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Home Remedies for Gallstones

Updated on August 21, 2011

Why are people having gallstones?

Gallstones is closely related to fitness and diet, however, there are several reasons that can expedite the formation of gallstones in your body:

1, Lack of regular indoor or outdoor exercises. Many people, especially middle-aged women, often have more time to stay at home and have less exercises. After a period of time, the contraction of gallbladder muscle is bound to decline, which will cause cholestasis, cholesterol crystallization, and the formation of gallstones. 

2, Gaining extra body fat. Many people normally eat snacks and drink beverages with high-fat, high sugar and high cholesterol, which is an immediate cause for extra body fat and, obesity is an important foundation for gallstones. Studies have shown that people with abnormal body weight have a much higher risk than those with normal weight. Overweighted women over the age of 40, is the highest risk group for gallstones.

3, Skipping breakfast. Some people tend to skip their breakfast in order to go to work on time. However, skipping breakfast in the long term will cause an increased concentration of bile, which is easy to facilitate the formation of gallstones. On the other hand, those who eat breakfast regularly can help the bile flow, reduce bile viscosity the lower the risk of suffering from gallstones.

People having galltone should pay special attention to the following living habits:

  • The most important thing is to control the body weight, this can be done by doing exercises regularly, paying attention to food hygiene, and eating regular meals.
  • You should avoid binge drinking and eating in order to stay away from sudden changes of body weight.

  • Do not eat soup with high fat content and mayonnaise. 
  • Avoid eating processed foods and foods with high sugar. 
  • Do not eat high-fat foods such as fatty meat, fried foods, cakes, snacks, fried dough sticks and so on. 
  • Avoid using hot and spicy seasonings such as pepper, pepper powder, curry powder. 
  • Pay attention to food hygiene to prevent intestinal parasites such as roundworm. 
  • Doing physical exercises regularly, women in their 40s and above should reduce their fat intake and do exercises regularly to burn extra body fat.
  • Doing physical examination annually, including the examination of liver and gallbladder ultrasonic testing.

Eating a healthy diet is also very important in gallstones treatment. The first thing is to stick to a healthy diet that contains lots of high fiber foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains etc. There are also some tips that can help you cure the disease faster, these tips are listed below:

  • Limit your cholesterol intake, foods with a high level of cholesterol such as liver or egg yolk should be strictly forbidden.
  • Eat foods that are rich in vitamin K, vegetables such as spinach or broccoli are great choices.
  • Eat green and yellow vegetables rich in vitamin A.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits, such as: spinach, leeks, celery, apples, bananas and so on.
  • Moderate consumptions of lean meat, fish, chicken and soy products are recommended.
  • Drink skim milk instead of full cream milk.
  • Do not eat foods easy to produce lots of gas in your stomach, for example, most people will find the following foods easy to produce stomach gas: potato, sweet potato, beans, onion, radish, soft drinks and fruit juices, coffee and cocoa.

  • Sitting too long could be very harmful to your health, which should be avoided.
  • Getting rid of tiredness and fatigue are very important, because tiredness will lower your immune system, making your body vulnerable to unexpected diseases.
  • Stop wearing clothes that are too tight to improve your blood circulation
  • If you are having constant constipation symptoms, try to find some effective treatments.


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    • profile image

      gallstones treatment 7 years ago

      i'm so very thankful that you have this article.This is really of big help to those who are diagnosed of having a gallbladder stone like me. I'm really afraid of any operation aside from the fact that it's too expensive nowadays.I;m also worried that it might cause any complication in some of my internal organs related to it in function or uses.