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Home Remedies I Have Known

Updated on July 18, 2011

The Origins of Home Remedies

Man had solutions to life's challenges long before he began to record his daily activities for posterity. These solutions included herbal remedies for common physical ailments, ways to get food, ways to find and store water and many other things which we might take for granted today. Often times these survival tasks were divided into specialties such as hunters, gatherers, and the medicine man or Shamin. This gave those family members a some what mystical aura since they knew how to cure bow string elbow and the average tribe member did not. This gave the shamin a monopoly for a large area the daily needs of the group.

The medical proffession has taken the shamin's place in today's world. The doctor is the authority you go to when your body is ill or broken and he will prescribe patented drugs or will cut you up and remove, repair, or replace your defective body parts. A treatment is only good if it can be controlled by a patent. Things you can find in nature that can not be controlled- bad.

My Experiences with Natural Home Remedies

I was once given some tests and told that I had "chronic mono" which is caused by a virus. It seems to be an accepted medical opinion that viruses cannot be cured and that anyone who attempts to do so is subject to banishment from the medical proffession. I know this is true only because it happened. It was demanded that I reveal the name of the qwack that had "cured" my incurable disease. The doctors treatment was completely a natural vitamin regimin and it only forced the virus into domancy, he never said it was a cure, but I was no longer struggling to get through the day and I could not see how this was a crime.

There are innumerable natural cures that exist and some of them are miraculous. While cooking one day I spilled hot grease on the space between my thumb and fore finger. It was starting to blister when a friend who had just returned from Starbucks grabbed her honey and proceeded to smear honey all over my burn. I still remember my reaction- I yelled "Whats the matter with you! Are you crazy!!" It wasn't but a few seconds that I noticed that the pain was subsiding and shortly it was gone. The blisters started to fade and in a couple of days there were no tell tale signs of the burn remaining. What product can you find in a pharmacy that will produce those results. Her comment was that it was processed honey and that it would have worked better if it were organic. There is no way I can immagine a better result.

My buisness partner's son was sent home from school one day with head lice. I have since learned that this is a common occurance in grade schools. I remember that the treatment was quite long and involved shampooing the hair with an insecticide shampoo and lots of combing and close inspecting for nits. This was not a good experience for any one involved. In researching this I have found that there are innumerable natural head lice home remedies that involve no dangerous chemicals. Some of these are: Listerine, olive oil, tea tree oil, mayonaise, 4 over the counter natural products, and a "green" all purpose cleaner with hundreds of uses besides treating head lice- but when I saw that one of the uses was brushing your teeth I was impressed. There are dozens and dozens of these natural head lice remedies but these are a few of note.

My step father loves to tell about his arthritis which is odd because he is more active than any 3 men I know. While talking to a Vermont farmer one day, he learned of an arthritis remedy which he calls his "bitters" and he swears by them. The wonder cure was honey vinegar and water taken before bed each night. According to him he has never had arthritis problems since and he never misses taking his "bitters" at bed time.

I cannot even begin to guess at the number of natural remedies that exist but I know there are hundreds of them. Included in these is an amazing solution for ants which is sometimes called "ant chalk"; By drawing a line arround your doors and windows you make your house ant free over night. You won't find an insecticide that will produce better results. On the other hand it is also supposed to kill roaches and I have no evidence that it will. In tests I tried they seemed unaffected by it. Some one may have. You do not hear of these remedies because no one is making money with them because they are unpatentable and cannot be controlled.

I just remembered one more and this will be the last. The homeopathic flu remedy, Oscillococcinum is completely natural. It is far better than any prescription remedy in my experience and is safe for children. By taking 3 vials of sugar pellets spaced 6 hours apart at the onset of the flu symptoms you completely avoid coming down with the flu. It will not out perform drug remedies if you do not catch the flu at the out set. But if you keep it on hand and catch the flu just when it is starting it is amazing.

That is all I'll cover for now but I could go on and on. You can scour the web for hundreds of these, remember those that I mentioned were only the ones that I had personal experience with. With the advent of the Internet these little known remedies are available to anyone with patience and an ability to "Google". It truely is the information age and you are part of it. Your answer is just a click away.


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