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Home Made Natural Medicines and Diet for Cancer Paitients

Updated on October 19, 2010


Diet is a key factor of our healthand our life. A perfectly balanced anticancer diet along with nutritionalsupplements can help prevent cancer and in some cases may even cureit.  So from my experiences and my in-depth research on the subject,I have come up with a wholesome diet for cancer patients

Anti-Cancer Diet ::

1. Drink lots of water to detoxifyand cleanse your body.

2. Eat plenty of green vegetables +salads 3 times a day (preferably raw) and avoid taking it in the night. Eg.Broccoli, Spinach etc.

3. Take Apricot Seeds (Khubani Fal)grounded

4. Make a mixture of Flax seeds (Tishi)and Cottage Cheese (Chana) in ratio of 2:3 and take it twice daily

Note : Flax seeds are one of thebest sources of Omega-3 fats. These essential fatty acids often improve overallhealth especially for cancer patients. The Omega-3 fats help to regulate yourcholesterol, increase the HDL and lower the LDL. It also lowers yourtriglyceride levels and tries to alleviate diabetic problems.

5. Make a mocktail of raw juice ofcarrot + beet in equal proportion and drink it twice daily

6. Take natural anti-oxidants likeGreen Tea twice daily or other supplements.

7. Take Vitamin substitutes like Ato Z Gold for every alternative month.

8. Morning health drink is just fine

9. Avoid Meat, Sugar, Milk Products

10. Avoid table salt and go forunrefined salt (sea salt)

11. Fresh fruits, nuts, lots offibers

12. Always think positive thoughtsand treat cancer as normal incurable disease just as you would treat diabetesor arthritis.


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