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Home Remedies for Oral Thrush - Things You Should Pay Attention to

Updated on August 21, 2011

Oral thrush is an oral mucosal disease that is caused by the infection of Candida albicans. In recent years, antibiotics and immune agents are widely used, resulting in dysbacteriosis (a disease caused by an imbalance of the normal flora of the organ or part of the organ) and decreased immune function, as well as the increasing amount of Candida infections cases.

Causes of oral thrush

Candida albicans is an opportunistic pathogen (opportunistic pathogen is an infectious microorganism that normally does not harm people but can cause disease when your resistance is low), Candida albicans is widely found in people's mouth, vagina, gastrointestinal tract, and skin. Usually it is not pathogenic, however, under certain circumstances, such as decreased immune function due to a variety of causes, or the abuse of high dose broad-spectrum antibiotics can cause the occurrence of the disease.

Oral thrush can occur at any age group, the most common is newborn babies, mainly due to infections from the contact of mother's birth canal, usually beginning several days after birth.

Symptoms of oral thrush

The disease mostly occurs in the cheek, tongue, soft palate and lip, with scattered snow-like spots and soon merge into velvet-like white patches, the patches can be torn off by force, exposing bleeding surface. Children suffered from oral thrush are irritable and crying, In a few cases, the patches may spread to the esophagus and the bronchus, causing esophagus or lung candidiasis.  

Home remedies for oral thrush

Local treatment for oral thrush is more common, however, if the disease is in a serious condition, systemic treatment is required. Because candida are easy to survive in the acidic environment, local treatment mainly use alkaline substances such as 2% -5% of the sodium bicarbonate solution, gargle to undermine the local acidic environment, inhibiting its growth.

It should be noted that infants and young children’s milk bottles and tablewares should be boiled in baking soda water, and then dried. If it’s a serious condition, systemic antifungal drugs can be used, such as nystatin, clotrimazole and so on.

Before and after breastfeeding, the mother should wash her hands and nipples. For Artificial feeding, the used pacifier and bottle should be put into 4% soda solution for half an hour for disinfection.

Children’s toiletries (basin, towels, cups, etc.) and utensils should be used alone, and boil for 15 minutes to be disinfected after use.

It is highly recommended that the child should eat high-calorie, high vitamin, easy to digest liquid or semi-liquid food, to avoid the intake of too much acid, salty and spicy food, so as not to cause pain. More water should be drank at the same time to clean the mouth and prevent further infection.

Parents should pay close attention to any changes in the condition of the disease, if mild fever and irritability are observed, the child should be taken to the hospital; if cream white lesions are found on oral mucosa and are spreading to the throat, the child should be sent to hospital for treatment to prevent serious complications such as breathing difficulties.


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