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Benefits of Home Infrared Saunas

Updated on April 5, 2011
A serene view Inside the sauna
A serene view Inside the sauna | Source

The infrared sauna was invented in 1965 by the Japanese. It works by using infrared heaters, converting light directly to heat. This heat will warm objects nearby, but will not change the air temperature. The type of infrared used is called Far-infrared, which is different than ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which it is sometimes confused with. Far infrared radiant heat causes no damage to skin the way UV light does. This type is an improvement over regular saunas, because it operates at cooler temperatures, without steam and is therefore easier to tolerate. Infrared penetrates tissues deeper than regular saunas, and safely surrounds the body with direct, radiant heat.

Health Benefits

There are several health benefits related to infrared sauna use. Sweating is a benefit of any sauna use, but an infrared sauna is able to increase sweating by up to 3 times more than regular saunas due to the way the electromagnetic technology heats body tissue while keeping the surrounding air cool. This in turn creates enhanced cardio and other benefits for the body. Being able to use a sauna with out leaving home encourages more frequent use, which in itself is a benefit.

Heating the body’s tissue is one way to enhance metabolic processes, which can help with weight loss. Some sources say hyperthermia or fever therapy helps combat infections and even cancer.

Spending regular time in a home infrared sauna can work wonders for aching joints and other pains as the heat relaxes tight muscles and enhances circulation through tissues. It also works very well for stiffness and the kind of chronic pain that comes with arthritis. One of the additional side benefits is the relaxed frame of mind that results from a relaxed and pain-free body!

Skin beauty is another well-known benefit of saunas, and with the extra sweating potential of home infrared saunas the skin’s function as a detoxification organ can be dramatically increased. The recommended usage time is a maximum of 30 minutes, which makes this a time-efficient way to take care of your body.

Safety and Convenience

Home infrared saunas take up a small space in any room. They are easy to assemble and are very portable in case you decide to move into a new home. Most home infrared saunas also come equipped with built-in high quality audio systems, which makes the sauna experience even more enjoyable. The saunas usually also have a roof that slides partially open, to help moderate the heat if it feels too hot.

High Utility

Infrared saunas are easy to use and make great stress relievers. While sitting in one, you will find the air is cool, fresh, and steamless. It will be comfortable and easier to breathe than traditional high humidity, high heat saunas. These types of saunas use no water, which makes them perfect for a home sauna as there is no chance of mildew or water damage. Home infrared saunas are also extremely energy efficient and are warmed up and ready to use in 10 minutes, rather than the 30 to 45 minutes a traditional sauna takes.

Weight loss maintenance with an infrared sauna


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