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Homeopathy Double Standard | Medical Students versus Professors

Updated on November 7, 2010

Netherlands Ancient Hospital Image

From a Blogger
From a Blogger

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Homeopathy Double Standard | Make Up Your Mind

Putting Down Homeopathy
I just read another news media article with an emphasis on putting homeopathy down. The reporters do a lot of quoting from those opposed to homeopathy and much less, if any, to those who are interested in learning more.

The article in question comes from Radio Netherlands WorldWide with hashtags: cure, Dutch healthcare, homeopathy, medical science, quacks, and science.

We see that they are pitting homeopathy against Western medicine with a slant that only allopathy is "scientific." It would be good to have a definition of what constitutes 'science' each time it is referred to as a gospel. But, what we really must look at is the fact that when people get relief from their symptoms and live a happier life when taking homeopathics what more scientific proof do we need?

I mean, what really is the aim and purpose for a health professional? Don't they want their patients to feel good, be happy, cope with daily stressors and get on with their lives?

The heading claims: Dutch universities should teach homeopathy, the KVHN association of patients undergoing the therapy has urged as the new academic year is about to be opened.

Published on : 25 August 2009 - 3:32pm | By Klaas den Tek | (RNW translation: rk)

This is all fine and dandy. The students are literally ASKING to be taught this 200-year old medical science. Why? Because they see that people are using it and they wouldn't keep purchasing the little white sugar pillules if they didn't work for their symptoms. Plus, when speaking to patients, it makes sense that doctors become knowledgeable about this form of medicine. Education is the key to becoming a well-rounded physician and to be able to converse on all topics with a balanced view of the world.

What might happen when medical students begin to learn about homeopathy? They may want to use homeopathy as a first course of healing and this might turn the establishment upside-down.

Maybe the elder physicians are stuck in their old ways and don't want to learn anything new? Who knows? They say it is because it is unscientific, but let them give it a try and prove their point.

Here is what the aricle states: A growing number of doctors are prescribing homeopathic treatment, but not a single medical faculty is willing to become involved in homeopathy. The reason is simple: it is scientifically unproven that homeopathy is really effective.

It seems that homeopathy IS being used, it is just the faculty who are not ready to take a closer look. Where are the statements from those who are using homeopathic treatments so we can hear their viewpoint?

Politics: It would be interesting to understand and learn the politics of bringing in a privately funded homeopathic instructor whose own courses in the hospital do not count for credits. Very strange. I'm not sure I understand how all this works.

Additional treatment: The Free University is host to a privately sponsored chair in homeopathy, funded by KVHN. But that does not turn homeopathy into an academic subject which can earn students credits. Dr Gio Meijer, a homeopath, is often approached by students who want to know more about the subject, and she regrets that universities remain aloof:"Patients should be able to discuss everything with their GP. The patient benefits when doctors are well-informed, and are aware when they can resort to homeopathy. That is, as a treatment in addition to regular medicine."

Sticky Wicket: What a difficult situation really has a bug somewhere. If a medical student goes to all the course requirements and does an additional study in homeopathy they get all a flitter. What's up with that? If the student is well-trained, works well with colleagues, nurses and patients and performs well under stress AND has another valuable healing tool then why should the diploma be removed. Absurd. It is a conflict of belief systems. But does the professor say remove the diploma if they are of another faith than his?

"Hand back your diploma" Opponents remain resolutely negative. Emeritus professor of pharmachemistry at the Free University, Henk Timmerman, is one of them. And he does not mince his words: "Homeopathy is nonsense. Research keeps showing time and again that it does not work. Doctors who engage in it would do well to hand in their doctor's diploma. They are deceiving the patient by all kinds of tomfoolery that makes no sense."

The Last Cut: It is true that a good number of European Countries have a long tradition with homeopathy. And Asian countries even more so. I would love to know the absolute facts about the "powerful homeopathy lobby" of which I would absolutely LOVE it if there was such a thing. Unfortunately, the US does not have a homeopathic lobby. Boo-hoo.

Show Me The Beef: In some other Western countries (like the UK, France and Switzerland, which has a long tradition in the field) students can qualify in homeopathy. That may be due to the fact that homeopathy is held in higher regard there, or, as in the US, that professors are partially paid by the university and partially by the powerful homeopathy lobby. Be that as it may, nowhere is homeopathy considered uncontroversial.

Attribution of Image Above: A Blogger

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    • Debby Bruck profile image

      Debby Bruck 8 years ago

      Dear Susan ~ Thank you for posting your personal experience with homeopathic remedies. It's most remarkable when the correct remedy is selected. Often times, without guidance, people can think it doesn't work because they haven't been to a professional with the knowledge to know what to choose.

      hugs and Happy New Year!


    • profile image

      Susan McKinstry 8 years ago

      My personal experiences have been that sometimes homeopathic remedies have worked after allopathic ones have failed. This has been particularly true for me with treating allergies and inflammation. It's funny how the medical community writes off anecdotal evidence and favours so-called scientific evidence, which is fraught with bias and contradictions.

      There is a lot more scientific research for allopathic treatments because there is more profit to be made. That doesn't make them better - just more marketable.

    • Debby Bruck profile image

      Debby Bruck 8 years ago

      Hi Sam. Your points are well taken and I hope many more people are getting the message. Thanks for Dana's resourceful E-Book.



    • profile image

      Sam Adkins 8 years ago

      Thanks for this article Debby. There are many research studies showing the efficacy of Homeopathy and on the flip side pharmaceutical companies are having a greater and greater issue with not being able to prove their drugs can out perform placebo. This just illustrates the importance of the mind-body connection so when is westernised conventional medicine going to wake up to the fact that holistic approaches are very important as they are about patient health the not the pockets of BIg Pharma executives.

      Dana Ullman has a e-book summarising available research studies on many Homeopathic conditions. It's well worth getting:

    • Debby Bruck profile image

      Debby Bruck 8 years ago

      Dear Dr Poonam Batra ~ Thank you for visiting, reading and commenting. Can you get all of the physicians who are using homeopathy to rally with you? Can you imagine that all the patients that they have treated successfully to also tell the world via the internet, contacting government agencies, media outlets [newspapers] and others? If everyone who has used and experienced the good and benefits of homeopathy would make a statement then more people will become aware of homeopathy and give it a try.

    • profile image

      Dr. Poonam Batra 8 years ago

      To my opinion, the best way to tell the world about the efficacy of homeopathy is through the voice of a large no. of allopathic physicians and surgeons who are treating their patients with homeopathic medicines or taking their family members and children to the homeopaths for treatment. personally, i know many.

    • profile image

      Dr Prabhat Tandon 8 years ago

      who says homeopathy lacks evidences , click for vastly but still incomplete list of researches behind homeopathy ...

    • profile image

      Kari Lonning 8 years ago

      It is so sad to me that so many intelligent people can be so narrow minded as to negate the possibilities of thinking out side of their own boxes. There is so much knowledge out there to be shared!