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Home Remedies for Acne Breakouts

Updated on September 18, 2011
Oil Clogged Pores Cause Acne
Oil Clogged Pores Cause Acne

Acne is an inflammatory dermatological condition that forms when the body's natural oils become trapped in the skin's pores.

Pores clogged with oil is the cause of blackheads and whiteheads, and when they become infected… Voila! Annoying and unattractive pimples and/or cysts will soon follow.

Certain parts of the body are more prone to acne flare-ups because they contain more oil glands.

The face, back, neck, chest, and shoulders are the areas of the body where pimples tend to frequent.

Acne is a cosmetic nightmare for many people; therefore, home remedies for acne breakouts continues to be in high demand.

During puberty, the body experiences dramatic hormone increases that stimulate the production of sebum (oily secretions).This is why preteens and teens are notoriously affected by acne.

Premenstrual women are also affected by acne flare-ups due to the release of progesterone after ovulation occurs. Many women are all-too familiar with the “period pimple.”

Some people are doomed to suffer the effects of acne because research suggests that it is a hereditary condition.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, acne is the most common skin ailment - this probably comes as no surprise to anyone.

Many people seek home remedies for acne breakouts because pharmaceutical acne medications, such as salicylic acid, are known to have unpleasant side effects that range from itching and redness to burning and peeling.


Both Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil are antiseptics. Antiseptics are used to cleanse the skin and destroy bacteria.


Guggul is an herb that is widely used in India, but not well-known in the United States. Guggul has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and it has been shown to inhibit the production of sebum..

Retinoic Acid & Zinc

Vitamin A (retinoic acid) is a widely used treatment for dermatological conditions, because among other benefits, retinoic acid reduces sebum secretions

Zinc helps to heal skin and it boosts immunity levels.Zinc also inhibits levels of a testosterone that has been shown to aggravate acne.

Blood Cleansers

Burdock Root, Red Clover, and Dandelion Root both purify the bloodstream and help to rid the body of toxins that can contribute to acne breakouts.

Chocolate, Acne, and Naturopathic Breakthroughs

For years, people have believed that eating chocolate causes acne flare-ups.

Nevertheless, until recently, there has been no scientific evidence from traditional medicine to support the belief.

However, a recent study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has discovered that a low-glycemic diet improves acne.

Chocolate, pure chocolate, but the sweetened chocolate that most people in America regularly consume, is loaded with simple carbohydrates like sugar and corn syrup…which are of a high glycemic nature.

Although traditional medicine claims that acne is not related to diet, alternative medicine has concluded that diet is indeed a contributory factor to acne.


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    • profile image

      Sue 5 years ago

      Hi Rachelle how should I use the tea tree or lavender on my face,right now I have a terrible breakout an its very painful an itchy.

    • Rachelle Williams profile image

      Rachelle Williams 6 years ago from Tempe, AZ

      @Cloverleaf - thanks so much for visiting my hub and for validating one of my remedies! I forgot all about the blotting paper for shine control...

    • Cloverleaf profile image

      Cloverleaf 6 years ago from Calgary, AB, Canada

      Hello Rachelle,

      I vouch for tea tree oil, it works great on my skin. Because my skin gets quite oily I also use those little sheets of blotting paper to control the oil and shine. Great hub!


    • Rachelle Williams profile image

      Rachelle Williams 6 years ago from Tempe, AZ

      I'm sorry you are having to deal with acne. I truly hope one of the herbal remedies I listed in this hub will be helpful to you.

    • profile image

      kinger210 6 years ago

      I have exhausted all routes with over the counter acne meds. I am very thankful for your help! I will give them a fair shot and hope for the best!!!