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Home remedies for upset stomach

Updated on February 1, 2016

There are a few ways to ease the pain

Things you can do before going to the doctor.
Things you can do before going to the doctor.

Some DIY help for your tummy

When the cost of medicine and medicines began to skyrocket, people turned in large numbers to alternative and "natural" medicine. While all of the remedies that people have used in the past are not as effective as modern medications, there are still some remedies that have stood the test of time. Here we explore a few of the treatments that will help a person who is suffering with an upset stomach. These remedies are intended as a first line treatment of mild symptoms. If symptoms are severe, medical attention should be sought at once, through a doctor's office, health clinic, hospital or urgent care center.

Saltine crackers

This is a remedy that was often recommended to pregnant women, as they may suffer with morning sickness and be unable to eat. Saltine crackers tend to settle a queasy stomach where the person is suffering with nausea. I woud recommend unsalted top crackers because some people have other issues, like high blood pressure, that would be worsened by excess salt intake.

Ginger Ale

This remedy is good for the person who feels bloated and gassy. It is probably the ginger that reduces stomach discomfort and the carbonation in the soda seems to encourage burping which relieves the bloating and the gas. There are many different kinds of ginger ale on the market, but for the purposes here any of them will do.


Peppermint has been in use for a long time to settle the stomach. it is useful for bloating and gas as well as mild cases of indigestion and heartburn, also known as acid reflux. Peppermint comes in teas, oil and the well known starlight mint candies. It is because peppermint is good for digestion as well as being a breath freshener, that it is prominentl displayed in restaurants and other places. If you have diabetes, it would be better to use the tea or the oil to avoid too much sugar from the candy.. If you have mild indigestion, this may be helpful but if you have moderate to severe acid reflux and indigestion, peppermint may make it worse.

I did not include baking soda, because some people should not use baking soda as it may worsen some health problems, such as hypertention and heart diease. As always, consult your doctor if you have any major problems, if these remedies do not work for you, or if your symptoms worsen.


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