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Home Remedies for Throat Infection

Updated on August 2, 2012

Home remedies for throat infection could offer a cure without antibiotics. Throat infection is a very common affliction. It is contagious and caused by streptococcal bacteria. It is also called strep throat. It can affect anyone including children. In most cases, fever may accompany sore throat. The symptoms of the disease are inflammation, pain and irritation of the throat. It may also cause difficulty in swallowing. It can lead to sinusitis, tonsillitis, scarlet fever and a variety of other serious infections, if left untreated. Throat infection is also contagious as sneezing and coughing can transfer bacteria from one person to another. People who are affected by the disease find difficulty in speaking and their voice becomes hoarse. Penicillin, amoxicillin and clindamycin are some of the antibiotics used to treat throat infection. Pain killers like ibuprofen and acetaminophen are used to reduce the irritation and pain. Several home remedies are available for throat infection.

Natural Remedies for Throat Infection

Antibiotics and pain killers can cause harm in long run. Natural remedies can speed up the healing process by boosting the immune system and help the body to fight bacteria. Some of the home remedies for throat infection are

  • Add a tsp of salt to a cup of warm water and gargle once every two hours. Salt gargle helps to relieve throat inflammation and fight bacteria
  • Add a teaspoon of turmeric to warm water and gargle once every two hours
  • Aloe vera juice can also be used to gargle
  • One of the most popular remedies for sore throat is fenugreek seeds. Add some fenugreek seeds to water and boil it for a while. Use the liquid to gargle after it cools down.
  • Herbal tea made from chamomile and licorice provides immediate relief from irritation and pain due to sore throat.
  • Add some honey and lemon juice to warm water and sip it several times a day.
  • Add a tsp of powered black pepper, cinnamon powder and honey to warm water and drink it slowly.
  • Add a tsp each of apple cider vinegar, honey, pepper and lemon juice to a glass of warm water. Keep sipping small quantities of this liquid right through the day.
  • Garlic has some excellent antibacterial properties. Boil some pieces of crushed garlic in water and keep sipping the liquid at intervals right through the day. Warm the liquid before you drink. Garlic also provides a boost to the immune system.
  • Licorice root is very useful in treating throat infection. Gargle with licorice tea. Drinking licorice tea also soothes the throat. It should not be used in large quantities as it will lead to increase in blood pressure.

When you have a sore throat you need to increase your fluid intake and keep yourself hydrated. You should also take rest. Avoid smoke and dust. These home remedies for throat infection if used properly may help to avoid the use of antibiotics.


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