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Home Remedies for Sciatic Nerve Pain

Updated on December 30, 2013

The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body which runs through the spine all the way down to the lower extremities of the body such as the hips and the legs. The sciatic nerve pain is caused by the constriction or inflammation of the sciatic nerve. Characterized by infrequent discomfort to a sharp tingling or burning sensation in the lower parts of the body, sciatic nerve pain is often intense and can be a great deal of discomfort. For this reason, dealing with sciatic nerve pain as soon as it strikes is important; however, it is crucial to note that sciatic nerve pain is not a cause rather a symptom. Thus, in order to deal with the pain, the root causes of the problem have to be identified.

Remedies for Sciatica

While for some people the pain may originate due to a compressed disc, for others the cause may vary. Whatever the reason may be, one thing that cannot be doubted is the intensity of sciatic pain and the impact it has on the lifestyle. Therefore, for people who experience sciatic nerve pain, it is recommended that they seek the appropriate treatment for their condition and proper treatment has to start from the home. Below are some home treatments for dealing with sciatic nerve pain.

Anti-inflammatory diet
Most often than not, sciatic nerve pain results in inflammation. Upon inflammation, the muscles swell up and this in turn increases the pain. Hence, it is significant to reduce this inflammation and one of the best ways to do so is by switching to an anti-inflammatory diet.

An anti-inflammatory diet is the same as any other healthy diet; it should include more of natural, whole foods and less of processed foods. Foods such as lean meat sources, vegetables, and fruits are not only beneficial for sciatic nerve pain relief, but are also for the overall health. Processed foods or foods that are high in sugar on the other hand are inflammatory and their consumption can make the condition worse.

Heat and Ice
When it comes to home remedies, application of heat and ice is often one of the best ways to reduce sciatic nerve pain. Application of both of them is simple and can easily be done anywhere at home. While heat increases the flow of blood and alters the body’s perception of pain, ice has a numbing effect. Moreover, application of ice can also reduce the inflammation in the affected area.

A commonly used method to apply heat is by purchasing a heating pad and then applying it on the concerned area. Ice can be applied through an ice pack or directly as well. For best results, it is recommended that both, heat and ice are used interchangeably.

An alternative treatment to Acupuncture, Acupressure is a pain relief technique whereby pressure is applied on the affected area through hands, elbow, or through the use of other devices. While it is not that well known, Acupressure is very effective and has plenty of benefits for people who suffer from sciatic pain. The pain relief technique can easily be performed by oneself and is found to be completely safe. Moreover, the finger pressure applied plus the gentle massage like movement makes the brain produce more Endorphins.

Often, sciatic nerve pain causes the muscles to become tight and lose their flexibility and this in turn increases the pain caused. When the muscles become stiff, it becomes hard to move them. Thus, these muscles then lose their ability to function properly. However, through some general stretches involving the affected area, the flexibility of the muscles can be restored.

Correct posture
A good posture goes a long way in ensuring not only prevention of the pain, but also relief from sciatic nerve pain. A bad posture, where the back is curved and the shoulders are hinged forward, puts added pressure on the spine and as a result increases the pain. Hence, it is important to maintain a correct posture whereby the body does not lean forward and the hips are tucked in.

Water represents one of the most effective home treatments for sciatic nerve pain. People who drink ample amounts of water are more likely to experience a decrease in pain as a sufficient water intake can help improve blood circulation. Moreover, the discs in the body start to lose mass and water as we age. Lack of water leads the discs to become more prone to injury. Therefore, it is suggested that around 8 to 10 glasses of water are consumed daily.

Most people neglect the importance of sleep and this is unfortunate as lack of sleep is one of the major contributors to various health problems, including sciatic nerve pain as well. Sleep deprivation results in experiencing greater stress and makes conditions worse. In addition to this, for pain to heal, the human body needs to rest and without sleep, getting rest is not possible.

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