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Home Remedies for Minor Burns that Actually Work

Updated on January 19, 2011

Ouch! I Burned Myself.

 The pain from a burn despite the category can seem unbearable. First-degree burns affect the outer layer of the skin. If a burn reaches the point of blistering and swelling, it's at the second degree. This means that the first layer of skin has burned completely through also burning the second. Third degree burns affects all layers of the skin as well as muscle, bones, and fat. Never neglect medical attention if you feel the need. However, for some instant relief and help along the way, these home remedies are sure to come in handy. 

Burn Remedies

1. Salt & Oil (any type). While this may sound odd, salt is known to not only stop blisters associated with burn but it'll also quickly decrease the pain.

2. Toothpaste (must be one with fluoride). I know another odd one. But for some reason, it works. The next time you have a minor burn, try it. You won't be sorry you did.

3. Baking Soda & Water. Make a paste with those ingredients and then apply over the burn, along with some type of clothe to wrap around and hold it in place.

4. Raw Honey. It's full of natural enzymes that'll help to absorb your body's dead flesh while working to stop the pain and heal the skin that's been damaged from your burn.

5. Butter. While it may be cold from sitting in your fridge it actually works to seal in the heat from your burn and provide you with relief.  

6. Egg whites. You can soak or coat the burned area in egg whites. As long as the egg whites are wet, you should not feel any pain from the burn. Keep reapplying as it dries to relieve the pain as well as prevent scarring from the burn.

7. Yellow Mustard. Works almost instantly for a minor burn. Be sure to keep it handy in the fridge. 

8. Witch Hazel is good for temporary relief of a burn. While coated, it should decrease the intensity of the pain.

9. Aloe Vera. The leaves from this plant are known to do some extraordinary things. One of them is healing. Apply some Aloe to your burn to preven scarring or blistering.

Ask Around

 Finally, don't overlook the need for help. Ask around or seek medical advice/attention if necessary. Accidents happen and prevention is not perfection. So when situations arise, arm yourself with the know how or the people to get the help you need.  


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    • profile image

      Nurse's daughter 4 years ago

      I just burned myself yesterday. My mom (a Registered Nurse) at first told me the usual: cold water, hydrocortisone cream, Neosporin, etc. Then she called me back a few min later and remembered something that her mother/my grandmother told her to do over 50 years ago: soak/blot the burn in pure vanilla extract. I was like yeah right! But I obeyed my mom like a good little girl and OMG, it worked almost instantly! I had been suffering for 4 hours prior to that with no relief other than soaking my hand in ice water. I didn't even need ice again after that. I don't know how or why it worked, but it did. I only had that blasted vanilla extract because I made some Christmas pies 5 months ago in Dec. I was so glad I got the real thing instead of the imitation that time (the imitation won't work apparently). And btw, after the vanilla treatment, I applied hydrocortisone and put on a glove and went to sleep. My hand was white and blistery before I went to sleep. This morning it was practically back to normal, which has nothing to do with the vanilla and all to do with the hydro, but I just thought I'd mention that as well. The vanilla extract only "extracted" the pain. :)

    • profile image

      red cross first aid instructor 5 years ago

      i saw this list and couldn't help but laugh. some of these do work but some others are completely false such as oil and butter. these may stop the pain initially but actually makes the pain come back later and last longer. one thing i did not see on here is mustard. i speak from experience mustard will heal the worst of 1st degree burns. but the best thing you can do is apply cold water and wrap the burn.