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Homeopathic Natural Pain Relief

Updated on March 6, 2015

Aromatherapy is effective because it works directly on the amygdala, the brain’s emotional center

— Mehmet Oz

Aroma Therapy

While research has shown that eating sweet food such as: cookies, chocolate or ice cream can help reduce the sensation of pain the scent of such thing can also reduce the perception of pain.

  • Vanilla promotes feelings of relaxation. A handkerchief with a few drops of vanilla can be carried throughout the day and can promote feelings of relaxation and a reduction in ones pain perception.
  • Green Apple scent can cause a pain relief effect. The scent of green apple can reduce the severity and duration of headache pain and joint pain. Even eating a green apple will cause the sent to be inhaled and can cause a pain reduction.

How to Blend and Use Aromatherapy Oils to Relieve Pain and Stress

Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used by themselves, but they can also be used blended together. A blend of two or three oils can prove to be beneficial. Essential oils are not meant to be applied directly to the skin. Essential oils should be diluted first with a carrier oil such as:olive oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, etc. For application to skin mix 4-6 drops of the essential oil with one tablespoon of the carrier oil then rub onto the effected area be sure to avoid the eyes (this method is best for headaches). For larger areas mix 10 drops of essential oil with 1 ounce a carrier oil then massage the hurting area with the mixture.The essential oils can also be used in a bath this method is best for aching muscles, to relieve arthritis, and for joint pain. For best results mix a few drops (4-6) of essential oil with one tablespoon of carrier oil then mix the oil mix and 2-3 cups of Epsom salt in a hot bath.

  • Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties. The scent of chamomile has been known to relieve muscle pain, spasms, low back pain, headaches, and PMS pain.
  • Sweet marjoram has sedative properties. It can be used to relieve muscle pain, spasms, stiffness, rheumatism, osteoarthritis, and migraine pain.
  • Eucalyptus is a scent that is particularly good for muscle and joint pain.
  • Peppermint works well for muscle pain, joint pain, headache pain, and nerve pain
  • Thyme is an antispasmodic. It is good for joint pain and muscle pain. It also works well for backaches.
  • Clary sage has calming properties, soothing properties, anti-spasmodic properties, and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to ease muscle tension, spasms, and PMS pain. Use in small quantities
  • Sandalwood is mainly used to sedate the nervous system. It particularly helps to reduce nerve pain and to relieve muscle spasms.
  • Wintergreen is not a well known essential oil, but it is effective in treating headache, nerve pain, arthritis, and menstrual cramps. This oil has pain-relieving properties similar to aspirin.

DIY Pain Relief Lotion with Essential Oils

Pain Relief Teas

Green Tea Ginger

  1. Buy a fat hand of fresh organic Ginger Root with fat fingers.
  2. Peel or cut off the bark of the ginger.
  3. Cube the ginger.
  4. Use a tea kettle to bring water to boil.
  5. Brew three bags of green tea with the cubed ginger in the kettle.
  6. Leave it to steep for a few hours.
  7. Pour the tea into a pitcher and blend with cold water.
  8. Add Stevie, Sugar, or Honey to sweeten the tea.
  9. Enjoy hot or cold.!

Chamomile Tea

  1. Purchase dried chamomile.
  2. Put 1 to 2 teaspoons of dried chamomile in a mug
  3. Pour boiling water over the chamomile
  4. Leave it to steep for 15 to 20 minutes
  5. Sweeten as desired.
  6. Enjoy!

Turmeric Tea

  1. Simmer 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, a pinch of clove, 1 teaspoon of fresh ginger (this is optional, but it will increase the pain reduction), a pinch of nutmeg, 1 teaspoon of turmeric (you want to start with just a teaspoon and work your way up to more, the more turmeric you add the more the pain reduction will be).
  2. Strain the tea mixture.
  3. Add honey and milk.
  4. Enjoy!

White Willow Bark Tea

  1. Purchase White Willow Bark.
  2. Simmer 1 Tablespoon of white willow bark with two cups of water.
  3. Cover and steep for 15 minutes.
  4. Strain the tea.
  5. Drink as needed for pain relief. It can also being used another way to do this: soak a cotton cloth in the mixture and place it on the hurting area then cover the area and the cloth with plastic wrap. Keep the area warm and moist.

Rice Water

Rice water can act as a substance that relieves inflammation. This is done by forming a soothing barrier over a membrane, to reduce inflammation and pain. It works best for stomach related pains and cramps.

  1. Purchase white rice.
  2. Cook half a cup of rice in double the amount of water normally used. Cook on medium heat on the stove.
  3. Remove pot from heat when the rice becomes tender and allow it to sit for three minutes with a lid over it.
  4. Drain the water and mix with honey for sweetness. (The rice can be eaten just like it normally would be)

Valerian Root Tea

Valerian Root is nature's tranquilizer. It can be used for insomnia, tension, anxiety, pain, and stress. It reduced pain through reducing the sensitivity of the nerves. Valerian Root tea bags can also be purchased online for cheap or at Walgreens and other drugstores for a bit more.

  1. Buy Valerian Root.
  2. Bring water to boil.
  3. Place 1 teaspoon of Valerian Root in infusion device (similar to what is used to make loose leaf teas).
  4. Pour the hot water into the infusion device.
  5. Leave it to steep for 15 minutes.
  6. Pour and Enjoy!

Health benefits of Turmeric Tea and How to make it.

Foods that fight pain and inflammation

How To 11 Great Foods to Eat to Relieve Pain

Foods for Pain Reduction

  • Ginger should be taken 500 to 1,000 milligrams per day for pain reduction. Ginger has pain relieving properties similar to ibuprofen, but better. Ginger contains gingerols, paradols, shogaols, and zingerone. These ingredients all help reduce pain by reducing pain-causing prostaglandin levels in the body. Ginger is particularly helpful with muscle pain.
  • Olive oil is another great method for reducing pain. It helps to reduce pain-causing mechanism in the body.
  • Raw Almonds and Walnuts these nuts are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and anti oxidants. These acids and oxidants help with pain control.
  • Grapes contain Resveratrol which has an analgesic effect similar to aspirin.
  • Flax Seeds and Oils can help with pain reduction when eaten raw, but when eaten cooked it can irritate tissue and cause pain.
  • Blackberries, Raspberries, Blueberries and Strawberries contain high levels of anti pain compounds. They cause an increase in heat-shock proteins that decrease as people get older; the less heat-shock proteins someone has the more inflammation, pain, and tissue damage happens.

Yoga for Women - Yoga For Cramps and PMS

Beginners Yoga for Relaxation & Sleep, Flexibility Stretches for Stress, Anxiety & Pain Relief

Pain Management for Children with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome


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    • PAINTDRIPS profile image

      Denise McGill 3 years ago from Fresno CA

      I learned a lot from this too. I just found out that because of my hip pain and years of taking Ibuprofen, that I have been damaging my kidneys and must now stop taking it of suffer further damage. Maybe ginger is the answer to the pain. Thanks. I will bookmark this page for future reference.

    • misty103 profile image

      misty103 3 years ago

      I am glad I was able to help:)

    • profile image

      Aqua103 3 years ago

      It is so comforting to know I am not alone. I learned a lot from this hubpage. Thanks!

    • poetryman6969 profile image

      poetryman6969 3 years ago

      Sandalwood and green tea. Sounds like a nice day coming on.