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Homemade weight loss supplement

Updated on May 2, 2011

Cayenne pepper benefits

The only thing I did this weekend was try on a smaller size of pants I own, and by my complete surprise they fit! I was stunned, I was only trying them on with false hopes for something clean to wear without doing laundry. But how could this be? How can these pants fit, I have been neglecting my 30 Day Shred video and it's been way to windy to walk with my daughter down to the park without getting severe allergies.

Well I think I know why this is, and I will tell you.

I stumbled across this weird home remedy quite sometime ago to aid in blood circulation, detoxification, metabolism, and even weight-loss.

Want to know what I've been doing? OF COARSE YOU DO! I can hear you now;

"Please fellow blogger, tell me the weight-loss secret of sitting on your arse and shredding an entire pant size!!!"

Okay, don't yell at me I'm had planned to tell you.

So this is going to make everyone cringe and possibly cry, but I've been making this homemade tea with lemon juice and Cayenne pepper...


It's honestly not bad at all. If you've had any experience in partying, (don't lie to me I know you have,) then most of us are aware of what taking a shot of Vodka feels like, well this isn't nearly as bad.

What I've done here is heat up a teacup full of water for about 2 minutes in the handy-dandy microwave, then I have oh-so-slowly worked my way up to 1tsp of Cayenne pepper. I started off with about 1/4 of a tsp.

Then I have done freshly squeezed lemon juice, but that got old real quick and I just started buying the bottles of lemon juice. I do about 3 or 4 squirts of that in my tea (not a scientific measurement) and VIOLA! Your own personal weight loss supplement!

At first I didn't start drinking this just for weight-loss, I have horrible blood circulation problems, so bad in fact that in a room of 75 degrees my toes feel frozen, so I was desperate to cure this ailment. I am a big fan of natural remedies, I don't like unnecessary medicine in my system. The only time I take a Tylenol is if I have a bad fever. Same goes for my daughter. I eat organic, and honestly all the random ingredients I see on food packaging scares the crap out of me.

So I did some research, looking up natural ways to improve my blood circulation and this is what I found. And improved blood circulation is just ONE of the infinite benefits of drinking this tea.

One fact that completely sold me on this (other than the fact that it's not costly) is if you were in the midst of having a heart-attack and you drank a cup of this homemade tea (or chugged Tabasco sauce), you would be able to stop it and save your life. This is due to all the nutrients found in Cayenne pepper being rushed to your heart thinning the blood.

Now as far as the weight loss goes, this has really improved my digestive system. Since having my daughter my metabolism has gone to complete shit (no pun intended) and I have not been able to lose weight since I only poop like once every couple of days. This has definitely changed that. I'm not as bloated anymore, and I have noticed that I feel more full on less food. Really helping me manage my portion control.

Big fat T.M.I. warning here though, your butt hole will burn!

Obviously you can't simply drink this and expect to loose a ton of weight, but if you drink a cup directly before exercising, oh my goodness prepare to sweat up a storm!

Do you have arthritis? I do, I have it bad in my hands! It's hereditary and I hate that I've gotten it at such a young age. Well, honestly I've seen a vast improvement with my pain. At first my arthritis got really bad, worse than ever, but I continued to drink and now I have no problems. I read why this is, something about the pepper clears away toxins in your system which takes awhile, but once the toxins are gone the pepper blocks the pain receptors in your brain resulting in relief. At least that is how I understand it, if you don't believe me please do some research. I typed in "Cayenne pepper benefits" in Google.

If you want to be healthy I think this is a great way to jump start it a wonderful lifestyle change, it's helped me.


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      Johng383 3 years ago

      This is why Facebook games are becoming more popular. The ease of use and dissemination of content, tagging beabkgkefkbg

    • profile image

      Matt 3 years ago

      Wicked idea, thanks!