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Home Remedies with poultice and potatoes for back ache/pain

Updated on August 31, 2016
Back Pain is Back!
Back Pain is Back!

You can do it at home

When I was a kid, my grand-mother used home remedies for most aliments. I was very eager to apply those home remedies for any kind of sickness. But when I grow up, I started to wonder, if those home remedies really do work? I sometimes wonder if my grand-mother was experimenting!

But now, as my daughters are growing, I am getting into habit of giving advice on home remedies to my daughters. These home remedies are passed on from my grand-mother. She died a year ago at the age of 100+. To preserve those gems of her, I decide to write hubs on home remedies – some of which were from hers and lot of others from inputs from my elder members of the family, like my mother, my mother-in-law, sister-in-law etc.

Presenting you here is home remedy for backache. I have applied these remedy at various time to my husband on several occasion with positive results in the past three years.

How to make Potato Poultice:

  • You will need two potatoes, gauze (closely netted cloth – or cheesecloth) and a towel.
  • Cut potatoes into 1 inch cubes without peeling the skin.
  • Boil the potato cubes and mash them
  • Take a thick gauze or loosely woven cloth and spread the potato mash evenly and fold the cloth to cover over it.

Remedy with Potato:

A warm Potato Poultice is used for relieving inflammation and congestion. It also heal skin. Traditionally potato (warm grated potato) is used for arthritis and eczema.

  1. Make Potato Poultice – spread the same between loosely woven cloth – such as gauze or cheesecloth. Make sure it is not TOO HOT.
  2. Place poultice on the affected area – usually lower back pain, but can be applied to joint pains as well. Remove it when it turns cold.

India is largest producer of Lemon, with 16% of world product.
India is largest producer of Lemon, with 16% of world product.

Other Options:

Here are some other option to try at home.

Lime Juice can be another home remedy for backache. Make juice by squeezing a lemon and add some salt to it. Taken twice daily, it helps in relieving back pains to a great extend.

Vitamin C also serves as great reliever for back pain. Vitamin C is largely available in citrus fruits. Consuming 1500 to 2000 mg of Vitamin C daily will be effective remedy for back pain.

Garlic contains Vitamins A, B, C & E
Garlic contains Vitamins A, B, C & E

Another popular home remedy is garlic boiled in hot oil and applied to affected area for relief.

Garlic contains several vitamins like: A, B, C, E. Garlic is known to cure several aliments. In World War II, garlic was used in dressing wounds. It has antibiotic properties and it can also help against blood clots. Since we are talking about home remedies for back pain or backache, let’s see how it helps in relieving back pain.

Take out couple of garlic pieces and put into a pan containing the oil. You can use any of this oil – sesame oil, or coconut oil or mustard oil. Fry the garlic on a low flame till garlic cloves become light brown. Allow prepared oil with garlic to cool completely. Then apply the same on affected area. Repeat the same for couple days and see how it effects.


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    • zanaworld profile image

      SA Shameel 4 years ago from Bangalore

      It is better to avoid pain killer on regular basis, as this will be ineffective after sometime.

      Better to go with home remedies.

      Consult doctor if the pain persists.

      thanks for your comments.

    • Indian Chef profile image

      Indian Chef 4 years ago from New Delhi India

      These are wonderful remedies for the back pain. i do have back pain sometimes and usually take a pain killer. Next time i am going to try your home remedy.

    • profile image

      Samreen 7 years ago

      Thanks for sharing these time-tested remedues with the readers.