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Home Remedies and Household Cures

Updated on March 12, 2011

Many common conditions can be treated with home remedies. The use of natural cures saves many people from costly doctor’s visits, prescriptions, and even overpriced over-the counter drugs. There is still a time when professional medical attention may be necessary, but for minor burns, colds, scrapes, and fungal infections, there are home remedies that have been proven to work just as well as pharmaceutical drugs. One of the main benefits of using natural cures these days is that there are no dangerous side effects. Many prescription drugs are introduced to the market after only a short period of testing. Some of these drugs are later pulled from the market after causing a host of dangerous health complications.

Household cures have been called “folk remedies” and home remedies for many years, but to some people, using everyday things to treat run-of-the-mill conditions is just common sense. Some of these folk remedies that have been passed down for several generations have been discredited by modern science. However, there are still a larger number of these natural cures that have proven to be legitimate remedies at only a fraction of the cost of some over-the-counter drugs.

A trip to the doctor for a simple cold can easily cost most people a couple of hundred dollars out of pocket. Using things like peppermint, garlic, and zinc lozenges can help to ease the symptoms of a cold without having to leave the house. The trick to saving money on health care expenses is knowing when to call the doctor and when it’s okay to treat symptoms with herbal remedies or supplements. For most types of illnesses, a few supplements and a little R&R will do the trick.

In some cases, old-fashioned remedies take the course of illness prevention rather than treatment. It is a well-known fact that proper nutrition and routine exercise can help boost the immune system and prevent many common illnesses. In this respect, using vitamin C or eating citrus fruit daily is one of the most widely-practiced home remedies in existence. In earlier times, citrus fruits were “prescribed” to sailors and those aboard ships for extended periods of time in order to prevent scurvy.

Today, vitamin C is in many things that are commonly consumed. Although conditions like scurvy are no longer a real threat, vitamin deficiencies still open the door to illness. Treating and preventing illness with the use of herbal remedies, vitamins, and supplements predates modern medicine, but these home remedies are often some of the best cures for common conditions.


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