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Home remedies for the common fever

Updated on September 16, 2014

Home remedies for a fever


When your fighting a virus chances are you might get a fever. Sometimes but not always a fever can be dangerous and unless you feel your life is in danger it's important to try and mange your fever at home so your not filling up emergency rooms and doctors offices. Of course if after you've tried some home remedies and/ or medication and your fever is rising or not changing you may then want to see or consult a physician.

A few home remedies I've tried have been very helpful when I or my family is going through a fever. First of all it's very important to keep your self hydrated when you are sick and especially if your having a fever. Drinking plenty of water and orange juice can e very beneficial. The orange juice helps with digestion, increased urinary output, promotes antibodies for faster healing and recovery. It gives energy and vitamins, over all a great source for fighting fevers.

Another remedy is kind of strange but my grandmother always used it, is the raisin tonic. Sounds gross and doesn't taste the best but it works wonders. Take a small handful or 25 raisins an soak into 1/2 cup of water, after a bit crush raisins in water, use a spoon or fork. Drain juice and discard skins, add a 1/2 tsp of lime juice for flavor and voila a natural medicine. Take twice a day to lower fever temperature.

Cool compresses on the forehead or even on the entire body can also help bring down a temperature. Keeping cool isgood but yu till have to sweat, sweating it out is best as lon as your body remains ata relitivly safe temperature.(103 F or 39.5 C is pritty high. )

One more remedy I have tried and have been recommended is the basil tea recipe. Holy Basil works best. Take a good handful of leaves and boil in about a half liter of water, drain leaves. serve with a half cup of milk and one Tsp of powdered cardamon and sugar, drink two cups a day.

Try these home remedies and see what works best fo you. And remember liquides and rest are best for any flu or fever.

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    • katnan profile image

      katnan 8 years ago from Mississippi

      Thank you reinforcing my mother's remedy.I am sitting here with fever going up and down like a yo-yo.It won't go lower than 102.4 then it's back up to 103.7.I'm getting off here and go sweat.

    • raguett profile image

      raguett 8 years ago

      Check out new link above..real home remedies for real book for download or sale in hard copy..raguett

    • writemyown profile image

      writemyown 9 years ago

      thanks i'll remember this