, which can repair itself under ideal conditions. These alternative therapies are meant to help the body achieve this perfect balance; thus healing itself. The Western medicine system believes that illness is caused by outside interferences and therefore, removing the "invading agents" will bring back your health.

The two healing systems follow two completely different principles of healing. You will find that holistic health care takes the approach that illness is the result of an imbalance of the whole system. The balance is achieved through all natural methods of healing, such as meditation, acupuncture, physical exercise, therapeutic massage and so on. The Western method looks at disease as a part problem, manifested by external interferences that need to be removed so the symptoms will be cured. This is achieved by taking drugs, which are in fact, tiny amounts of chemicals.

It does seem to work in some cases, but an organic explanation is not available, some call it a form of placebo effect, and in fact that is a rather unimportant issue. The fact remains that people do heal in a way we cannot logically explain. More prove that the mind body system is interdependent and the power of the mind is really a factor that cannot be ignored. Even the placebo effect is fascinating, people that sometimes have severe symptoms find relieve in..... a lump of chalk or sugar.


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