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Cancer Cure Found in Alternative Treatment

Updated on May 1, 2014

Alternative Treatments Gaining Acceptance

NOTE: Information given here is for research and educational purposes only and is not intended to prescribe treatment.

For years there have been books and websites proclaiming cancer cures and celebrating the end of the disease. Yet, more people die from cancer today than ever before. Meanwhile, the battle rages between a patients right to choose alternative treatments and the authority of the medical establishment to decide what treatments can be administered. The tide may be turning slightly in favor of alternative treatments. People like Dr. Jeanne Drisko at the University of Kansas Medical School are working within the system to validate new forms of therapy.

Vitamin C Cures Around the World

I never paid much attention to this battle until recently, when I read something that startled me. Here is the surprising quote from a new book called, "Love Has Forgotten No One" by Gary Renard:

"Incidentally, intravenous doses of vitamin C are being used successfully in some parts of the world to cure most kinds of cancer."

I had to read it a second time. If this is true, why don't more people know about it? When I tried to research the claim, I found it very difficult to verify the locations where IV vitamin C is being used to cure most kinds of cancer. Many people believe that information is scarce because vitamin C cannot be patented. No one is going to make a fortune treating cancer with vitamin C. Or, maybe the stories about IV vitamin C curing cancer are simply not true.

Vitamin C Miracles Coming to America

I prefer not to engage in finger-pointing or debate over why information is hard to find. Instead, I tried to sort through the claims in search of hard facts and verifiable reports. It turns out it isn't necessary to search all over the world. Look no further than the state of Kansas for hard facts and verifiable reports about vitamin C and cancer.

University of Kansas researchers report that large doses of intravenous vitamin C have the potential to boost chemotherapy's ability to kill cancer cells. In new laboratory research involving human cells and mice, vitamin C delivered directly to human and mouse ovarian cancer cells helped kill off those cells while leaving normal cells unharmed,

Dr. Drisko at KU is using intravenous vitamin C along with chemotherapy. She is publishing results that are forcing the medical community sit up and take notice. The idea that intravenous vitamin C reduces some of the side-effects of chemotherapy is taking root. Clinical trials are underway now to determine if intravenous vitamin C can indeed cure cancer.

Research at KU represents only the tip of the iceberg. More and more clinics are offering intravenous vitamin C to patients who request it. In my research, I also discovered that there is a product available that delivers intravenous results with an oral dosage. In other words, there is a capsule you can buy and take at home that can give you the same results you get from an IV drip administered in a hospital or clinic. This is still being studied, but some doctors are already endorsing the product. It is called Liposomal vitamin C. Liposomes protect the vitamin C from being dissolved in the digestive system and allow it to reach the cells where it is needed. It's that simple. Read more

Hydrogen Peroxide Called Another Medical Miracle

The second powerful treatment I learned about in "Love Has Forgotten No One" is food grade hydrogen peroxide. I had never heard of food grade hydrogen peroxide, so I did some research on the book's claim that it can be used to oxygenate the body and prevent disease. I learned the treatment has been around for many years. Many books and scholarly articles have been written in support of the idea that properly oxygenating the cells in the body with hydrogen peroxide prevents disease and even cures disease. More and more clinics are offering intravenous hydrogen peroxide treatments.

Like IV vitamin C, there is a way to get the benefits of intravenous hydrogen peroxide without submitting to hospital administered IV drips. Drinking 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide (diluted in distilled water) and following instructions about how much and how often to drink will oxygenate the cells in your body. You can buy food grade hydrogen peroxide in health food stores or order it online. I have been following the instructions from the book, "The One Minute Cure" by Madison Cavanaugh. I have been drinking it for several months. It has cost me a total of $13 so far, and I have experienced no side effects of any kind, I am careful to follow the instructions from the book, which I downloaded for free in pdf format. I googled "the one minute cure pdf" and clicked the "Freedom School" website. The book opened in pdf.

So the alternative medicines cures we are discussing are natural and non-prescription. They are being used by more and more doctors and clinics, especially in Europe. They can be self-administered at home for very little cost. I encourage you to do your homework, according to the use you may have for either of these treatments. I am writing to say these treatments are achieving results. Read about Dr. Drisko at the University of Kansas to verify some of the results achieved with intravenous vitamin C. Search for clinics offering IV hydrogen peroxide to evaluate their results. The number of clinics is still relatively small, but it is growing Read more

Glutathione and the Secret to Staying Young

The third alternative medicine is more of a scientific breakthrough than a natural remedy. A product called MaxOne stimulates production of glutathione in the body, Glutathione decreases with age and MaxOne counters the effects of aging by increasing the levels of glutathione significantly.

Glutathione supplements do not work for the same reason high oral doses of vitamin C do not work. Most of the nutrients are lost in the digestive system. MaxOne carries the nutrients to the cells where it stimulates the body's own glutathione production. The results are dramatic.

I have described three examples of natural, non-prescription medicines that are gaining acceptance around the world. If they work as well as they seem to be working, then the medical establishment will have no choice but to approve them for medical use. We will demand it. In the meantime, we can only suggest these alternative treatments. They are not intended to replace consulting with a doctor. Read more about MaxOne.

What it All Means

Each of these alternative medicines exist naturally in the body. Modern science has identified substances in the body that supply more oxygen, fight disease and slow the process of aging. The alternative treatments discussed in this article make use of modern science, and take the next step of helping the body produce these vital substances.

Your body does 99.9% of the things you need to stay healthy without your conscious help. The tiny percentage we need to contribute consists mostly of giving it what it needs to do its job.


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    • profile image

      Pritiranjan 2 years ago

      hi there Rita,I am growing blraey grass for our cattle in seed trays on baby blanket.what concentration of hydrogen peroxide to water do you use in the soaking process? Also cant you spray/mist the seeds whilst they are germinating in the trays to stop mildew or mold setting in?RegardsRoss

    • profile image

      Matheus 2 years ago

      Hi RossThank you for your comment.You can use 1/2 tesoapon to 16 ounces of water if you are using regular hydrogen peroxide,like the type you get at the pharmacy for first aid reasons. If you are using food grade hydrogen peroxide, I would use more as that is a lesser percentage, so something like 1 tablespoon to 16 ounces of water. And yes, you can also spray/mist the seeds while they are germinating in the trays. As the grass grows, concentrate on the misting the roots more than the blades of grass. Hope this helps. Pls let me know if i can be of any further assistance. Thank you Sprout Lady Rita