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Homemade Exercise Equipment

Updated on October 30, 2011

Homemade Exercise Equipment

Not everyone has spare cash to spend on expensive exercise equipment or costly gym memberships and personal trainers. However, there is a solution to this problem if you are prepared to spend a little time and some initiative in making your own ‘Homemade Exercise Equipment.

You can get a great workout from DIY Exercise Equipment if you put some effort in, not only this but building your own can be a very rewarding process!

There are some great ideas out there for building your own gear, I believe the following 4 pieces of equipment are superb and will cover many of your strength and fitness needs.

1. DIY Kettlebell

2. DIY Farmers Walk Bars

3. DIY Sandbag

4. DIY Bulgarian bag

This equipment when used correctly will not only build a great base of fitness but will strength every muscle group in your body from your pressing power to your grip strength and legs.

Homemade Kettlebell

There are so many ways to make your own kettlebell for swinging and snatching, from very simple to very difficult. If you have access to simple plumbing joints and pipes then this video will show you how to make a superb t-bar kettlebell handle. If not check out Homemade Kettlebells for more ideas with varied materials.

DIY Kettlebell

Homemade Farmers Walk Bars

The farmers walk is a superb exercise for building stamina, leg strength, trunk stability and awesome grip strength all at once. Just because you see farmers walk in so many Strongman Competitions doesn’t mean you can’t utilize it in your own training routine. Check out this video of my favourite DIY Farmers Walk bars being made.

DIY Farmers Walk Bars

Homemade Fitness Sandbag

Sandbag training is so versatile, you can press it, throw it, bear hug it, shoulder it, clean it the list is endless, only your mind will prevent you having lots of training options with a sandbag. This has to be the easiest homemade exercise equipment item ever!! Simple find an outer casing (an old duffle or sports bag does the trick), put some sand in an inner bag and place in your outer casing and there you go you’ve got an awesome training device.

There are so many different ways to make a sandbag, I particularly like this version where an old inner tube is used to hold the sand

DIY Sandbag

Homemade Bulgarian Training Bag

The Bulgarian bag is another version of a sandbag that will hit your fitness, upper body, trunk and grip like nothing else.

Simple put the DIY version of this awesome piece of Homemade Exercise Equipment is essentially a piece of inner tube that is tied and taped at the ends allowing it to be held in both hands and swung similarly to a kettlebell but allowing the option for the bag to pass around and behind the head to train the shoulder girdle.

Here’s a brilliant video showing you how to make your own Bulgarian Bag

DIY Bulgarian bag

Get Fit with Homemade Exercise Equipment

So there you have it, no excuses that you can’t afford exercise equipment, most of the materials necessary to build this gear can be usually be found in recycling skips and picked up for free.

Go build your own Exercise Equipment now!!


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