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Nine Effective Home Remedies With Turmeric.

Updated on July 21, 2015

The ancient medical science ayurveda eulogizes the medicinal properties of turmeric. Turmeric also known as Curcuma Longa belongs to Zingiberacae Family and is a perennial plant that grows 3 to 5 feet high in the tropical regions .In India it is grown allover but specially in Bengal, Bombay and in Tamilnadu.

Turmeric also known as Curcuma Longa belongs to Zingiberacae Family and is a perennial plant that grows 3 to 5 feet high in the tropical regions .In India it is grown allover but specially in Bengal, Bombay and in Tamilnadu.

This herb has occupied the shelves of every Indian kitchen since 6000 years and is considered as king of kitchen. It is used in day to day cooking recipes all over globe. Since ages it is being utilized as beauty aid. Many artisans include this yellow herb as natural dye to create their art work. Since ages turmeric has occupied an important place in Indian rituals like marriage, havan and daily worshipping. In Indian marriages a special program called Haldi is performed to beautify bride. A paste of turmeric is applied all over body of bride to enhance body complexion and glow.

Home remedies with Turmeric

1.Detoxifying Tea -Boil ½ tea spoon of turmeric powder in a cup of water. Add a spoon of honey when water becomes luke warm. Consume this daily in early morning. This helps to detoxify liver, reduce cholesterol and protect liver from effects of alcohol. Turmeric is known for its liver detoxifying properties. Many ayurvedic preparations which are used in treatment of liver diseases include turmeric as an active ingredient. This herb purifies blood and prevents clotting. It increases secretion of bile and aids in its free flow. This golden herb helps liver to overcome toxic effects of alcohol. Regular use of this herb reduces cholesterol and prevents clogging of arteries. This action protects heart. The turmeric tea also enhances digestion and helps in weight loss.

2. Golden Milk-We usually witness cough, cold and bronchitis, during winter. These can even surface when one is allergic to pollen grains or dust. During these conditions boil one tea spoon of turmeric, ½ tea spoon of sugar with a cup of milk in a vessel. Pour this in a cup and add a tea spoon of ghee.. Consume this hot golden milk twice daily. This helps to soothe irritated throat and aids to expectorate sputum. Singers and speakers can drink this daily, as it prevents repeated infection of throat and vocal chords. The nutrients of milk and immense medicinal properties of turmeric together make golden milk a healthy rejuvenating drink.

3. Antioxidant Tea – Regular use of this golden herb helps to reduce inflammation of body tissues, detoxify skin cells, boost body immunity and prevent occurrence of cancer. A spicy turmeric tea helps in weight loss, balance of blood sugar level and reduction in blood cholesterol level. Boil ½ tsf turmeric, ½ tsf jeera , ½ tsf coriander powder, ¼ inch of ginger, a pinch of rock salt in a cup of water for two minutes. Take this tea out of heat after two minutes. Add ½ tea spoon of lime to it. Drink refreshing anti oxidant tea. Consume this tea in empty stomach for enhanced benefits.

4. Antiaging Face pack – Women try many methods to enhance their beauty. Preparation of beauty aids dates back to the day when civilization started. Ayurvedic acharyas recommend various beauty aids which are harmless and beneficial to body. A face pack made from turmeric and yellow gram is a very effective beauty aid. The recipe goes as follows. Take two tea spoons of yellow gram flour, ½ tea spoon of turmeric (too much turmeric imparts a yellow color to skin).Add rose water to mix these two ingredients well to a consistency of batter. For people who have dry skin milk can be added instead of rose water. For oily skin add a spoon of honey with rose water. Wash face thoroughly with mild soap or face wash. Apply face pack evenly on face and neck leaving the area around eyes. Leave the pack on face for 20 minutes. Wash the face with cold water to remove the pack. Take care not to hurt your skin while washing. This face pack increases the glow of skin. It prevents formation of wrinkles and eruption of acne. The turmeric face pack is a best answer for scars and pigments. The antibacterial and anti oxidant properties of turmeric makes skin resistant to microbials.

5. Turmeric juice for diabetes. - Turmeric is known to lower blood sugar and increase glucose metabolism. Blend three to four deseeded Indian goose berries and ½ a spoon of turmeric with ½ cup of water. If fresh gooseberries are not available concentrated amla juice can be used. Consume this every morning in empty stomach. Amla is also known for its blood sugar normalizing properties. Juice of bitter gourd can also be used instead of amla. Bitter gourd is globally known as an antidiabetic.

6. A formula for Jaundice: We already know that turmeric detoxifies and rejuvenates liver. This property is used in treating liver conditions like jaundice. Here goes the effective formula for jaundice. Extract fresh juice from 20-25 neem leaves. Add ½ tea spoon of turmeric and 1 tea spoon of honey to 5 ml of neem juice. Ayurveda acharyas recommend administering this mix to jaundice patient in empty stomach, preferably in early morning.

7. Turmeric for Yogis- Persons who practice yoga to keep their mind and body healthy has to use turmeric daily in their recipes. This helps them to keep joint and muscular pain at bay. The anti inflammatory properties of this herb prevent inflammation of joints. Apart from these, the golden herb continuously detoxifies body.

8. A coat of natural antibiotic to just delivered mother- In India it is an ancient practice to smear turmeric powder on the skin of mother who has just delivered the baby. The turmeric is smeared on body of mother after bath. This way even the stretch marks of pregnancy get reduced. The fumes of turmeric are used to fumigate the room where mother and baby are housed. The clothes of mother and baby are exposed to fumes of turmeric to make them free from germs

9. A natural wound healer- Turmeric accelerates wound healing. Turmeric powder can be applied over wounds to fasten the healing process. It acts as barrier between body and microbes.

Let us start a gold rush to harness the medicinal properties of this wonderful gold herb.


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    • profile image

      mahesh bhat 

      3 years ago

      bhavatya: lekhanah bahu moolyatamah vartante....

      ahantu nitaram aabharosmi..!!

    • savithasuri profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Mysore, India

      you are right. Its anti inflammatory properties help to reduce inflammation and pain

    • blueheron profile image

      Sharon Vile 

      5 years ago from Odessa, MO

      I have found turneric wonderful for joint pains--in my case the painful diabetic "frozen shoulder." It does seem to work best when taken mixed with fats like butter. Just taking capsules is little help, but taking mixed with butter gives almost complete relief.


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