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Home Remedies To Stop Vomiting During Pregnancy

Updated on April 17, 2015

For any human being becoming parent is the most valuable, precious and happiest moment on the face of the earth and especially for women it’s a moment of proud. Each moment of their journey from starting of the pregnancy to the limitless time they can feel, refresh and enjoy their mother hood by recollecting all their memories. Fortunately or unfortunately during this pregnancy journey women has to undergo lot of changes in her body physically and chemically. Among them the most disturbing thing is “Vomiting”. Vomiting during pregnancy is the most disturbing and in convenient act. There are various reasons for vomiting during pregnancy and this happens during the early days of pregnancy. Many of us look for short cuts and home remedies to avoid the vomiting or to control them to as much as extent.

Many Medical experts suggest that the vomiting happens during pregnancy because of “hormonal imbalance and there are other changes which takes place only because of hormonal changes in the body during the pregnancy period. Apart from this the other reasons majorly are decrease in sugar levels, excess salivation, increase in the levels of bilirubin etc.

Following are the various home remedies which are useful for the pregnancy people to control the vomitings.



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