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Effective Holistic Treatment of Osteoporosis

Updated on December 31, 2016

The Silent Disease

Twenty million Americans have osteoporosis; Eighty percent are women. It is known as the “silent disease,” because bone loss occurs without symptoms. It is responsible for 1.5 million fractures every year.

A sudden fracture without obvious cause can be a sign of osteoporosis. A bone density test is the best way to know. It is painless, easy and non-invasive. The best treatment is prevention, though, but better to start a healthy plan now rather than wait. Waiting until you have a fracture due to osteoporosis means your bones are already very porous.

My aunt used to be exactly my height!
My aunt used to be exactly my height!

Risk Factors

-Mostly peri-menopausal and menopausal females, because estrogen and progesterone, hormones essential for reducing bone loss and building bone mass, are diminished.

-Women who have had a full hysterectomy. Without the ovaries, the protective hormones become quickly depleted. Traditional doctors usually do not prescribe progesterone when there is no uterus, believing that progesterone receptors are only in the uterus. We have known for some time that progesterone receptors are throughout the whole body, yet many doctors still do not prescribe progesterone, let alone Natural, Bio-identical hormones.

-Poor digestive function. Without the ability to absorb nutrients, even supplemental nutrients are of little or no use if not given properly.

-Excess protein in diet . One study showed that nurses who ate three ounces of meat or more per day had a significantly increased risk of forearm fractures compared to those who ate less than two ounces a day.[1]

-Multiple pregnancies with poor nutrition This can set a woman up for osteoporosis at a younger age.

-Long term birth control interferes with hormone balance.

-Anti-inflammatory steroids, i.e. Prednisone

-Carbonated beverages and milk are high in phosphorus and inhibit absorption of calcium.

[1] Disease Prevention and Treatment ; Life Extension, Expanded Third Edition;

85,000 female nurses; Tracked eating habits from 1980 to determine if eating habits had adverse effect on bone density.

Progression of breakage of vertebrae
Progression of breakage of vertebrae

Traditional Treatment for Severe Osteoporosis

The common traditional treatment is with bisphosphonate drugs, commonly known as Fosamax and Actonel, the longer acting version, at 70 mg and 10mg per week respectively. Their half life is infinity, so it stays in the body forever, which is not good. Bones formed with bisphosphonates are not as strong or as healthy as natural bone. Also, the side effects of these extremely expensive drugs can be severe, even to the point of hospitalization. One of the most common side effects is bone deterioration! The "need" for these drugs was actually created by Big Pharma to, what else? Make billions selling drugs.

Natural Treatment

Holistic Treatment and Maintenance


Over 90 percent of calcium, the most abundant mineral in the body, is stored in the bones. Lifestyle is the best prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.

Exercise cannot be over emphasized. Weight bearing exercise such as walking or Tai Chi is important for stronger bone formation.

Quit Smoking It diminishes necessary nutrients and calcium.


Avoid carbonated beverages and milk. They are high in phosphorus. Although dairy is still promoted as a good source of calcium and vitamin D3, the high phosphorus is actually bad for bones as it competes for absorption of calcium. Besides, the amount of D3 is minuscule.

Eat a Balanced Diet with low carbohydrates (except vegetables) and healthy protein. Vegetables high in Vitamin D3 are especially important.Vitamin D3 is imperative for absorption of calcium. However, few people get the required amount without supplementation.


Experienced holistic doctors know the importance of high quality supplements, because they rely on consistency of potency. The most important goal is to increase absorption of calcium. The following nutrients promote absorption of calcium and strengthens, even increases, bone mass.

Elemental Calcium 1200mg- Capsules are better absorbed than tablets. Carbonate is not well absorbed . A dose of 400mg of calcium carbonate is equivalent to about 30 percent or 120mg of elemental calcium.

Magnesium: The usual rule of thumb is twice the amount of calcium than magnesium. Otherwise, only one will predominate.

Trace Minerals:

· Manganese – 2.5 to 5mg a day- Aids in bone formation

· Boron- 3mg day - aids in activation of vitamin D and decreases loss of calcium through urine.

· Silica (Silicon) - 2 to 5 mg a day – works with calcium for strong bones.

· Vitamin K – women 25 yrs. +- 5 to 10mg a day- produces osteocalcin, a bone tissue protein that enhances calcium absorption. Shown to slow calcium loss by one-third in those who tend to lose it, including men. Check with your doctor if you are taking coumadin or other anticoagulants or have liver disease, since vitamin k counteracts with them.

· Vitamin D3 women 51 to 70-10mcg (800IU) 71+ 1000 to2000IU per day.

· Natural Bio-Identical Hormones- For severe osteoporosis the above are in addition to natural hormone therapy, far different from pharmaceutical hormones. Women treated with natural progesterone had 10 percent increase in bone mass in the first year after starting.[1] Prescribed creams or lotions are better absorbed. Taken by mouth, they must pass through the stomach and liver, diminishing their strength. However, Natural oral progesterone can help women sleep better as it has a calming affect.

The above protocol is simple and common in the holistic treatment and prevention of osteoporosis. Sometimes DHEA and melatonin are added. As you can see, absorption of calcium is critical, and vitamin D3 vital, for absorption of calcium. Northern climates can not provide the sun needed from October to April or May. At least forty-five minutes through the skin without sunscreen is needed for any benefit. So, we either move closer to the equator or take the supplement needed for the above regimen to be effective.

The above is based on many years of research. Starting this regimen in your thirties and forties is better, but even at fifty or older you can begin now to have healthier, stronger bones. Although osteoporosis is more common in women, men are also at risk. Speak with your doctor about helping you with a prevention or treatment plan. Just remember, traditional doctors get very little nutritional education in medical school. If he or she is not familiar with a safe holistic approach like the one above, it may be time to find a doctor who is.

[1] John Lee, MD; The International Clinical Nutrition Review, Medical Hypotheses; Townsend Newsletter for Doctors; Dr. Lee believes that osteoporosis can reflect a progesterone deficiency.


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