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Mosquito bites remedy

Updated on December 13, 2013

Mosquito bites can be very unpleasant leaving the person itching constantly on the area affected. You can acquire immediate relief from mosquito bites using natural home remedies from home. Bear in mind that everybody is different, and each individual may need a different remedy to treat mosquito bites. If one remedy does not work after repeating the process a couple of times, then another remedy may just work for the individual. Before trying the second remedy, wash the affected area from the first remedy.

Below I am going to post lots of useful home remedies to stop mosquito bites from itching. These useful home remedies can be useful to stop itching from other insect bites too.

Mosquito bite ouch!
Mosquito bite ouch! | Source

List of home remedies to stop mosquito bites from itching

1. Salt is very effective in treating mosquito bites and prevents further itching. First moisten the affected area and then use table salt to rub on the moistened area, and hopefully the itching should reduce or completely stop.

2. Wash the mosquito bite with gentle soap, and allow the cold water to run over the bitten area. Once the affected area is dry, use an ice-bag or a bag of frozen vegetables and apply it on the bite to relieve the itch and swelling.

3. Mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of water. Mix it in a cup until it forms into a paste. Apply the paste on the affected area to reduce discomfort and itching.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar can be used to treat mosquito bites. Rub the vinegar directly onto the affected area to obtain relief from itching.

5. Peppermint toothpaste is also great. Squeeze a small amount of toothpaste onto the mosquito bite and rub the paste gently. The itching should stop immediately.

6. Aloe vera gel from the leaves can be applied on the mosquito bite to achieve relief. You can buy the aloe vera gel product from many pharmacies, or you can grow your own plant.

7. If you have the urge to scratch the mosquito bit with your fingernails, it is recommended that you don’t. Instead, cut a piece of lemon in half. Use the soft pulpy side of the lemon to scratch the itch. This will reduce the chances of any infection spreading.

8. Mouthwash or other similar products which contain alcohol can be used to gain relief from itching. Use a cotton ball and soak some mouthwash on it, and dab it gently on the mosquito bite.

9. Aspirins contain anti-inflammatory properties. This will be effective for mosquito bites. First crush an aspirin tablet to make a paste using little bit of water, and then apply it on the bite. Then use a first-aid bandage to cover the affected area overnight. The next morning you will be free from the itch.

10. Certain oils like lavender and tea tree oils can be applied to the mosquito bite. Use a cotton swab and apply it directly on the bite to reduce itching. Tea tree oils have natural disinfectants and lavender oils have natural anti-inflammatory properties.

11. Hot water can be applied depending how warm you can stand it. Run the hot desired hot water on the affected area for a couple of seconds, or you can use washcloth drenched in hot water and apply it on the bitten area instead. Make sure the water is hot enough to relief the itch, but be careful not to burn the skin. This process can be repeated if needed.

12. Another similar remedy to the one above is hot tea. You can dab the affected area with a hot tea bag. Or you can use a piece of cotton ball and soak in hot tea, and then apply it. Be careful not to burn yourself. You will notice immediate relief from itching with this remedy.

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