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Home remedy for polio suffers.

Updated on December 24, 2015

How painful is one's life !

Polio a deadly virus!

Polio is a deadly virus, though it is partly eradicated by an extensive worldwide immunization program, it is still around and spreading its painful havoc around the world .It is stated as a highly infectious disease which enters the body through the mouth and attacks the central nervous system of a person. Most of the people who are affected by the virus survivesbut are left with a form of paralysis, usually in an arm or a leg or mouth.Certain home remedies can alleviate the pain experienced by sufferers and can also aid survivors to recovery to some extent.The below said remedy offers a healing regime that repairs the damage wrought by the deadly disease.when a person is attacked with polio virus his body looks yellow in color .The eyes and nails look yellow too.there are certain home remedies which could be used to provide relief to the patient .

1)50 gms radish's leaves are pounded and the juice is extracted ,

2)to the juice add 10 grams sugar candy .

3)Have the mixture early in the morning without washing one's mouth .

4)consume this daily for at least a week ,,the polio patient will start improving one's health.

NOTE TO REMEMBER:--do not consume turmeric and milk for at least 2 weaks .Have raw papaya vegetable curry without spices just put black pepper and salt it is a real good remedy for polio.

Have ripe papaya as much as possible it also helps to clean ones stomach to keep the patient light .


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    • lotuslove19 profile image

      Sarika Mehra 7 years ago

      Muhammad Younus,please follow the remedy mentioned above,hope it would help ,the case of your niece is pretty old ,get some physiotherapy help for her .

    • profile image

      Muhammad Younus 7 years ago

      Dear Sir,

      My sister's daughter has suffered in polio for 9years,she is now 13years,her all joints are have spread,her growth(Lenght) has stop,though she eat normally,stoll normally,her bones from shoulder to wrist and from hip bowl to ankle has becom curve(bent).She has been given a large quantity of calcium and lot of other madicines since she fell in polio.Due to bent her bones she hardly sit in toilet. Plz recommened suitable remedies for her.