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Home remedies for the 5 deadly sins of the human body

Updated on April 8, 2009

Ah the human body, so beautiful so complex and at times so stinky... Yup our bodies can produce the most disgusting things and disgusting odours. Here are the top 5 deadly bodily sins and simple ways to help relieve them...

5. Nasal problems, like being full of snot whether resulting in a runny nose or stuffed nose. This isn't one of the worst but it certainly can be gross, and annoying. Using a simple salt water rinse can help relieve nasal problems. . This can be a little uncomfortable but it works.

Dissolve a tablespoon of salt (regular table salt) in 8oz of warn water, using a dropper suck up a little into the end. Tilt your head and put the dropper in your nostril, let out solution and slowly inhale very gently to draw the water in further. It may take a few drops before you feel the improvements. Then blow your nose to clear out any access water and nasal discharge.

Other things like eating spicy foods can also help relieve nasal problems, like congestion and runny nose. Spicy foods can actually temporarily increase the nasal discharge, flushing out the blockage and toxins that are causing the problems.

4. Smelly farts....ewe gross... Admit it at least once you have offended even your self with a foul stench that you still can't believe it came from your own body... Yes well the fact is everybody farts, toots, passes gas what ever you want to call it, it happens. The simplest way to reduce the odours is to watch what you eat, it's the foods that usually make all the difference.

Take your time when you eat, this too can make a difference. Gulping down food doesn't allow your food to settle properly and you tend to swallow more air, ultimately giving you more gas. Make good food choices healthy and full of natural spices, and enjoy the food, slow down, and eat in moderation. If you eat regular you body will function regular. If odours are really bad consider what your eating and drinking, for example if you're a coffee drinker try cutting back by half, same if you eat a lot of eggs or dairy, you may be sensitive to these things as many of us are and don't even know it.

If your problem is unusually persistent, try massaging you stomach gently when it feels upset, slow in a clockwise motion. Use a hot compress with vinegar diluted in water this will help alleviate pain and relax muscles. Movement can sometimes help, take a walk or lay on the floor peddling your legs like a bicycle. Spices like parsley(fresh) fennel, coriander, aniseed, ginger and rosemary all give digestive aid, have them ready in the kitchen.

If you still can't relieve your gas symptoms please see a doctor, or get some professional advice.

3.Bad breath, everyone gets it and some of us always have it. In fact about 45% of adults suffer from constant bad breath....and most are unaware...gross. The best and simplest way to rid your mouth of nasty smells is to get rid of the bacteria causing them. And, the only way to get rid of these nasty bacteria's is to scrap them off. Get some mouth spray, found near the tongue scrapers, and of course get some tongue scrappers. Do this everyday, spray and scrap, brush and rinse either with mouth wash or just water. This will keep you breath fresh and smelling so much better.

2. Stinky feet. Okay 65% of you are suffering from sweaty and smelly feet, you've tried powders and creams and sprays, nothing works right? Well there are some simple solutions....

Always allow your feet to dry completely before putting on socks, slippers or shoes.

Try deodorant, antiperspirant, I have heard this has worked wonders for some and not for others, so it depends on your skin type. Remember to allow your foot to dry before putting it on.

Soak your feet in black tea, brew some black tea, several bags, allow to cool to room temperature and soak your feet for about a hour. Yes it will stain your feet and depending again on your skin it will wash away in a day or two...And it will help relieve odours.

Change your socks regularly, your feet smell because of sweat, keeping your feet as dry as possible will help reduce the odours. Socks that seemed to be stained with odours should be soaked in some water and vinegar for a couple of hours, then rinsed and soaked in water and detergent, for dark socks soak in black tea. Wash whites with bleach and darks as usual and again allow to dry, never put on damp socks.

1.BO...Body odour, the worst the nastiest so gross and what worse the culprits don't even know they have BO....But this is for those who do know and want to make a change, and thank goodness because some of you are so rank I can smell you from here...LOL...just kidding ...Anyway, body odour is caused by many things, lack of hygiene, certain foods, tight clothing, sweat and certain addictions like tobacco and alcohol.

The major reason people have body odours is due to lack of hygiene, things like not washing everyday, changing you clothing, not using soaps and deodorants. These are all basic things we all should be doing, hygiene isn't just to make you look better it has many health benefits, like preventing germs and bacteria that cause deadly diseases and aliments. Washing keeps you from getting infested with bugs and unwanted other living things, all which cause the stank odour.

The foods we eat can also have an impact on our bodies odours, things like onions, garlic and curry all product toxics that although are good for you they release an odour, washing regularly should help with this though. Some food and drinks that have preservatives added can also cause extra odours, again washing regularly will help. Other odours can be stained into you skin, perhaps if you work at a factory, or are a heavy drinker and smoker, these toxins being absorbed by your skin. They can only be removed when you have rid your self of these things, the job maybe not but the booze and tobacco will Odours will eventually be washed away and flushed from your body if you give them up and this can help you overall body odour.

If you are generally a clean person and eat healthy and still have odour issues please talk to a doctor, your body could be trying to tell you something. Otherwise the best way to get rid of BO is to wash it away, and that doesn't mean a few sprays of some nasty perfume or cologne you things smells great. Chances are the mix is horrendous.

Eat right, stay clean and be healthy....

I am not a professional and I advise speaking to a doctor or professional about taking or trying and new remedies or products to help relieve any health related symptoms.

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    • profile image


      10 years ago

      My Friend Roy called Farts "An eruption from the land of Bum!" nice article, as always you deliver

    • einron profile image


      10 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

      Mostly bad odours stem from bad hygiene. If you keep your body, clothes, and other accessories clean, you eliminate most of the odours.

      Anyway, thanks for the tips.

    • Karen Ellis profile image

      Karen Ellis 

      10 years ago from Central Oregon

      Great hub with information anyone could use. Thanks.

    • Carlosweb profile image


      10 years ago from USA

      Good job!


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