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Quick Relief for Minor Burns

Updated on October 18, 2016

It's Very Simple

I had the opportunity while I was out-of-town at a conference, to share my age-old tidbit on a great treatment for burns. I was at a guest's home and we were grilling and baking in the oven, preparing dinner for a house full of family and friends. The oven door swung open every 10 to 15 minutes as we removed pans of ribs and put in Maryland crab cakes and then roasting chickens, etc. We each took turns checking to see if something was done; accidentally turning up the oven or down or even off as someone thought everything was done. "No! Those crab cakes are not done; trust me...I know what I am doing." We turned the oven back up and put them back in. They really didn't taste too bad blackened on the bottom. As my mom always said "the black crust will put hair on your chest!" We three girls ate whatever it was but why in the world would we want hair on our chest???!!! LOL.

So, in the midst of all of that hub bub, it was inevitable that someone got burned. "Get the toothpaste...quick!" I shouted. They all looked at me with frowns. I really thought everyone knew about this cheap and effective way to treat minor burns, but obviously I'm wrong. I figured I would throw this out; not a long, extensive, moving or funny Hub but the information willl definitely come in handy.

It Really Works

Some 40 years ago a co-worker told me of the home remedy applying toothpaste to a family member's burn saved her from more serious injury. I don't remember how the person was burned, but she told me they smeared toothpaste gently on the burn. They did rush to the emergency room and when she was examined, they first carefully removed the toothpaste. What they saw shocked them. The area was diagnosed as a second-degree burn but the condition of the skin would classify it as a first-degree burn. They treated the family member accordingly, but said it would have been worse had they done nothing. The doctors had never heard of the toothpaste trick and really had no objections.

Try It For Yourself

The next time I experienced a burn, which I try very hard not to do while cooking, I remembered this little trick and ran for the medicine cabinet. It was that nasty but not serious burn that never stops throbbing and I knew it would blister and leave that ugly scar that you have to wait to peel off. The next stage is the coco butter so the scar is not permanent.

Well, I smeared on the toothpaste. It was still throbbing and I guess that minty thing didn't help. It sort of felt like putting Ben Gay in your eyes, but I trusted my co-worker. Well she did say "trust me, it works!" I tried to go back to cooking, being careful not to get toothpaste in the pasta sauce. Eventually, the throbbing stopped. About an hour went by before I actually remembered to wash it off. You can leave it on that long or really doesn't make a difference. I was amazed to see that there was no blistering. I put on a little first-aid cream - you can use Neosporin or something comparable. The next day there was no pain and still no blistering. A few days later I couldn't tell where the burn was.

Use Wisdom

This remedy is definitely not for serious burns. No one will have to tell you when an injury should be treated by professional medical physicians. Don't self-diagnosis or attempt to treat, any burn that obviously needs immediate medical attention. When in doubt, go to the hospital or a medical treatment center. I have discovered that using butter DOES NOT work. Ice might give temporary relief, and I'm sure there are scores of home remedy treatments for this mishap. However, I personally have not found anything that works for me like this.

Try to remember to reach for the toothpaste when you happen to take hold of a pot handle without a potholder, or the rack in the oven happens to catch you while taking out a casserole. This treatment will work for you. Smear the toothpaste liberally and continue your cooking or whatever your were doing when you got zapped.


You'll Thank Me

With Summer upon us and the BBQ grills fired up and baked beans in the oven, I thought this might be helpful. It will do wonders for that minor cooking burn, putting out birthday candles with your fingers or picking up that rack before it cools off!

I believe you'll thank me the next time you encounter a minor burn. Keep a small tube of toothpaste near your BBQ grill or in the kitchen near the stove. Tartar control, minty, baking soda or peroxide...whatever your me, it works!


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    • 4seazons profile image

      Barbara 6 years ago from Queens

      Stay are a gifted writer and I know the Hub Family enjoys your work as much as I do! Keep your faith, sis!

    • ladyjojo profile image

      ladyjojo 6 years ago

      Thanks sweedie i haven't been writing lately and i pulled most of my good peoms down. Did a book that's why.

      I start back to write was discourage by hubpages pulling my hubs down and making a mess of everything. Due to their crazy changes

      God bless you

    • 4seazons profile image

      Barbara 6 years ago from Queens

      Thank you ladyjojo...I'll try the olive oil. Miss you - checked to see if you'd written any new Hubs!

    • ladyjojo profile image

      ladyjojo 6 years ago

      That is true i know about that toothpaste method applied immediately after burn will save you the swelling up of your flesh that contains water and really hurts when burst.

      I recently got a bad burn went to the oven to check some chicken and the oven glass fell off and the door came crashing down on my hand. I did brakes or else would have been worst.

      A friend of mine said that "OLIVE OIL" works superb also when you get a burn it helps to bring back skin to normal complexion.

      Thanks for sharing