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Home Paternity Tests, Genetic Testing, Parentage Test, DNA Testing Kits at Home

Updated on August 3, 2012
Testing For Paternity
Testing For Paternity

DNA testing or Genetic testing is the 99% positive way to test for paternity of children. Home testing kits for paternity will provide proof if a person has fathered a child, and will stand up as evidence in a court of law.

Gene testing or DNA paternity tests for home use have been used to settle fatherhood disputes for decades, saving many men the anguish and financial disposition that occurs when being falsely accused of fertility.

A home testing paternity kit is a cheaper option to private medical clinics. Results from a genetic testing kit or for paternity testing, can be discretly obtained via the internet to avoid any unwelcome interference and offers total discretion.

Easy to Use Home Testing DNA Kits

Tests for paternity from home offer a simplistic approach to DNA testing. Home tests are specifically designed to be as easy as possible to use with full instructions, internet advice, and an emergency telephone number for advice if the need arises.

The results from all Genetic, DNA, or paternity home tests are accurate, and the result is conclusive and final. All home testing kits offer a variety of options for delivering the result. Internet results are the fastest and offer the most discretion. The client sets up their own password and only the client can access the results. Hard copies of the result for court appearances of for any other reason can be mailed to a specific address.

Paternity Test Kits
Paternity Test Kits

Paternity Testing Costs

There is no such thing as a cheap Paternity Test. The actual kits are relatively inexpensive, but each make of paternity testing kit charges extra laboratory fees. For private testing paternity, the costs can escalate from a few dollars to in excess of $1000's for laboratory fees.

The average cost of laboratory fees should range between $120 to $220 ( £80 - £160 ). Anything above may be considered excessive. There is no difference in the result of the test from any make of paternity testing kits, the outcome will still be the same, and all will be admissible in court.

Before purchasing a paternity testing kit, ensure of the laboratory costs, this may avoid an unexpected financial outlay. All the DNA testing kits on this page outline the total costs involved with no hidden extras. The companies advertised on this page are government regulated.

Hair DNA Testing Kit

The hair DNA testing kit allows a longer transportation period if necessary as the hair will not deteriorate as quickly as swabbed samples. The hair sample for this home testing kit will need to be plucked from the head of the two individuals and not from a brush or comb. The hair follicle needs to be attached to the hair and between 10-15 strands of hair will be required.

The cost advertised includes the laboratory costs. This type of DNA testing is up to 99.9% accurate for determining the biological relationship between two people. Confidentiality is guaranteed for all samples and results. Simple paperwork is enclosed with authority signature required by an adult.

Three Person Paternity Testing Kit

The three person DNA paternity home test kit is ideal for a father who may suspect that two children whom they allegedly fathered are not theirs. It can also be used for parents who believe that the child they have, may not be theirs, and might possibly been of mixed up at the hospital.

This paternity home test is 99.9% reliable and a rapid results delivery service means that the results will be available within 5 working days.

UK / Europe Paternity Testing At Home

All the above paternity tests can be arranged quite easily for use in many countries. Postage costs, results, and delivery times may vary according to the mail service used. It may be advisable to use a registered mail which requires a signature on delivery of the sample.

Swab Paternity Testing Kits

Paternity kits using Buccal swab style DNA collection method, is the simplest to use. Simply swab the inside of the mouth, on the cheek area, and close the specially designed swab capsule. Post and await the results.

Paternity testing with swabs is the most used throughout the world, even crime labs and police forces use this same method with amazing results.

Testing From Home Warning

Before commencing any type of home use paternity testing kit, be fully aware of the subsequent consequences. Proving whether a man is, or is not, the father of a child or children, may have disatorous consequences on family life, whichever way the results go.

A father wishing to know if a child is theirs may not like the results received and this could cause much anguish and disrupt family life. It may also cause distrust from current partners and may lead to marital break downs.

It is always advisable to consider all the events that may unfold prior to purchasing a paternity test kit.

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