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Home First Aid Kit

Updated on September 14, 2015

Emergency medical kit,Red cross


Why You Should Own A Home Medical Kit

It is always advisable that you hope for the best as you prepare for the worst.No one is ever sure on when he or she will get sick or even when an accident will occur. When a disease or an accident occurs, it should not press us into some hopeless corners of confusion just because we are not medics or paramedics. Atleast we should have some rough idea on what is wrong, what to do and what to use.This way we can prevent the unnecessary loss of lives at homes,roads or any other public places.We should not also look hopeless and helpless when our loved ones are suffering. We should therefore try and learn some basic medical skills and also be armed with a good medical kit.

A Bandaged wound

Butterfly closure
Butterfly closure | Source

Wound care components

Wounds are the most common products of an accident.We can therefore not afford to incude wound protection components in our home medical kit

They include ;

  1. Gauze- For covering the wounded areas so as to minimize contamination risk while covering with a bandage.
  2. A bandage- It is applied on the outer of part of the injury for support and stability.
  3. Antiseptic towels - For cleaning the injured area.
  4. Antiseptic cleaning solution – To remove dirt from the area of injury.

Eye care components

The fact that eyes are in uncovered part of the body, they are more prone to injuries than other body parts.It is therefore advisable that you include eye care components in your medical kit.

Eye protection components include;

  1. Sterilized eye wash solutions – Our eyes are sensitive to reactive washing chemicals. The sensitivity rises when one is injured.It is therefore good that you have a sterilized washing solution in your medical kit.
  2. Sterile eye pad – They are used to cover an eye which is injured.
  3. Blood stopping bandage – It covers the bleeding part of the eye so as to minimize blood loss.

Care Provider Protective equipment

As a first aider, your life is far much important than that of the casualty.This is because their lives depend on how well you will handle the situation. This cannot be possible when there are no self protection measures.

A medical kit should therefore contain essential protection components of the care giver.

They include;

  1. Gloves – Useful when the casualty is bleeding or releasing body fluids.Also protects the open wounds of the casualty from contaminated hands.
  2. Alcohol pads – Useful for sanitizing places where one maybe injured.
  3. Torch – Flashlight

Essential drugs - Pain relievers

Ibuprofen | Source

Essential drugs

Some drugs like pain killers which are administered orally should be included in a medical kit. They help in relieving some pain before getting the medical assistance of a physician.

Essential drugs which should be in a medical kit include;

  1. Paracetamol – pain reliever
  2. Anti anaphylactic shock drugs


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