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Homeopathic Topical Psoriasis Remedy - Witch Hazel and Glycerin USP

Updated on October 25, 2013

Glycerin and Witch Hazel Can Relieve Plaque Psoriais

The following is a great concoction to use for relieving plaque psoriasis. It is natural and effective and may help you stay out of the doctors office. It may be also effective for other types, though the focus here is mainly for treating lesions on the body caused by plaque psoriasis. We will talk about how to mix it and how to apply it, but first I will digress slightly and write a little about why I go natural in the first place.

Got to Love Pharmaceutical Companies

Traditional Topical Medications for psoriasis often work, but then after a month they lose their effectiveness. This is just one of the many potential side effects of steroid creams. Now there you are sitting at the doctor’s office, again, while he picks his brain and tries to think of the next cream in line. If the doctor is lucky then a pharmaceutical rep has recently stopped by and offered some free samples and incentive to prescribe their latest, greatest creation. Then the decision on what to prescribe is much easier.

If you have ever been to the doctor’s office and seen one of these reps it’s terrible. I have seen it a few times in my many trips to the doctor, and the script rarely changes. Mind you I don’t know what the conversation looks like behind closed doors, but the lobby visit goes like this:

You have been sitting in the lobby for 30 minutes trying to find something interesting to read in a stack of old magazines surrounded by pharmaceutical brochures. Then the gorgeous, young, tan, and overly smiley girl, sent to push drugs, I mean educate the doctors, enters the lobby in her best business outfit. Now the receptionists are often women, so her blatant appeal to the male doctor may likely have a negative effect on the front office staff. No worries, that is why the rep brought the donuts, cupcakes, or other delicious treat. Upon delivery of said treat, she lets the receptionist now that she has an appointment. Meanwhile you have now read every crappy article in the lobby and finally found something interesting to read, when you and the rep, who got there 5 minutes ago, are called back. You might want to bring that interesting article back with you, it’s going to be a few minutes.

Now Back to the Actual Remedy You Have Been Waiting For

So now that we have established some of the many reasons I prefer natural remedies, let me go over a great Homeopathic topical psoriasis remedy, witch hazel and glycerin, and why I like it.

  • For starters it is an over-the-counter solution allowing you to avoid the above scenario.
  • Secondly it is natural and will continue to work as long as you use it.
  • Next it relieves itching as well as moisturizing, very necessary.
  • Lastly it is very cost effective, especially when compared to many traditional treatments.

A Little About The Ingredients and Their Benefits

Glycerin USP: This clear odorless by-product of soap and bio-diesel is a natural water attractant. It is found in combined form in all plant and animal fats, triglycerides. On the skin it works by pulling water from the air, and pulling water to the surface to moisturize. Due to this water attracting quality it is the main ingredient in many moisturizers.

Witch Hazel: Derived from the bark of a North American shrub, this natural clear liquid has all sorts of healing properties. Most beneficial properties to people with psoriasis are:

  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Antimicrobial
  • Astringent
  • Moisturizer
  • Sun Damage Protection

How to Use This Psoriasis Remedy

The Mix Ratio:
50/50 Glycerin USP and Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel
(Even though it is typically only 14% alcohol, that can dry out the skin or cause stinging.)

When and How to Apply:

  • When: After Your Shower or Bath: Like any moisturizer, you will get the best benefits by applying directly after you bathe.
  • How: Pat yourself dry and apply the solution. Rub in until the solution has disappeared. Your skin should not be greasy or too much has been used. On bad spots rub purposefully with fingertips. Do not apply to open lesions.
  • How Long: Redness and scaling was reduced 80 to 90% in about three weeks in my case. I still use it often as it does help relieve itching, and it is a great preventative measure.

Application Hints and Tricks:

  • Spray Bottle: It is very easy to use in a spray bottle. Simply apply 1-3 times per day, or whenever your skin feels dry.
  • Back Lotion Applicator or Brush: This will help you get those hard to reach areas.

Added Bonus:
This can be used to help scalp psoriasis as well. Massage into scalp after shampooing your hair until it is fully absorbed. I also have another hub you can check out, for a Homeopathic treatment for scalp psoriasis click here.

Go ahead and give this homeopathic psoriasis remedy a try to with any luck you can avoid a trip or two to the doctors office. The benefits of each of these things stand on their own merit, but together, they provide an outstanding natural topical application for psoriasis. Remember to use whenever your skin feels dry, and at a very minimum use directly after bathing for best results. Use one or both of our application tricks to make it easier, and hopefully you will see the results after just a few short weeks.

Quick Question

Did you know that witch hazel was derived from a shrub in North America.

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Garbage,this remedy was a total waste of time cost me 30bucks,made me more itchy,followed instructions to a tee, was sticky and itchy it felt like I had put a sugar concoction on my body.TOTALLY USELESS,feel free to try but a total bust as.far as.I'm concerned!

    • profile image

      Bernice Castillo 

      5 years ago

      Neen oil really stinks, but there is a Co. that has Neem products that smell great,, fragrance free soap is great for Psoriasis, there other products are good too!

    • ICarrie profile imageAUTHOR

      Carrie Jones 

      5 years ago from Georgia

      I have never used neem oil, except on my garden so I couldn't tell you for sure. I sometimes use aloe vera juice, vitamin e oil, and or coconut oil. You should experiment and see what works best for you.

      Let us know what you try and what works for you.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Can you add any oil to this combo? I read neem oil is benefecial to psorasis


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