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Home Workout vs. Going To The Gym: A Compare and Contrast

Updated on September 22, 2012

Where is the best place for you to exercise?

Where do you like to workout? Have you ever thought about home gyms vs real gyms? In this article I will portray an unbiased perspective on working out at home and exercising in a traditional gym environment. Your workout might not be easier but choosing a location for physical exertion will be if you read on.

The Traditional Gym

Pros-There are several upsides to working out at a gym. A good gym will have a varied display of quality equipment that would be hard to duplicate at home. This provides the potential for more longterm variety and subsequently better results. Also there are other people at the gym. This brings up several points. What better way to meet hot guys or girls than at the gym? You already have one thing in common and you know he/she works out. Furthermore, you have an excellent envirornment for a healthy support system; you're surrounded by people who can provide you with motivation to achieve your fitness goals. Another advantage of the gym is the availability of spotters. It might be dangerous to perform some exercises (like the benchpress) at home alone. The psychological effect of "going to the gym" is tremendous for some people. Going to the gym can actually put you in a workout mood before you ever pull into the parking lot.


Gym memberships cost money. And if you don't go to your gym that much you're not just spending money, you're wasting it. Also, gyms can be crowded and waiting in line for weights or machines is counter productive when trying to get a good workout. In addition, the same psychological effect that works for some people is unproductive for others. Some people don't like to exercise with others around; they feel self-conscious and think that everyone is staring at them. Others don't mind the attention, and even get distracted from their workouts due to flirting or talking with other gym rats. These people should consider working out at home, if they're serious about getting results. This takes the social distraction right out of the equation and includes just them and their workout. Also, going to the gym involves, well, going. Sometimes it's just inconvenient to have to use fuel and drive to the gym. Another disadvantage is availability. A lot of gyms close at night when some people want to exercise.

The Home Gym


Home gyms are usually inexpensive, and once you add up initiation fees and monthly payments, home gyms always cost significantly less than a gym membership. A gym at home allows you to work out in the convenience of your own home without having to worry about whether or not the gym is open. Also, people with busy lives and/or kids will probably find it more convenient to workout at home. For those who dislike the busy environment of a gym, the home is a perfect place to exercise in peace and quiet, where you don't have to worry about standing in line for equipment or weights. A lot of workout programs like P90X and Insanity are designed for in-home use. Without driving time, waiting in line, paying fees, or packing the things you want to take to the gym, working out at home saves a lot of time and money compared to going to a traditional gym.


Home gyms have less to offer in terms of equipment, and therefore ultimately less deviation is possible. This restricts the amount of variation you can put into your workout from day to day. A home gym is probably not going to spend thousands of dollars on machines, which are vital for building strength in those with joint issues since resistance machines require less use of stabilizer muscles. There can be a negative psychological effect on staying within the home to exercise. Remember how I mentioned before that some people get into a mental groove and become focused just by going to the gym and are ready to workout before they even pull into the parking lot? Well some people have difficulty working out at home because it doesn't feel like an exercise environment. They're used to relaxing at home and it just doesn't seem natural to workout there and not in the gym.

I hope this overview of gyms vs home gyms has helped you decide where you need to workout. If your main concern is money, then you should probably go with the home gym. However, if you need an atmosphere with other people and thrive in a social setting, a gym just might be your ticket to success. There's a hundred different reasons to go with one over the other, I hope my thoughts have helped make the decision clearer.

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    • Feeling Fit profile image

      Feeling Fit 4 years ago from Fitting in Fitness Moves Everywhere!

      Greetings, & thank you for sharing your expert perspective on the perennial debate of home v. gym workouts.

      Personally, I prefer to work out at home. It takes discipline, but discipline is easily achieved once you commit to total, lifelong health & well being! *wink*

      It is my feeling that this hub can help many folks see their way clear on where to work out, to envision how that will look & feel, & to confidently commit to daily fitness as a lifestyle.

      Your hub is terrific, encouraging, & informative. I have voted it "Up", "Useful" & "Interesting".

      Sat nam.

      Warm regards...Feeling Fit