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Homeopathy: Holistic Healing from Within

Updated on January 27, 2016

Homeopathy Treatment

Drawing its core essence from the necessity of completely eliminating a disease by treating its root cause, homeopathy has gradually emerged as the most effective treatment therapy over the years, taking the medical world by storm with its simple yet powerful medicinal properties.

If the World Health Organisation is to be believed, homeopathy is the second most widely followed or used system of medicine in the world.

Working on the principle of studying the patient and not just the illness or symptoms, homeopathy takes a holistic approach to uprooting the disease to prevent its repeat onset. This is primarily the reason why homeopathy is believed to take longer to provide complete cure than the chemical drugs prescribed in other therapies. To understand how homeopathy actually functions, let us understand the core concepts of this therapy:

  • Human body has an immense inbuilt capacity to defend itself from harmful disease causing bacteria and even heal itself in case any disease strikes. Homeopathy is committed to revive and stimulate body’s defense system to prevent illness or cure it effectively in case of its onset.
  • The core principle of homeopathic treatment lies in the small doses of medicine that this therapy prescribes. These are basically remedial substances that produce the same symptoms of illness in healthy people if they would have been given to them in larger portions.
  • Customized to treat every individual in a focused and unique manner, homeopathic medicines are prescribed based on patients overall being with respect to their lifestyle, emotional and mental status and of course the symptoms of illness.

This holistic approach to treating an illness is what makes it so popular globally and across different generations. Further propagating the significantly popular therapy, Schwabe has been leading the homeopathy revolution across the world. Being the largest manufacturer, from Germany, of homeopathic medicines, Schwabe is a global leader in Phytomedicines too. Taking pride in its unparalleled and superior product quality and efficacy, Schwabe stringently follows WHO’s standards laid down for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Homeopathy Medecine for Piles
Homeopathy Medecine for Piles | Source


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