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Home Remedies For Ringworm Exposed

Updated on August 31, 2013

Ringworm Pictures


Home Remedies For Ringworm - From the Sublime to the Dangerous and Stupid

I have seen well over 100 home remedies for getting rid of ringworm and honestly the most of them are insane, if not downright insane, and I would not recommend any of them to anyone.

For the purposes of this hub I will list them and let you make your own mind up. I will also emphasise particular ones that you may come across regularly which in my opinion are just downright dangerous and advice like that should be ignored.

The best way to deal with ringworm is to treat it as quickly as you can and my strong recommendation is to either visit your doctor quickly and get it diagnosed and treated, or go to your pharmacist and ask for their recommendation for an over the counter treatment.

Home Remedies For Ringworm

Specific Home Remedies For Ringworm

You will be pretty familiar with some of these as "apparently" certain products appear to cure every disease known to man

  • Cut open a garlic clove and rub it on the affected area

  • Eat raw garlic or take raw garlic tablets

  • Rub raw tumeric or raw papaya on the affected areas

  • Get slices of raw fruit and rub them on the affected areas.

  • You probably guessed the next one rub a raw onion.

Without sounding over sceptical I have found these recommended as cures for a host of diseases and especially skin rashes. There is no evidence whatsoever to support any of the above. My best guess is the single result will be that no-one will be able to go near you because of the smell.

I think the strange folklore surrounding the mysterious powers of what garlic can do leads many people to believe that it will cure anything.

Strange Home Remedies For Ringworm

By the sound of some of these, I would suggest you get a witch's hat and a cauldron, but here they are:

  • Get a bowl with some mustard seeds and a little water or alocohol and make a paste which can then be applied.

  • Take one teaspoon of honey and mix with one teaspoon of tumeric juice and take by mouth.

  • Take the juice of raw vegetables especially spinach and carrot juices and apply to the affected areas.

  • Rub toothpaste on to the affected areas as again toothpaste kills everything. I have lost count of the number of illnesses toothpaste is supposed to cure including worts, scabies and herpes.

  • Another old favourite rub on some coconut oil, or tree tea oil, or Aloe Vera.

  • If you happen to have a Cassia tree growing in your vacinity, apparently rubbing the affected areas with the leaves will work.

  • Castor oil rubbed on to the scalp will take care of scalp ringworm.

  • Should that fail you or you don't happen to have a Cassia tree near by, then try making a butea and lime juice paste because that is yet another recommendation.

  • Apparently facial mudpacks are also wonderful for the treatment of ringworm. If that doesn't work then apparently if you have ever heard of milk weed that is supposed to work.

I have been to forums all over the Internet and also through a number of old library books and I am stunned and astounded by some of the things that people recommend. I however felt duty bound to warn you about some of these so called recommendations which are in my opinion stupid and dangerous.

Dangerous Home Remedies

  • Bleach - Rubbing bleach on the affected area. This has to be the most dangerous of the ones I heard and I just find it insane that people would do this. It might work and it might kill the ringworm but I also know it will scar you for life. Never ever do this even with diluted bleach as you will be scarred.

  • Lysol - This is a household disinfectant cleaner and not a medicine. Please don't ever do anything stupid like that.

  • Alcohol - Rubbed on to the affected areas. Alcohol or Iodine is of course a good cleanser and that is the single purpose of this but again in the wrong hands and applied incorrectly will cause pain, inflammation and bleeding. Do not do this.

  • Nail Varnish - Rubbing clear nail varnish on to the skin is simply not a good idea. Don't do this.

Please do not attempt any of the above as they are simply dangerous!!!

Stupid Home Remedies

The ones above are dangerous but these are just plain stupid and I wonder where people come up with them. All I can tell you is there must be some very strange people on planet Earth.

  • Get a bottle top that is slightly bigger than the ring of the ringworm and then press down as hard as you can tolerate over the ring. You will awake and find them gone?

  • Put toothpaste all over the affected areas and then use three coats of hairspray.

  • Use laundry octagon soap of the lemon grass variety and wet one corner and apply. Apparently even if it doesn't work, you will feel better spiritually.

  • If the infamous tea tree oil does not work on its own and I see no reason why it would then mix it with with oregano oil and you are on your way.

  • If all of these have failed and I am pretty sure they will then use wasabi paste. Known as Japanese Horseradish that simply has to work.

Most of these date back many years and I guess people were desperate for a cure and would try almost anything. The stupid recommendations such as bleach are in my opinion quite unforgiveable so never do anything like that.

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