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Home Remedies for Thrush

Updated on August 21, 2011

Your baby is just a few months old, recently, you have found that she is crying much more than usual, and is reluctant to nurse, You’ve also found there are some white spots on both side of the mouth and tongue of your baby. At first, you thought it was some milk stains, so you tried to use cotton swabs to scrape them off, however, things are not getting any better, and your baby is still crying a lot. If you are a mother under circumstance like that, you baby is probably having oral thrush. The best way to know for sure and cure thrush is to see a doctor, however, there are also some simple home remedy tips that you can use to help facilitate the process.

What are the typical symptoms of thrush? Oral thrush is also called Candida albicans disease, it is caused by the the infection of Candida albicans. Thrush mostly occurs in infants and young children, it may occur in any place of the mouth. Most infants get oral thrush from the infection of mother’s birth canal, or from a lack of hygiene of mother’s finger or nipple during breast feeding. the nipple or pacifier is the source of infection. The main symptom of thrush is the accumulation of creamy white lesions on the gums, tongue or inner cheeks. 

Those who suffers from oral thrush usually have white lesions on the surface of the mouth, severe oral thrush may spread to the roof of mouth, or tonsils, accompanied by a feeling of pain and dryness, when scraped the lesions may bleed slightly. Some people even suffer from low-grade fevers, or difficulties in swallowing and breathing. Infants with the disease are irritable, often cry and are very hard to feed.

When lesions with cheese-like appearances are found in the baby’s mouth, you should be very careful not to scrape the lesions to avoid bacterial infection caused by mucosal damages. Parents should take care of baby diagnosed with oral thrush, cleaning the mouth with sterilized cotton wool soaked in 2% soda water, be careful while cleaning, then applying with 1% gentian violet on the surface of the affected area 1-2 times per day. 

After a few days of the treatment, the symptoms usually disappear. However, oral thrush is such a stubborn disease that it tends to happen repeatedly. Special attention should be paid to the continuity of the treatment, parents should continue with the treatment for several more days even if all the symptoms disappeared in order to consolidate the effect and prevent the recurrence. It is highly recommended that the treatment be done several hours after the meal to avoid the side effect of vomiting.

Special attention should be paid to children’s oral hygiene. If the child is too young to do it own his or her own, parents should help kids cleaning their mouths after feeding. For child who is old enough, tell them to gargle with warm waters after eating.

If the child is breastfeeding, mother should wash her hands and clean nipples before feeding. If you use a milk bottle to feed the child, then boil the bottle and pacifier to sterilize prior to feeding.

Be very careful when using antibiotics. Because when using broad-spectrum antibiotics, they may kill the bacteria that can prohibit the growth of Candida albicans, this in turn will result in the over growth of Candida albicans and causing thrush. During the period of treatment of thrush, all antibiotics should be avoided unless there is significant disease which requires using antibiotics. Moreover, when using antibiotics, you should first consult a doctor for suggestions and use medicines under the guidance of a doctor.


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