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Home Remedies: What Would We Do Without Them?

Updated on February 24, 2014

What Are Home Remedies?

I have always been fascinated with health-related topics. They are so engaging, educational and really fascinating. Home remedies are one of the many topics that I enjoy reading about, because I don't know what I'm going to run into. So, what exactly are they, anyway? Home remedies are cures that typically employ the use of herbs, vegetables and spices, along with other common items. However, some remedies aren't really meant, or made, to cure certain ailments. Why? Perhaps it's just tradition among certain groups of people or simply because they have a good placebo effect on the human body. Of course, there are home remedies that have, in fact, proven to be useful in curing our ailments, such as the common cold. Let's explore a few examples of home remedies.


Examples of Home Remedies

  • Chicken Noodle Soup. Everyone should know this one because it's the most common remedy out there. Why chicken noodle soup? It's probably because it is the easiest remedy to obtain, to begin with, and it saves the struggle of having to obtain cold medicines from a pharmacy. According to Joey Green's book "Magic Health Remedies," scientific studies stop certain white blood cells, known as neutrophils, from causing inflammation that tends to trigger the human body to produce large amounts of mucus.
  • Ginger Tea. Another common remedy for the cold is tea. Not just any tea, but Ginger tea. Who doesn't like tea? The ginger helps relieve congestion and sore throats.Con: However, this isn't recommended if a patient has gallstones. Drinking ginger has the ability to make bile production go up if the patient has gallstones, so there is a drawback to this one home remedy. Thankfully, there are other kinds of tea that can help. I will get into that in another hub.
  • Jif Peanut Butter. Eating peanut butter is good for you! The magnesium helps relax our muscles, plus it's good for those people (like me) that have muscle spasms since, again, the magnesium helps relax our muscles. Jif Peanut Butter can easily replace the magnesium that we lose (either in a sandwich or eating out of the jar). So, if you love peanut butter, then this is a good remedy for you! The magnesium also enhances our memory and prevents any kind of impairment. Con: If you're allergic to peanut butter, please find another remedy.
  • Quaker Oats. Who loves Quaker Oats? I know I do. Quaker Oats is good for breakfast but it is also good for certain ailments. For example, ladies, we all go through this every month. Menstrual cramps can be a real pain and quite literally. The oats contain a mild sedative called gramine (perfect for insomnia). The fiber also absorbs estrogen (that we don't need) and the carbohydrates in the oats help relieve stress. Awesome, right?
  • McCormick Ground Tumeric. I will admit, this spice is something that I never heard of this being used as a remedy up until I got a book on home remedies. All you have to do is sprinkle it all over your food and an antioxidant in the spice (Curcumin) actually reduces inflammation and keeps us from feeling more pain. Con: Taken in combination with certain blood-thinners, bleeding can occur. So watch out!


What's your favorite type of remedy?

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Favorite Remedies

I know I have my fair share of favorite remedies. Mine include hot tea and chicken noodle soup. I just like them hot, light and easy on the stomach. Of course, we are all different and we have our preferred remedies. So what is your favorite remedy (remedies)? If you got more than one favorite remedy, please share them in the comments section!

To Sum It Up!

There are all kinds of home remedies, though some of them might not be effective (depending on the source of the 'remedy'). We, as people, look for all kinds of ways to find easy and inexpensive ways to cure our little ailments that we suffer from time to time. I'm no expert on home remedies, mind you, but I do enjoy learning something new, like the tumeric that I mentioned earlier in the hub. You just don't know that the cure for back pain might be in your pantry!

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    • writinglover2 profile image

      writinglover2 3 years ago

      Thanks for reading, Faith Reaper! I'm going to be referring to one of these remedies because I have a cold! :P

    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 3 years ago from southern USA

      Oh, yes, home remedies are great! You are so right about the chicken soup and all along people thought that was some kind of old wives tale, but it has been proven to help! I love it anyway and it really does make one feel so much better. That is so interesting about the Jif peanut butter! I love Quaker Oats too and I knew eating oatmeal helps to reduce cholesterol but I had no idea about all of the other amazing benefits. Wow, who knew about the spice benefit.

      Up and more and sharing


      Faith Reaper