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Home Remedies for Hot Flashes

Updated on July 24, 2010

Hot flashes are a symptom of the changing hormone levels in menopausal women. It is neither a disease, nor an insurmountable problem, nor a permanent pathological state. Menopause is a turning point of endocrine changes, different people react differently to this situation naturally. It was recognized that some changes of menopause, such as hot flashes, is a natural process, it’s not something you should care too much about.

Hot flashes is an involuntary reflex caused by the brain. Although many researchers have been trying to find out the real cause of hot flashes, but so far people only know that this phenomenon is closely related to blood hormones and other substances fluctuations. A typical hot flashes usually last three to thirty minutes. The phenomenon is a sudden increase in skin temperature, and heart rate and blood pressure instability. Concentrations of chemical substances and other substances in the blood will also rise and fall. People will typically experience a feeling of intense heat with sweating and rapid heartbeat.

The main symptoms of menopause

Menopause is a period of time, generally between 45-55 years of age, when women have some physiological changes, some women may experience the following symptoms:

1, menstrual disorders is the most common phenomenon among menopausal women. During this period, women often have delayed menstruation, when there are less and less estrogen in the body to cause endometrial changes, menstruation will stop, this is called the menopause.

2, Hot flashes is one of the main features of menopause, due to decreased estrogen levels, some women in menopause experience blood calcium levels drop, they somtimes will have a intense feeling of heat with flushing, sweating, accompanied by dizziness and palpitation. This will usually last about two minutes to half an hour.

3, Some women tend to have mental disorders, because blood pressure sometimes fluctuate significantly, there may be emotional instability, irritability, personality changes, memory loss and so on.

4, Some women have cardiovascular and lipid metabolism disorders, diseases such as coronary heart disease or diabetes may occur.

5, Most menopausal women have waist or back pains, some may suffer from cervical spondylosis.

Studies have shown that 85% of women have hot flashes in the last menstrual cycle or after ovariectomy, among them, 25% to 50% of women will continue to have hot flashes in the next few years; few women have hot flashes even in their menstrual period. Two-thirds of women have hot flashes in their last menstrual cycle before the onset of menstruation, which is the earliest symptoms of menopause. Some women have hot flashes many years after menopause.

Treatment for hot flashes

The most effective treatment of hot flashes is to take estrogen, hot flashes will be alleviated after taking estrogen in most cases. It is recommended that you should start taking estrogen from the lowest dose. If hot flashes still exist in three or four months, you should take additional doses or find other medicine brands instead. And before that, you should consult a physician for his/her advise in the first place.

Many reports show that, if appropriate dose of estrogen was taken, most women can reduce the phenomenon of hot flashes, among them 80% can have fully recovery.

In addition, non-hormonal treatments of hot flashes include reducing stress, using cotton bed sheets, wearing light cotton clothing with more layers for convenient when temperature changes. What’s more, women with hot flashes should not drink beverages such as tea or coffee, they should wash their hair and body with warm water.



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