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Home Remedies for Scabies - Causes and Preventions

Updated on August 21, 2011

Causes of scabies 

Scabies is a chronic infectious skin disease caused by the scabies mites parasitize in skin stratum corneum. Scabies mites are mites, it is also known as scabies. There are many types of scabies mites: Animal scabies mites may parasitize in the skin of cattle, horses, sheep, pigs, dogs, cats, rabbits, camels and other animals, and can be transmitted to humans. The other type of scabies mites live in the human body. Scabies are directly transmitted through skin contact, or shaking hands or sleeping together, sexual or similar behavior with close body contact is also one major way of transmitting the disease. After leaving the human body, scabies mites are still alive for 23 days. Therefore, scabies can also be transmitted indirectly by using patients’ gloves, clothing or bedding, etc..

The following are the main symptoms of scabies, when somebody is suspected of suffering from scabies, it is recommended to look at the following points:

(1) Patients are often suffered from severe itching at night, especially when they just go to bed.

(2) Scabies mites dig tunnels are visible on the fingers, these tunnels are about 2 to 4 mm, showing brown irregular curves. This is the sign of creeping line of scabies mites. The symptom could also be small papules and small blisters.

(3) The rash occurs in thin skin areas, especially in the fingers, wrist flexor surface, abdomen, breasts, armpits, groin and many other places. The lesions are mainly papules or blisters.

(4) Scabies nodules are often visible. There are pink, soybean-like nodules in the scrotum, or penis. Such nodules are very hard to get rid of, often accompanied by severe itching, even after the scabies are cured.

Preventions and home remedies for scabies

Usually, scabies can be treated with external use medicines or oral medicines. For external drugs, sulfur ointment is commonly used to cure the disease, and it’s often very effective. To use the drug properly, attention should be paid to the following tips: Before using the drug, take a bath with hot water and soap to clean the whole body, and then apply the cream evenly on the skin below the neck (including skin without rash). Pay special attention to fold parts such as fingers, armpits, anus, etc., The drug should be carefully applied on the whole body, 1 time per day for 3 to 5 days. Do not take a shower or change clothes when using the drug. Usually, most rashes will disappear in the 4th days or 6th days when taking the shower. The used clothing, bedding, pillow covers, bed sheets, etc. should be boiled in water to kill scabies mites. If scabies happens in family or dormitory, patients should undergo the same treatment at the same time to prevent any further infection.

To prevent scabies effectively, the following tips are suggested:

(1) Pay attention to personal hygiene, used clothing, bedding, linens and other things should be sterilized in boiling water for at least ten minutes.

(3) When traveling, make sure the bed sheets in hotel room are clean, or you can carry a bed sheets around when traveling.

(4) Animal scabies may also be transmitted to humans, once scabies are found on pets, precautions should be taken to avoid any further transmition.


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