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The Hollywood Cookie Diet - Is This For Real?

Updated on March 22, 2011

So a few days ago I was in a pharmacy looking for some cold remedies when I chanced across a box that made me do a double-take. It was more the fact that I saw this in a pharmacy than the fact it existed at all. The box I saw said 'The Hollywood Cookie Diet'. Now, chances are if you have come across this page by searching, you will have already heard of this and are interested in finding out more, well that makes both of us, so I investigated this phenomenon to see if it was just some kind of fad diet or if it could really work as part of a weight loss plan.

Now it seems to me that there are lots of new diets coming out all the time and maybe this is because people try some diets and either they don't work or they jsut get bored of them and need something different. Personally I ascribe to my own low fat diet plan when I need to shift some pounds, but that might not suit everyone and even I was thinking 'can a cookie diet really work?'.

How Does The Hollywood Cookie Diet Work?

Well the idea is that you eat 3 or 4 cookies a day and these are used as a replacement for your breakfast and lunch. Then you have a regular meal - but this needs to be a reasonably low calorie meal as they say that it should be around 800 calories, but that is not impossible to do as long as you have some good low calorie recipes. Then, as with any diet, you need to do some regular exercise as part of the diet. If you don't exercise with a diet then you are really not helping yourself to succeed, I know that from experience at least.

So, if you can stick to this plan then they guarantee that you will lose weight. You do need to be a certain weight to start off with though.

Nutritional Information of the Hollywood Cookies
Nutritional Information of the Hollywood Cookies

What is in the Hollywood Diet Cookies?

Well I had to wonder what was the difference between eating Hollywood Diet Cookies and regular cookies as I am sure that eating regular cookies like this would not help you to lose weight! So if you check out the nutritional information on the pack of cookies then you will find the data on the right.

My first thought, being of the low fat diet family of thinking, was that these cookies did indeed contain nowhere near as much fat as regular cookies. Looking at the figure shown for fat content, the total fat per 40g cookie was listed as 4.5g. Now I need to work this out as a percentage figure so doing the maths this makes the diet cookie 11.25% fat. This would be very close to my 'treat' allowance of things that were 10% fat or less. Normally a cookie would not get anywhere near me on a low fat diet but I think this would probably scrape in.

Now obviously this is not a low fat diet that they are selling as part of the Hollywood Cookie Diet so this isn't something you would need as a criteria here, I'm just pointing out that the fat content is low for a cookie.

Does The Hollywood Cookie Diet Work?

Well that is not really a question for me as I haven't yet tried it but I would be really interested to hear from you if you have tried it. I do believe that these products are heavily researched and tested but the problem lies with relying on people to carry out the diet exactly as they have stated. You need to stick to the 800 calorie dinner, do some exercise etc. But the potential is there for a diet that may well suit people who love their cookies and sweet treats and would struggle on a diet that didn't allow them.

So, please feel free to comment below if you have tried the Hollywood Cookie Diet. And if you want to get hold of some of the cookies, Amazon sell them at discounted rates so you could start from there...


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    • Azure11 profile image

      Marian L 6 years ago from UK

      @iZeko, I totally get your point - the cookies do seem to have some vitamins in but yes I myself would also be reluctant to try this and I think I would get fed up with eating cookies all the time. That said, it may work for some people and if you do have a good dinner with lots of nutrients then I think you could cover most of your bases with that. My preference on this would be to have a good lunch and then the cookies for dinner...

      @Cogerson yes, agree, I think this is really a good marketing plan!

    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 6 years ago from Virginia

      I imagine if all you ate was 4 cookies and a 800 calorie dinner you would in fact lose weight.....but I think any combination of 4 and a 800 calorie dinner would work.....

      like 4 apples and a 800 calorie dinner....interesting hub..voted up

    • iZeko profile image

      iZeko 6 years ago

      Very interesting post! I’ve never heard about this diet but I’m sure it can’t be good for your health. Having 2 cookies for breakfast will probably get you the calories you body needs but you may miss out on some vitamins and nutrients that a healthy breakfast has. From what I understood, then you also skip the lunch and have another cookie. I don’t think that 150 calories are enough for lunch. Then almost without any energy you are suppose to do a proper workout. Personally I would feel really weak and sluggish. My opinion is that in the best case scenario you will lose 5-6 lbs that will go straight back on the minute you return to normal eating.