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Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening

Updated on April 27, 2007

Four things you can do right now to whiten your teeth

1. Take a teaspoon of lemon juice and a tsp of salt. Make a paste. Apply this on the yellowish tint.

2. Use the inner white part of an orange peel to rub teeth for a lovely white shine.

3. Take half teaspoon of bi-carbonate of soda mixed with a little water to form a paste. Rub this on your teeth.

4. Dried & powdered Bay leaves combined with dried orange peel is an excellent whitener.

Think of a fine porcelain cup. Fill it daily with coffee and colas, subject it to heat and cold, smoke, and alcohol. Fill it with brightly colored food. Then wash the cup in a harsh detergent. Eventually, tiny craze marks will dot the ceramic surface, and before you know it, the once-white cup looks dirty and dingy.

Your teeth are like that pretty porcelain cup. They start out shiny and white. But cola, tea, smoke, acidic juices, and highly pigmented foods slosh past them three (or more) times daily. And your teeth tell the tale in the form of stains.

Surface enamel cracks and erodes, exposing dentin, the less dense inside of the tooth, which absorbs food color. Stains also latch onto the plaque and tartar buildup on teeth, finding anchorage among the nooks and crannies.

There are different types of stains. Stains can be caused by many different thing including antibiotics, by quirks in individual metabolism, and sometimes by high fever. All these have to be fixed by a professional. But common stains caused by coffee, red wine, tea, cigarette, ect can be washed away between professional cleanings. Here's how.

Clean after every meal. If you clean your teeth regularly and conscientiously, you have less chance of keeping stains on your teeth.

Polish with baking soda. Mix baking soda with enough hydrogen peroxide to make a toothpaste-like consistency, then brush stains away. Be sure not to use too much peroxide, as it can cause burning.

Check your plaque quotient. Rinse with a disclosing solution to show where plaque remains on your teeth after brushing. Those spots are where your teeth will stain if you don't improve your brushing technique.

Rinse, rinse, rinse. After every meal, rinse the food from your teeth,. If you can't get to a restroom, pick up your water glass, take a swig, then rinse and swallow at the table.

Electrify your smile. An electric toothbrush, will push more of the stain-collecting plaque off your teeth. Studies show an electric toothbrush can remove 98.2 percent of plaque.

Try a plaque dissolver. Mouthwashes that have an antibacterial action will reduce stain-catching plaque.

Don't scrub away your smile. If you're tempted to turn to one of those super-whitening tooth polishes, don't. It's a quick fix, but it's like using an abrasive on a countertop. It takes off the stain, but it wears off the enamel, too. And as your enamel gets thinner and thinner, more of the dentin shows through. And dentin is darker, so it looks like your tooth is stained.


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  • profile image

    Vivian Aldana 8 years ago

    Great article that explains how teeth become dingy and the best teeth whitening solutions for very low cost!

  • profile image

    ilkay 8 years ago

    I am a dentist and I am sorry to tell you that the girl in the photo has no natural teeth visible. All are prosthetics. The only thing you can do safely for healty teeth is brush regularly. Please refrain from using abrasives or chemicals. Please consult a physician before applying anything to your teeth.

  • profile image

    Linda 7 years ago

    Good article on explaining why teeth become dingy over time and of course, we all want brighter whiter smiles. Unfortunately, too often, home remedies as well as some over-the-counter products whiten teeth at the expense of oral health best practices. Consumers must be aware that many products offered on the market as well as some home remedies contain harsh compounds that do not help maintain or improve overall oral health.

  • profile image 6 years ago

    Fabulous post! Loved reading your great post, I always can tag it and I will vote up for you

  • profile image

    Dental care Michigan 6 years ago

    Once again as a dentist I am compelled to confront the horrible misinformation on this page. Lemon juice is acidic and etches away your enamel. Once gone, it cannot regrow. Do not put acid on your teeth! My goodness, if you are that desperate to whiten your teeth and don't want to visit your dentist, go to Walmart and buy Crest white strips. You get great results without damaging your teeth.

  • profile image

    mckenzie 4 years ago

    i have a black line on my tooth do the mean i have a cavity

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