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Home Remedy for Shoulder and Neck Pain

Updated on February 23, 2016
Shoulder and neck pain that lasts for a long time can be quite annoying. It most likely affects your husbands activities of daily living but most importantly it also affects his sleep. My recommendation would be to have him change the pillow that he sleeps on at night. Using a cervical support neck pillow with a neck roll can make a big difference. While it can take some time to get used to- it is healthier for the neck. Some examples of some good neck pillows are: the arc4life cervical linear traction neck pillow, the tri core neck pillows and even the stress ease neck pillow. The one thing in common with these neck pillows is that they have a neck roll in them so that they conform to the shape of the cervical spine. Another great idea is to do neck and shoulder stretches and also use hot and cold therapy for pain relief as well.

Facts about Neck and Shoulder Pain

  • 60+ percent of people out there will experience neck pain at some point in their lives
  • Neck pain can be caused by poor posture, a strain, trauma, pinched nerve, to name a few
  • Neck pain may also present because of a cancer, arterial problem, or a herniated disc
  • Millions of people also may get shoulder pain during their lives
  • Nerves of the lower neck innervate (communicate to) the shoulder

Are My Neck and Shoulder Pain Related?

Neck and/or Shoulder Pain Is No Fun!
Neck and/or Shoulder Pain Is No Fun! | Source

Sometimes Your Neck and Shoulder Pain are Linked.

Your lower neck nerves supply the shoulders. Many times the neck can be the cause of your shoulder problems.

Other times the shoulder pain can be completely separate from the neck. Maybe an injury directly to the shoulder, or from a throwing injury, or a golf or tennis injury.

Have You Sought Treatment For Your Pain?

What Neck or Shoulder Treatment Did You Do?

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Sleep on a Supportive Neck Pillow

Stress Ease Neck Pillow
Stress Ease Neck Pillow
Arc4life Traction Neck Pillow
Arc4life Traction Neck Pillow

Avoid Shoulder and Neck Pain by Sleeping a Supportive neck Pillow

By simply changing the type of neck pillow you sleep on you can avoid a lot of neck pain and shoulder pain. Personally i prefer fiber filled pillows. They support your head and neck better and most importantly they are comfortable. A foam pillow can mold to your head and neck yes, but that is not really what you want. You want a pillow that will support you. A pillow with neck rolls on it achieves this. Usually you can easily sleep on your back and on your side.

One foam pillow that I do recommend is the sidesleeper neck pillow. See video below.If you have broad shoulders this pillow may work very well for you.

Review of the Side Sleeper Pillow.

Work out Muscle spasms in the neck and shoulder

Trigger points are very painful knots of muscle that when pressed can cause a pinching, sharp type of pain. A lot of sensitivity may be felt in that area. These trigger points can occur in all the shoulder muscles and also the neck muscles. Some examples of this are: the trapezius muscle, the rhomboid major and minor, and the levator scapulae muscles. In particular the trapezius muscle can be extremely painful.

How to treat trigger points?

See a massage therapist. They specialize in trigger points. They know what kind of pressure to apply and most importantly where to find trigger points. Another treatment is to use a tool such a theracane to work out trigger points on your own at home.

Use ice and heat for neck and shoulder pain

This hot and cold pack called the trisectional hot and cold pack by Core- does a great job of covering the neck and shoulders. It is a heavier therapy pack (keep that in mind)
This hot and cold pack called the trisectional hot and cold pack by Core- does a great job of covering the neck and shoulders. It is a heavier therapy pack (keep that in mind)

Hot Moist Therapy can Ease a Lot of Shoulder and Neck Pain.

Knowing when to use heat and ice for neck and shoulder issues is key. If you have have a chronic issue, meaning that this pain has been going on for a long time, use a hot pack. The easiest thing to do it to pop the heat pack into the microwave for 2-4 minutes .If this injury just occured (for example you lifted something heavy) use ice. Remember R.I.C.E: Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

Hot and Cold Pack for the Shoulder and Neck


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