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Homeopathic Cold Remedy Zicam Review

Updated on July 11, 2011

How Does the Homeopathic Cold Remedy Zicam Work?

The homeopathic cold remedy Zicam is popular with cold and flu sufferers. The homeopathic nasal gel is supposed to shorten the length of recovery from a cold in half.

It also lessens cold symptoms. Zicam is much more effective if it's used as soon as cold symptoms appear.

Alternative Medicine Natural Cold and Flu Remedy

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Instructions for Zicam Cold Remedy Usage

The label instructs users to use the nasal gel spray for 2 days after cold symptoms disappear. It is not recommended for children under three without a physician's advice. Same recommendations are made for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Zicam homeopathic cold remedy nasal gel is a bit different than most nasal sprays. First, it's a gel as stated on the label, not a liquid. When you spray Zicam into your nose, it doesn't shoot up into your sinuses like sprays do.

The directions for using the cold remedy Zicam nasal gel are a bit unique, too. After squirting the gel into your nose, you pinch your nose shut. Massage the outside of your nose for about thirty seconds. Then you blow your nose.

Cold Remedy - Zicam Active Ingredient

The main active ingredient of Zicam cold remedy is zinc. Zinc is known to be an effective immune system booster. It prevents the cold rhinovirus from multiplying. Unlike zinc cold lozenges, Zicam fights colds in the nasal passages instead of the throat.This makes Zicam cold remedy nasal gel more effective at fighting colds than zinc lozenges.

Zicam Homeopathic Cold Remedy Pros

Besides being a natural cold remedy, Zicam also doesn't have side effects that conventional OTC cold remedies can cause. A lot of cold pills make me so sleepy, I simply have to take a nap. Also, I feel 'spacey' often when I try other cold remedies. And decongestants always make my nasal passages extremely dry. But Zicam has none of these side effects.

Homeopathic Zicam Cold Remedy Cons

There are some cons with this homeopathic cold remedy.

Zicam nasal gel can cause burning of the sinus passages, especially if there are complications like a sinus infection.

Sometimes, it causes an upset stomach if taken on an empty stomach.

Also, for maximum effectiveness as a cold remedy, Zicam is supposed to be applied inside the nostrils about every four hours. This can be a major inconvenience at times.

And of course, the cost is a negative. Zicam cold remedy is more expensive than other OTC cold remedies.

Cold Remedy Zicam Warning

Warning: Some people have complained about the loss of smell after using zinc nasal sprays for cold symptoms. The number of complaints is small, but be aware that this could be a side effect with Zicam cold remedy nasal gel spray.

Homeopathic Cold Remedy Zicam in Other Forms

If you don't like to use nasal sprays, Zicam homeopathic cold remedy is available as medicated swabs that can be used inside the nostrils. There are also Zicam cold remedy zinc lozenges and throat sprays.

Zicam Cold Remedy Zinc Spray Recommended - Yay or Nay?

So, does Zicam cold remedy nasal gel work? Would I recommend it? Yes, it does work, at least for me. It seemed to shorten my cold. Usually I have a cold for 7-10 days. I started using Zicam cold remedy the next day after my cold symptoms appeared. Within 4 or 5 days, my cold seemed to disappear completely. I would definitely recommend homeopathic Zicam cold remedy.

However, if you're at all concerned about the complaints of loss of the sense of smell, then definitely don't use this homeopathic cold remedy product.

Homeopathic Cold Remedy Zicam Review

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