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Home Sauna: Why using a Personal Sauna can Improve your Health

Updated on March 21, 2014

Sauna Use for Personal Health

Sweating is a great detoxifier, conferring many benefits as the body eliminates toxins through the skin. Researchers estimate that an impressive 30% of the body’s wastes are eliminated via the skin each day. When you turn up the heat in sweat, you open your pores, improve circulation and convert the skin into a high-powered detoxification channel. In addition, sweat inhibits the growth of bacteria in the body as your body's internal temperature climbs.

Most traditional cultures incorporated a method of sweating in their health regimes. Native American healers use sweat lodges to support the body's own innate healing ability. The Finns and Swedes are famous for their use of saunas or sweat baths for cleansing and relaxation.

Saunas are a safe and effective way to work up a cleansing sweat. Research indicates that regular long-term sweating in a sauna can help lower blood pressure and can improve pulmonary function.  It has also been found to improve joint mobility and reduce pain in rheumatic conditions.  Sauna bathing is safe for most people but if you separate chronic health condition, consult your health practitioner first.

The consistent use of a sauna can make a big difference in toxic elimination. Since most people have had a significant buildup of toxins over the years it can take one to three years of daily use to get them out.  However we live in a toxic environment and sweating detoxification will not completely eliminate all toxins and should be combined with other healthy lifestyle choices.

Home Sauna for Health and Relaxation

Consistent use of your home sauna can improve your overall health.
Consistent use of your home sauna can improve your overall health.


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  • Sandyspider profile image

    Sandy Mertens 7 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

    I would love to have a home sauna. Nice hub.