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Homeopathy Safe Natural Cure For Urethral Strictures

Updated on June 8, 2014

Homeopathic remedies to treat health problems are commonly practiced in Europe. In North America homeopathy is slowly gaining acceptance as a safe natural cure. I decided to explore homeopathic remedies for a condition I have been dealing with all my life. After years of traditional medical procedures and driven by a desire to avoid the potentially painful and risky treatments still recommended by my family doctor I chose to see what homeopathy could do for me, in my search for a safe natural cure for urethral strictures.

This in not a typical article for me to write. I usually write articles on traveling and surfing. With this article, I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone, discussing something that is very personal. I am so encouraged by the success I'm having with homeopathy that I want to share my experience with others in the hope that it will help them if they are dealing with urethral strictures.

Author's Note:

Since the initial publication of this article in July 2010 there have been five updates outlining my progress. They are towards the end of this article. The most recent update was May 2012.

What is a urethral stricture?

A urethral stricture is usually caused by an injury related trauma or a urinary tract infection. Infections can be bacterial or viral. So it can be caused by a urinary tract infection or by a sexually transmitted disease. The scarring is a result of the body trying to repair the damage from the infection or injury. Urethral strictures may also be congenital. The most common injury related trauma is what is known as a straddle injury. For example, falling onto the crossbar of a bicycle. Another example of trauma that can result in a urethral stricture is from a catheter or endoscope.

Since the age of one I have dealt with a urethral stricture. A urethral stricture is the internal scarring of the urethra caused by injury or infection. This scarring causes a narrowing in the wall of the urethra, the tube that leads from your bladder to the outside, impeding the flow of urine. It occurs more commonly with men, rarely with women. When urine does not flow freely it can lead to pain, infection and, if left untreated, serious complications.

Symptoms of a Urethral Stricture

Not ALL of these symptoms need to be present

  • a decrease in urinary flow or stream
  • straining required to urinate
  • spraying or deflection of the stream
  • incomplete emptying of the bladder
  • dribbling after voiding
  • urinary tract infection, a symptom of this is pain when urinating
  • inability to urinate
  • blood in urine

Safe Natural Treatment of Urethra

Another natural treatment you can take to improve the health of your urethra and improve urine flow is to consume bee pollen. Bee Pollen helps the urethra by relaxing and smoothing the muscles in the lining of the urinary tract. This is a remarkably easy and inexpensive treatment to try, not to mention the other health benefits of bee pollen.

Bee pollen is readily available in grocery stores right along with the honey. I sprinkle it over my granola in the morning. I put it in salad dressings and smoothies. It has a bit of a tangy taste so go easy at the beginning.

Studies by Japanese researchers have shown bee pollen to be effective in several measurements of urinary function:

  • increased urine flow
  • increased urine force
  • reduced feeling of strain during urination
  • reduced need to urinate at night

Get a diagnosis

If you think you may be suffering from a urethral stricture it is important that you get a prompt diagnosis to determine the reason for the problem with urine flow. Left untreated urethral strictures can worsen which will lead to more difficult treatment in the future, or there may be something else that is causing the poor urine flow.

Urethral strictures can lead to further complications such as urinary tract infections, urinary retention and distended bladder. Long term, it can also lead to renal failure which is failure of the kidneys and is life threatening. Don't take risks, get your symptoms checked out. Some of the symptoms of urethral strictures are symptoms of other health problems. For example, if you are older than forty it could be related to your prostate. Too many men die needlessly from prostate cancer each year because they are too proud or embarrassed to discuss this issue with their doctor.

I am now in my forties and have had several medical procedures performed over the years to treat the urethral strictures. In my case, I have two strictures, one is is in the anterior urethra in what is known as the bulbar urethra. The other stricture is about 3/4 of the way along the urethra. The first stricture was detected when I was a one year old, the second was most likely caused by an injury I sustained when I was six years old due to a straddle injury. I was walking on a raised railway tie and fell, straddling the railway tie. Yes it did hurt.

The first procedure I had at the age of one to treat the urethral stricture was an Endoscopic Internal Urethrotomy. The procedure is done by inserting an endoscope into the urethra. The physician locates the stricture and then cuts the stricture with a knife. A catheter is then left in place for several days to allow the incision to heal. The surgery is now performed with either an incision by a knife or laser. Also it can now be done by electrocautery. These are electric pulses that eliminate the scarred tissue.

At the age of 18, I underwent another EIU. Two years later it was necessary to perform the surgery again. I had this procedure done two more times over the years until the age of 30. After that, the urologist decided to try a different procedure that is less invasive. It is a simple procedure called dilation. The physician inserts Van Buren sounds (metal rods with curved ends that are inserted into the urethra). This procedure enlarges the urethra, but scarring usually narrows the urethra again. With my physician, we did a routine of dilation every three months over a period of two years. Although this procedure is less invasive, there is still a risk of perforating the urethra. For me, this procedure worked well enough, but it isn't a long term solution for most people.

It was in the second year of receiving these dilations that I started to pay much more attention to my diet and the effect diet had on my body. I had known for years that coffee and cola consumption was affecting my urinary flow. I quit drinking coffee and consuming pop entirely in the second year of the dilation procedures. Over the years, I began to drink coffee again, but tried not consume more than one cup per day. The days that I did drink more, I noticed a significant change in my urinary flow. This was also the case with cola consumption. For the next twelve years, my flow was never great, but it was sufficient to empty my bladder significantly enough that I was not in any discomfort.

In January 2010, despite my diet, my urinary flow dropped dramatically. I was concerned that perhaps it was something other than the urethral strictures, so I had my prostate and PSA levels checked and everything came back normal. That was a relief, but my discomfort continued to grow. My physician told me I needed to see a urologist to have the stricture treated. I asked him if there were any safe natural cures for urethral strictures or if there were other alternative natural healing remedies for urethral strictures, because the traditional forms of treatment were not working out for me. He didn't even pause before answering no.

The numerous treatments I have received have never cured me of my urethral strictures, they have only been temporary solutions. Each treatment had an underlying measure of risk such as urinary tract infection, damage to the sphincter muscle or perforation of the urethra. I believe each time I have had a scope or dilation it does do some harm to the lining of my urethra. In researching the conventional options I had ahead of me, I did not like what I was reading. This lead me to research for safe natural cures for urethral strictures.

Homeopathy, a safe natural cure for urethral strictures

I was familiar with homeopathy as a good treatment for topical conditions such as bruising, allergies and rashes, but I had never considered homeopathy as a possible remedy for a urethral stricture. When I did some research on the internet I was very surprised to read that homeopathy has a 95% success rate with urethral strictures. I read this online information with skepticism. I come from a family background where conventional medicine (allopathy) is the norm. Three of my neighbors have been recommending a homeopathic doctor they all visit, so I called him and made an appointment.

During my appointment the homeopathic doctor asked me many questions about my overall health. He was not just concerned with my complaint of a urethral stricture. A homeopathic doctor considers the physical and psychological state as well as the symptoms of the patient before deciding on a remedy. In homeopathy the idea is to treat every patient as unique and each treatment is tailor-made for that particular patient. This means that two people with similar symptoms are unlikely to be prescribed the exact same remedy. My appointment lasted over one hour. At the end of the appointment the doctor prepared a homeopathic remedy in distilled water for me to drink before I left his office. Then he gave me two bottles with homeopathic tablets to start taking once I got home. The first bottle was to be finished before starting in on the second bottle.

Before starting the homeopathic remedy my urinary flow was so poor that only drops would come out when I urinated. I would have to urinate at least once an hour all day and night long. It would take several minutes to urinate and when I was finished, it never felt like my bladder was empty. One night I was not able to urinate one time, even though there was a strong urge to do so. Bladder discomfort and sleep deprivation were starting to affect my life and I was afraid of damaging my bladder or kidneys.

The first day after my appointment with the homeopathic doctor, I noticed no change in my symptoms. By the evening of the second day my symptoms began to improve. Rather than just drops coming out, I had a thin urinary flow. I was able to empty my bladder more completely than in the past several months. What a relief! Over the next several days, my condition continued to improve. After 8 days, the first bottle of pills was finished and I started in on the second bottle of pills. After a few days with the second bottle my symptoms began to deteriorate. I returned to the doctor a few days later and he prescribed the same remedy as in the first bottle again, but changed the frequency with which I take the pills. Instead of taking two pills every 3 hours, I took two pills every 6 hours. Again, there was no change the first day, but by the second day the urinary flow improved markedly. It has now been over a week since that visit and my urinary flow is better than it has been in months. At this point in time, it has only been three weeks with the homeopathic remedy, but the success I am seeing has me hopeful that I have found a safe, natural, long term cure. In two weeks time (Aug 5, 2010) I will return to the doctor to discuss my progress and to see what needs to be done next. I will continue to update this hub article with the results of my homeopathic treatment.

Update: on Homeopathic Remedy for Urethral Stricture - August 9, 2010

Last week I had another visit (my third) with my homeopathic doctor. The remedy he prescribed at my second visit worked well for a little over a week and then my urinary stream began to weaken somewhat. I continued to take the remedy until the pills were finished. At this point, I had been instructed to begin taking the second bottle of pills I was given at my first visit with the homeopath. Just like the first time, this remedy made my condition worse.

When I returned to the homeopath on August 5, my urinary flow was better than before my original visit, but it was poor enough that I was starting to have discomfort with my bladder. At night, it was difficult to sleep well and I had to get up about 4 times in the night. After my first two visits with the homeopath, I came prepared because he was always saying "what else". I made notes before going in to make sure I didn't forget to mention anything.

It has only been 4 days since the visit with the doctor and receiving the new remedies. I am now taking two pills in the morning and a different remedy of two pills in the evening before bed. I did not notice a change for the first two days, but by Saturday, again the urinary flow has improved by a small amount. The amount I am able to void is sufficient enough that I am not feeling discomfort with my bladder.

The doctor has told me to be patient and that it will take time. At this point, my symptoms are better than my initial visit and I am going to continue with the homeopathic treatment. If there is a change for better or worse in my symptoms in the next month, I will provide another update. If no change is required with the dosage I am taking, my next appointment with the homeopath should be around mid-September. I will provide an update after that appointment.


  • The information in this article is posted for educational purposes only, and not intended to constitute medical advice. As with any important medical matter, you are advised to consult an experienced health care provider concerning your specific health concerns.

  • No doctor-patient relationship is intended, implied or created by the posting or viewing of information on this site; nor is a doctor-patient relationship created by the submission or exchange of questions or information via email or otherwise with the author.

  • Always check with your health care provider.

A word of caution. I feel there is a lot of information out on the internet regarding alternative medicine, not all of it accurate, please do not self-prescribe a homeopathic remedy. Consult with a homeopathic doctor and follow their remedies. If you are at all concerned with your symptoms, consult with your family doctor. Your condition could be to the point where you need a medical intervention such as a catheter inserted to empty the bladder. You do not want to let your body get to the point where your bladder is so full that it gets distended. This will cause you long term health problems. If you don't believe me, look up self-catheterization. That does not look like a fun thing to do every day.

Please use the comments section below if you have anything you can share that would make this article more valuable to other readers.

Natural Cure For a Urethral Stricture
Natural Cure For a Urethral Stricture

Homeopathic Treatment of Urethral Stricture Progress Report

Update: September 1, 2010

Since the update I provided on August 9th, my urinary flow and bladder control have improved considerably. To say I am pleasantly surprised is an understatement. I am now experiencing urinary flow equal to what I would experience in the first month after a urinary dilation. My bladder control which sadly was becoming an issue has improved tremendously. Since my urinary flow started to deteriorate rapidly in January, I was having problems with having a sudden urge to urinate. This would sometimes lead to a small amount escaping before I could urinate. Needless to say, this was having an impact on my confidence in social settings. I would be having a conversation with a friend for example and suddenly have to interrupt the conversation to run to the bathroom. I was limiting my intake of fluids if I knew I would not be near a toilet. For example, some days I would have nothing to drink from the time I woke up until after lunch. This is not a good idea as not drinking enough fluids causes health problems such as kidney stones.

Now that my urinary flow has improved it feels like my bladder has emptied when I finish urinating. The discomfort/pain I was experiencing from not emptying my bladder and the sudden urge to urinate have stopped. I feel this is because of the stress I was putting on my bladder by it not being able to fully void.

During my treatment I made the decision to stop drinking coffee and I had already stopped drinking alcohol. Two weeks ago, I started back on one cup of coffee a day to see what would happen and if has not had a negative impact on my flow. Boy that first cup of coffee tasted good. Beer was something I had given up months ago because of how often I needed to urinate just from the intake of one beer. I can drink one or two beers without any problems on my urinary system now. I think coffee and alcohol affect my body more adversely than most people with urethral strictures, so it could be that you don't notice any difference.

My homeopath said that if my body is functioning correctly, I should be able to consume moderate amounts of coffee and alcohol. I am glad to be at a point in my life again where I am able to have a couple of vices.

I'd like to make a few comments about my homeopathic treatment.

There are a variety of conditions that can cause urethral strictures. As a holistic form of treatment, a homeopath considers all aspects of the patient before prescribing a remedy. This means that there is not just one remedy to treat every patient for urethral strictures. If a homeopath saw ten different patients with complaints of urethral strictures, it is very likely that the path he/she would take with each patient would be different. The homeopath is going to consider your physiological and psychological state of being.

There are over 2,000 different remedies available to a homeopath. Certainly there are some common remedies that are frequently used in patients with urinary complaints. For example, Cantharis and Thuja are two well known remedies which you can turn up in a web search. However, I feel very strongly that one should not try to self prescribe a treatment. A well trained homeopath will have the experience and resources to prescribe the remedies and make adjustments along the way. It is the adjustments along the way that led to my improvements. Two of the remedies I took had either no effect or made my symptoms worse (bladder control).

Be honest and very open with your homeopath about all of your symptoms. The more information you tell the homeopath the more likely something will be revealed to help dial in the remedy you require. You have to remember there is no need to be embarrassed to discuss all of your symptoms. If you don't share all of your personal information, then it will be much more difficult to get the correct remedy.

Update: November 5, 2010

This is a short update, but I wanted to keep the article up to date. I have continued to have success with my homeopathic treatment. My urinary flow has continued to remain strong and I do not have the sudden urge to urinate. This is the best urinary flow I have ever experienced.

Update: July 2011

A quick update to this article.

It is now just over a year since the original article was published. I continue to have no problems with my two urethral strictures and my urinary flow and control is good. I still believe that caffeine intake affects my body, so I limit my exposure. I do drink one cup of coffee per day now, and some green tea.

Update: May 2012

I have not required any remedies now for close to a year for the urethral strictures. My flow continues to be excellent.


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  • profile image

    leonard13 5 years ago

    My situation is a little different from some of the others on this site, due to invasive radiation treatment.

    I was diagnosed with prostate cancer about 15 years ago (I am 70 now), and I now realize I chose the wrong treatment. Instead of having my prostate removed, I decided in favor of Brachytherapy - (irradiated seed implants). There was a complication, and (unknown to everyone), one of the irradiated seeds dislodged and stuck in the urinary tract, and it became very painful to urinate. I tried to get the doctors to discover the reason for the pain, but I was told it was only the body healing after the operation. The pain went on for about 8 months until the pain disappeared immediately one day as the seed finally dislodged itself. It was then that I discovered the source of my discomfort. The damage however was done, and the seed had caused scar tissue resulting in a stricture. I was able to urinate adequately for a while though, until it finally became a problem consisting of a weak and very narrow stream along with the other usual symptoms of urgency, inability to empty the bladder, and frequency. This condition is getting worse.

    I have since learned that Brachytherapy can and most likely will cause strictures anyway, and this is something the doctors did not tell me at the time.

    It is also possible that I suffer from and enlarged prostate (BHP), but I can’t tell for sure because they symptoms are almost identical. My doctor thinks it is a combination of both BHP and the stricture.

    My doctor did surgically remove the scar tissue once, but it returned, and he wants to operate again, and then I would have to use a catheter daily after the operation. I am reluctant to go this route unless there is no other way.

    I am interested in a non-surgical treatment that will alleviate or control this condition. I am interested in trying homeopathic or acupuncture as a remedy.

    Does anyone know of a good homeopath in the Oklahoma or Texas region ?

    Suggestions anyone ?

    Thank you all for your input.


  • profile image

    fasteddie 5 years ago

    I have just gone through the urethroplasty operation as of 3 weeks. It involved the skin inside my cheek as mentioned previously. The Doc said the cheek would be the sore part of healing but it was really no big deal. Even touching it right after surgery with my tongue wasn't painful.

    After 6 days in the hospital I went home and watched as my scrotum became slightly larger than my that WAS painful. Back to the hospital where they installed a drain and over the next 6 days(again) it slowly subsided to near normal.

    My problem is that I am on blood thinners for life. In 2008, a urinary infection, from self cathetorization, developed into bacterial endocarditis which ate up my mitral valve in my heart. A mechanical valve was installed which demands thinner blood which makes having any operation risky.

    It was mentioned that if I had normal un-thinned blood, there would not have been the scrotal swelling and I believe that to be true having chatted with other folks there for the same operation.

    I wished I had know that a non invasive homeopathic approach to a urethral stricture was possible. After twelve years of constant dilations and the fear of having a urethroplasty, I would have gladly at least tried this holistic approach.

    Hopefully the end result of the procedure results in a permanent cure, but, if not, I will surely find a specialist in the homeopathic world of alternative medicine.

    So, if the alternative approach doesn't work, at least you tried to avoid the knife. And who knows, it just might work for many of you.

    Happy peeing guys and girls, this old dude is optimistic about either method paying dividends on the way to a possible cure.

    fasteddie (Or maybe sloweddie)

  • surf traveler profile image

    surf traveler 5 years ago


    Thank you for sharing your experience. This is why I wrote the article. You made my day when I read your comment. Best wishes for your continued treatment.

  • profile image

    vivek 5 years ago

    Dear Surf Traveler hii. I am 33 yr old. I had problem of urethral stricture long back in 1998.

    I got it treated by EIU operation. Now this problem again occurred and I met a urologist . In testing 3.5 cm narrowing segment found at the junction of bulber and penile urethra . I had to tolerate painful and intermittent urination.Burning sensation was permanent during urination.Urologist suggested me for operation called Buccal Mucossa Graft Urethroplasty. searching for this operation detail I found this article. My Family members and one of my friends advised me to try Homeopathy as an option.So I met one Homeopathic Doctor in the month of July. According to Dr , as I have got dilatation,chances are 80%. After taking medicines for 15 days my symptoms are following.

    1. urinary force increased drastically.

    2.There is a minimal burning sensation.

    3.Pain has decreased so much.

    4.sometimes I feel normal.

    Now I am scheduled to see doctor on Aug 6. If it is cured it will be a miracle for me.

  • profile image 5 years ago

    My son in law has developed urethral stricture in bulbur region.He is undergoing homeopathy treatment at Bilaspur (C.G) .He is showing slight improvement after 10 days treatment.

  • profile image

    Sam 5 years ago

    Thanks for putting this up. It inspired me to to give alt medicine a shot. I always felt like I held my emotions in the the perineum area (AKA the taint). I was recommended to try acupuncture. After about three weeks it got increasingly worse. I was thinking about it all of the time and I was sure I was on my way to surgery. So I stopped going and in about 2 weeks things DRASTICALLY improved. I have no explanation for this... Someone that is an alt med advocate said to me, "things sometimes need to get worse before they can get better". That said, I think if you read this and the emotions part speaks to you I would recommend trying it. Otherwise, I am not sure if this is the correct treatment for you. I would recommend speaking with an acupuncturist and hearing what they have to say. I am not 100% but I don't need to get up in the middle of the night anymore and there is no dribbling and I didn't have surgery. It is like I stepped back several years from where I was. I wish you all the best - thanks for having this discussion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • profile image

    Mike 6 years ago

    I have congenital urethral stricture in the anterior portion. Had dilation done at the age of 13, again at 16 . The second time spent a week or so in hospital with the catheter inserted. Thereafter no allopathic treatment. Used a pin or something every two years or so to prick what appeared to be a layer of blocking skin.

    Started homeopathic treatment in 1997. Changed a few doctors. After starting homeopathic treatment the blockage occurred much more frequently, sometimes once in a week.

    Started seeing a new homeopathic doctor two weeks back. No improvement as yet.

    Any advice?

  • profile image

    Jack 6 years ago

    Let me add that along with the things that I have told you that I am doing, I also don't eat any spicy food or drink any soft drinks like Coke or Dr Pepper. My Dr told me to quit drinking coffee and to drink hot tea instead. I also drink organic cranberry juice mixed with water and artificial sweetner. Thanks again Jack.

  • surf traveler profile image

    surf traveler 6 years ago


    Your welcome and thank you for sharing your experience to date. Finding an alternative to antibiotics must be a relief after all these years. My treatment has made such a difference in my life. I wish you success with this.

  • profile image

    Jack 6 years ago

    Dear Surf Traveler, Thank you so much for your post. I was in a bad car accident in 1963 and had my urinary tract severed in the accident. I was 18 years old at the time. The doctors put in a catheter until the injury was healed. A stricture developed at the spot of the injury and didn't give me any trouble until my late 20's when I started having urinary tract infections which would give me a high fever and make me feel very ill. I have suffered with this condition for 38 years having repeated dialation and even surgery on 4 different occasions. My life has been miserable because of this condition for all of these years. Anything the doctor did was only a temporary fix. I have lived on antibotics for all of these years, going from one doctor to the next and just recently ordering them on the internet. One day after searching the internet for a possible cure for my condition I found your article. I decided to give it a try and began seeing a holistic doctor. It has only been 2 months since I have been seeing him, but I am happy to say that I have been feeling much better and have been free of any infedtions since I have been seeing him. The same day that I began seeing this doctor I was talking to someone about my condition and they shared with me that they were taking care of a person that was bedridden and that this person kept having urinary tract infections. They said that they started giving her Cranactin liquid and the infections stopped. I started taking Cranactin at the same time I started seeing the new doctor and like I said before I am feeling much better. I take the Cranactin Chewables, 4 4oo mg a day. I was told that Cranactin keeps the bacteria from sticking to the walls of the bladder. I don't think that the Cranactin is a cure but maybe it will keep me feeling good until I find a cure. The hosistic doctor that I am seeing said that he could heal the stricture but that it would take 5 to 6 months. Again thank you so much for your post. Thanks Jack.

  • profile image

    har31 6 years ago

    Joe, Please give me an update on how you are doing now after your surgery. My son is considering it. His life is miserable right now. He is constantly ending up in the emergency wards of hospitals due to this problem. He can't seem to really join in on life. please tell me about the pain and the recovery time. thanks so much.


  • profile image

    Joe Kotulak 6 years ago

    Surf Traveler I found out about another safe natural cure for a urethra stricture. I figure I would bring it up since I have never heard of this before, and I'm sure you haven't heard of it either. I found out about this on a health forum and just posted some comments that this person brought up. No it's not the Japan herb I mentioned, but a non invasive procedure called Uttar Basti. This is where they stick a catheter just in the tip of the penis and they inject a specialized medicated oil. The amount of oil is dependent on the amount of the severity of the scarring. Apparently this person online had this done to them in 2009 after having multiple procedures performed on him for 5 years and he since hasn't had a problem. I'm waiting to get a response back from his as to how exactly he found out about this, but I found this very interesting. Anyways I thought I would pass this along to you since it's provides a means for alternative options if you ever again deal with a urethra stricture where you searched for other options. This goes out to everyone else here too.

    I'm glad to hear that you have been doing well. Cheers.

  • profile image

    Joe Kotulak 6 years ago

    @Nikolas I had a urethroplasty done on me last Wednesday. It's actually not as bad as I thought it would be. In fact I had really no pain as I did "discomfort." I'm 24 and just like you I canceled my first urethroplasty surgery because I was scared also. Well I can tell you right now, I don't know where you live, but the man that you MUST see if you live in the U.S. is Edward Wright from the John Hopkins Medical Institution. This is the guy that you absolutely must have if you live in the U.S. for procedure like this. Let me give you an example of why you really should consider this guy if feasible with respect to your location.

    1.) I went to go see a doctor by the name of Armenakas in NY. He told me that I would absolutely 100% need a skin graft for my urethra stricture. He also said I needed to get a plastic surgeon who could skin graft from my mouth. Well he was wrong until I met Dr. Wright in Baltimore. Not only did Dr. Wright say that I likely didn't need a skin graft for this when he examined me, but that even if I needed one he does the skin graft himself.

    2.) The hospital is beyond ridiculously nice. Every hospital that I have been to in my life made you felt uneasy, because they didn't do a very good job at keeping you at ease. I was nervous as hell about the procedure,but the people at this hospital were a lot more nicer. They always ask you if you feel comfortable and what I can do to make you feel better about going through with a procedure. This is the best hospital I have ever been to.

    I'm so glad I took Dr. Wright, I think when I look back on the Dr. from New York I realize that it may have been a tragic mistake if he did my surgery. And think about this if I hadn't gone to Dr. Wright in Baltimore then a skin graft procedure that I would have needed for the NY guy would have meant a lower chance of being cured for good, because skin grafting in a urethroplasty procedure has a lower chance of being cured as opposed to just cutting out the scarred area of the urethra and then simply reconnecting the too ends of the urethra that is not scarred.

    In the end though I will have my catheter out by next Thursday and I think I might still go with the urethroplasty medicine as a clean urethra would only be helped more by the homeopathy medicine even though it didn't work as well I liked.

    But in general this guy is awesome when it comes to a procedure like this.

  • surf traveler profile image

    surf traveler 6 years ago

    Hi Barry,

    The prescribing info on Eligard states:

    "Tumor Flare; Transient increase in serum levels of testosterone during treatment may result in worsening of symptoms or onset of new signs and symptoms during the first few weeks of treatment, including bone pain, neuropathy, hematuria, bladder outlet obstruction, ureteral obstruction, or spinal cord compression. Monitor patients at risk closely and manage as appropriate."

    Key things I picked up from that are "during first few weeks of treatment" and "urethral obstruction". Perhaps what you are experiencing is experienced at the beginning of treatment. I'd run it by the doctor if you haven't already, to hear the expected duration of the urethral obstruction, i.e., is it weeks or longer.

    After, you might want to check online for a directory listing of homeopaths in your area.

  • profile image

    barry2468 6 years ago

    I am new to this site and I have had a stricture for 1 month. It came on me soon after having a needle (Eligard) for prostate cancer which I have had for 2 years. Never had a flow problem before. I am definitely interested in seeing a Homeopath rather than any kind of surgery. I have to strain every time I pass urine and its getting to me. I was wondering whether this is the way to considering my condition. Barry

  • surf traveler profile image

    surf traveler 6 years ago

    Hi Nickolas,

    Your comment wasn't deleted. I am notified by email when new comments are submitted. I have to hit a button to approve them - spam etc. Your comment was sent in late in the evening here, didn't get it until this am.

    I know it can be scary and I hope you get better. I'm not entirely sure what you are having done. An endoscope is the instrument that the urologist will use to see the urethra to check out your urinary tract.

    If this is what you are having done, try to relax. It is usually done with only a local anesthesia. The urologist needs to do the procedure to see what's going on.

    From how you describe the frequency and small quantity of urine, it sounds like you do need to have this looked at and not put off any longer. Putting it off can lead to complications making things worse.

    I do have an update at the end of the article. Nothing has changed since that posting. Still good flow and I watch the type of liquid intake (mostly water, one coffee, green tea, no cola's).

    No, urethral strictures aren't a slow death and surgery does not have to mean your condition will get worse.

  • profile image

    Nickolas 6 years ago

    I see my comment was deleted, Thank you for confirming this is some sort of attempt at a hoax. By the way you never gave an update on your current condition. Find it hard to believe you're the only person in the world that was healed by this treatment. Dooped again.

  • profile image

    Nickolas 6 years ago

    I am 22 and have a urethral stricture with a ton of complications it seems. I am scheduled for endoscopic internal in a month, i cancelled it twice already in fear. Now I pee about 14 times a day just a few millilitres. Im beyond freaked out. It truly feels like my life is over. My urologist is too busy to even discuss this with me and is very work forward. Feels like I can't have sex or do anything sexual, Im scared now if I do that it wil block up permanently and ill have to go to ER.

    Everything was normal a year ago, is this truly a slow death? Is urethral stricture this serious of a disease. They say not fatal but seems almost worse like drowning under water for years.

    Truly feel alone in my area and that this is totally insane, a non-curable disease. Surgery only makes it worse... wow

  • surf traveler profile image

    surf traveler 6 years ago

    Hi Joe,

    Yes I remember you. I'm sorry to hear that homeopathic treatment didn't work for you. It sounds like you have found a doctor you feel comfortable with. I hope the surgery is successful for you. I hadn't heard about a herb being researched in Japan. Take care.

  • profile image

    Joe Kotulak 6 years ago

    Hey Surf Traveler remember me. Well I tried Homeopathy for about 2 years now and well I have sadly decided to give in and do the urethroplasty surgery. I have to be honest homeopathy seemed to be working for me, but it more or less seemed to prolong the inevitable for me rather than sustain it forever. I'm going to the doctor today and seemingly I've reached the point where putting in a therapeutic tube into my bladder is necessary. The thought of that along with a urethroplasty surgery petrifies the hell out of me, however I realize I don't have really any other choice. The worst part of this surgery is that I'm likely to feel excruciating pain in at least three different areas. One is my mouth since they have to cut out skin and form it into a tube. The second is the urethra itself when they have to stitch it together after they cut it out. And of course who knows if they also have to take skin from the penis and form it into a tube. So you cam imagine what my mind set is right now. I remember I heard another doctor telling me a while back that Japan is working on a special herb that is used to cure a urethra stricture. However this is still at least 5 years away. So I am essentially out of options so I must seemingly go through with the surgery. The doctor I'm seeing about for this surgery is in Baltimore Maryland which is in the U.S. He is considered one of the top doctors for a procedure like this.

  • profile image

    sagey1 6 years ago

    Very interesting article. I too have suffered from a urethral stricture for many years, probably 20 or more and I'm in my thirties. It's been a real pain in the bum, not literally but close. I have had two operations, the first one being the one you described, the Endoscopic Internal and just like you it was great for a month or so and then gradually returned to the way it was before and eventually worse. This proceedure in particular has only an 11% success rate and I do not understand why they continue to practice it. Every time there is a procedure the scarring will get worse, eventually. But with this op it always gets worse.

    The next op was 5 years later and was a great success. My Urethraplasty (?) gave me amazing results but even six months later it had reverted to a just a good stream from what had been an unbelievable stream! And now 7 years later here I am checking out stuff on the internet because it is starting to cause me discomfort. It's really not too bad but I know it's not going in the right direction. I've seen every kind of new age treatment under the sun, all of them have given me some relief, some more than others. I have seen a accupuncturist for the last 10 years. Before that it was homeopathy. I'm willing to try it all again to get my peeing to a situation where it's okay and doesn't affect my life. If after the second op I was at 10/10 and my lowest point I was at 0/10 I think I'm currently at about 6.5/10. It;s not bad, not bad at all, but I wish I could reach the dizzy heights of 10/10 again. Or even just 8/10.

    The point I wanted to make was that recently in the last six months I have found that drinking coffee has made the situation worse. I didn't even drink coffee until last year and on my three week holiday in Italy I drank loads of the stuff. SHortly after that holiday my bladder became very bloated and I was peeing often, the flow was restricted. At the same time I had to switch accupuncturists and it improved tremendously. But recently again it had been concerning me and I've wondered if it's the tea and cans of coke I drink at work.

    Just thought I'd share this with you as you mentioned a lot of the things that I have been through. I too travel for with my career and have to plan when and where the bathrooms are going to be.

    But thanks for a great article, kinda nice to hear about so many other people in the same boat although I wouldn't wish it on anyone! Good luck guys!

  • profile image

    Guest 6 years ago

    I have been taking thiosinaminum tablets for my strictures for a couple of weeks and there seemed to be no effect until the last two days. All of a sudden, as if overnight, my flow has been the best it's been in as long as I can remember. I am amazed. I suggest you try thiosinaminum. I am upset with the medical field for not doing extensive research on this stuff.

  • profile image

    Rajesh Sharma 6 years ago

    Very good article and true information. I also suffered from the same problem and luckily instead of believing in allopathy and surgery went into homeopathy and am much better today. All allopaths will tell u that there is no other cure and homeopathy is useless. They are al lying or just don't know. I went to a homeopath called dr farokh master in mumbai, india and his medicine worked like magic. I know how painful this problem can be and more painful than it can be the surgical procedures, which actually complicate more than resolve. Find a good homeopath, because not all are effective and get rid of this problem

  • profile image

    Ramesh Hegde 6 years ago

    Hi all,

    i am a chronic patient of urethral stricture, it was heartening to read that the stricture is curable by means of Homeopathy treatments I am fed up with allopathy treatment. I am affected by stricture from my school days and as read by all yur statements i am feeling confident that Homeo treatment can clear all the obstacles . Right now i am in deep trouble with strictures as you all know the consequences of strictures. I was thinking of taking Ayurveda treatment ( Indian form of medicine ) but after reading all your writings I am opting for Homeopathic treatment . Thanks guys for th motivation and feedback.


    Ramesh Hegde,

    Pune, India

  • profile image

    MH 6 years ago

    My father had raditherapy for prostate cancer which left him with a urethal stricture.

    He took Dandelion Root capsules which helped him within weeks and the stricture eased considerably.

  • profile image

    orangatang2798 6 years ago

    I have always had a problem since I was bedridden and a cath was forced into me. I go at least five to seven dribbles a night and never feal completely empty my life my body feels like its 30 years old. I wish anyone with this problem all the luck in the world. One more thing can someone email me with what pills they took that were successful ty

  • profile image

    Dario 7 years ago

    Hi, I started taking the homeopathic medicines but I don't understand if they're working or not. I've got 2 episodes where I almoust couldn't piss but with the antibiotic got better. I think the problem is not coffe or not coffe, the problem is your rx, I mean if after the cure the stricture on the rx disappeared.

    Now I want to try with ayurveda, there's a treatment for our problem and some website tell is very very good. I dont know if it's gonna work or not but it's a chance.

    I went to a urologist specialized also in ayurveda. search on internet

  • surf traveler profile image

    surf traveler 7 years ago

    Hi Sunil,

    It's still relatively low-tech here. The problem is likely going to be with payment, but I can check with him if you like, the next time I have an appointment (in one months time). If you would like you can email me your email address and I will see whether he can/will do an email or phone referral with you. I do not recommend that you include your email address here, because it may lead to your email address getting picked up and then spammed. There is a "contact surf traveler" button near the upper right. If you use that it will keep your email private. He only speaks Spanish, so you'll either need to translate your communications or hopefully you speak Spanish.

  • profile image

    sunil 7 years ago

    Hi Surftraveler, Is it possible to consult your homeopath over e-mail or phone. the problem is that every homeopath out there is not expert and i had bad experience with no results with some homeopaths. I am also suffering from a urethral stricture.

    please let me know if you can help. Your homeopath seems to know his job very well.


  • surf traveler profile image

    surf traveler 7 years ago

    Hello Subodh,

    I was told the same thing by my family doctor. I believe this is very common with most Allopathic doctor's.

    In my case, my homeopath felt that my body's nervous system was constricting my urethra, therefore the two urethral strictures were blocking my urine flow. I think my explanation of how coffee consumption would have such a dramatic impact on my urine flow is one of the contributing factors in his approach to my treatment. Putting it simply (he has to, as my first language is English and he speaks only Spanish), he was targeting my body's constriction of the passage first and secondly the scar tissue itself. How much of my improvement has been due to the scar tissue or the improvement in the urethra constriction, I can not say. However, due to the fact that my condition improved so quickly, I believe the majority of my increased urine flow has been a less constricted urethra. In general, it is my understanding that it is around 6 months to a year of treatment.

    As I have said, I am not a homeopath, just someone who has suffered pretty much since birth with this condition and in my 44th year, discovered this alternative that has worked for me. If you look further up in the comments section, I have a link to a website When I was researching homeopathy and the possibility of it for my stricture, it was that website, that convinced me to give it a try. Best wishes to you.

  • profile image

    subodh 7 years ago


    I am suffering from urethral stricture for long time. I would like to know how homeopathic medicines works on urethral stricture? Is it dissolving scar tissues? Because I was told by the urologist that there is no option but to operate.

    Answer to this might increase my confidence in homeopathy treatment.



    Mumbai, India

  • surf traveler profile image

    surf traveler 7 years ago

    Hi Dario,

    I feel quite strongly that everybody is different and is treated differently. Homeopathy is holistic, and the homeopath considers their patients physiology. If you do a google search for homeopathic remedies for urethral strictures, you will see there are a variety of different remedies that are possible, such as Clematis or Thuja. I do not feel comfortable recommending to anyone online what remedy to take. I've had success with it, and wanted to share. There is not one remedy that will cure all people suffering from a urethral stricture. Your homeopath will know what to try as a remedy based on the interview with you. The homeopath will want to know more than just your symptoms he is going to consider your entire physiology.

  • profile image

    Dario 7 years ago

    Hi! I'm writing from Italy. I'm suffering from 7 years and I found now your post. I don't know whether believing you or not cause you never know who's writing, but I think I'm gonna try an homeopatic cure. I already found a doctor who seems pretty good but reading your post I would like to know the name of those medicine you got. This is just to have an example to understand whether the doctor knows how to cure you.

    It looks like a sort of miracle onestly, I hope you can help me telling me something more specific.

    Thank you

  • profile image

    Britta 7 years ago


    just saw your article. I am living in CR too, but luckily i do not have to deal with the issues you have. But i was wondering if you can recommend any homeopaths in the San Jose area.

    Thank you


  • surf traveler profile image

    surf traveler 7 years ago

    Hello Parisgal, Yes I read it is rare for women to have a urethral stricture. Your feedback is appreciated because when I first thought about writing about my experience dealing with my urethral stricture, it was new territory for me and I was unsure whether or not to write the article. I felt that I should share my experience and I sincerely hope this helps others. Please do post again with how things progress if you decide to try homeopathy for your stricture.

  • profile image

    parisgal 7 years ago

    I was so happy to read about others that have been dealing with this condition and as we all know drastically affects your life. I am at the point you were at surf traveler; the dilatations are only a temporary fix and I am sleep deprived from getting up all night to go to the bathroom. I recently thought I had a kidney infection because I had so much back pain in the kidney area but I didn't which was good news. I am a firm believer in alternative medicine and see an acupuncturist but never thought about going that route for my stricture but after reading your story I think I will give it a try, I have nothing to loose. Its rare for women to have urethral stricture and I had problems since I was about 5 until I was diagnosed at 28 and the urologist that diagnosed me could not believe I had been living with the condition that long- undetected by doctors. Thanks for sharing your story! I will keep you posted if and when I make an appointment.

  • surf traveler profile image

    surf traveler 7 years ago


    That was fortunate to have found a homeopath who has actually had a urethral stricture himself.

    Yes, it is normal for the homeopathic treatment to take some time. I feel like I was very fortunate that my body responded the way it did. I was at a point where the flow was so poor that it was easy to spot a very small improvement in the urinary flow. Even so, the doctor had told me it is a slow process, so we have both been very pleased with the results I'm having. My urinary flow continues to be very good.

    I hope this works out well for you. Best wishes and thanks for taking the time to update how your visit with the homeopath went.

  • profile image

    Joe Kotulak 7 years ago

    Just came back from the Homeopath. I basically told him anything that came to my mind regarding my state of mind and my flow of urine and of course what you recommended that I should say which was not being able to urine laying down. I mentioned that my urethra felt like it tightened after I urinated. Out of everything I mentioned to him, this I thought this was something very important to tell him. What was interesting about the Homeopath I went to was that he himself had a urethra stricture and in fact cured himself using homeopathic remedies. He didn't mention too much of the details about it, but that is what he told me. As far as my remedy goes well I have to take this very rare herb called thiosinaminum. I have to take this 3 times a day for until all the the bottles are used up. He is gave me 8 so I will be taking it for quite some time. He mentioned to me that he wanted to gradually chip away at the stricture which is located at my scrotum which is 2 cm long rather than give me something more potent because he felt the less potent would last longer and be more efficient. He also brought up the point that it will probably take 3-4 months before seeing improvement and that hopefully after 1 year I would be cured for good. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the remedy will help at least slightly well earlier than 3 months, but patience obviously is the key. I mean even the smallest of openings can make a difference in the urine flow. The one thing that I am still concerned about is whether or not me not having an exact cause for my urethra stricture will impact my remedy. He obviously took into consideration my entire state of mind, but where I have doubts is whether me giving him a cause that is only a possibility of what could have led to my urethra stricture.I did tell I was uncertain what caused it. I mean for all I know it could have been anything, but we ended up going with me getting hit between the legs with a basketball. So I will have to wait and see what happens with this remedy. I am curious, and this is something I would only ask if you wouldn't mind telling me, was your remedy considered "potent?" That's of course if you know. The reason I ask is I found it very interesting that your remedy worked so well in term of showing improvement within a few day. My remedy as I think I already mentioned is not considered potent, but gradually chips away at the stricture. I will update this again next week to see if my urine flow has improved for the better or worse, but thanks for the advice regarding telling even the trivial things to the homeopath because it reminded me of a couple of things I felt were important to tell him.

  • surf traveler profile image

    surf traveler 7 years ago

    Great Joe,

    You might want to try writing down any symptoms or descriptions of your flow or how your bladder feels at different times. Anything that comes to mind. Even if it seems trivial. For example, the fact you couldn't void when you were laying down in the exam would be worth mentioning. Things like that may help the homeopath to decide on a remedy that will work for you. Best wishes to you.

  • profile image

    joe Kotulak 7 years ago

    I have an appointment with a homeopath on Friday so I will provide an update to see if the remedy I will have will help my situation for better or worse in about a week and a half. My flow is certainly not as strong as it was a couple weeks ago, but as of right now it's something that is not an absolute dire emergency situation.

  • surf traveler profile image

    surf traveler 7 years ago

    Joe, if you've got a directory where a homeopath is indicating they have experience dealing with urology, that sounds great. In theory, any well trained homeopath should be able to help, but if there is one in your area that has dealt with many patients with urinary problems, that's great.

    Your other question, regarding not knowing the specific cause of the stricture. Homeopathy is a holistic form of medicine. The doctor is going to consider your entire physical and physiological state. So having an exact cause for the stricture isn't necessary. I think most of us can only speculate what caused our strictures.

  • profile image

    Joe Kotulak 7 years ago

    2 Questions I have

    1.) How exactly would I know if a homeopath could help me? In other words what I am asking is would all homeopaths be able to provide a remedy for a urethral stricture? I know this is kind of a tough question because we both don't know all the homeopaths, but I am interested to get your take on this anyway. I was looking at the rectory for homeopaths in my area New Jersey and I looked at 2 available homeopaths and their profiles. One listing has a homeopath by the name of Rainer Orth who specializes in about 30 different things with one thing listed as Urology. Another Homeopath Ambika Nair, however under her profile only has listed chronic diseases as well as other things that don't apply to me that she specializes. Now when it mentions chronic diseases to me that is not exactly specific, but I get the sense it is all probability not someone who can help me, but I am not entirely sure.

    2.) I am kind of unsure of what exactly caused my urethra stricture. I think it could have been many things, but I am just not sure. One thing I thing could have caused it was a basketball being thrown at me between my legs about 5 years back in my gym class when I was not looking. Another cause could have been when I was an infant I had a surgery (I forget what it was called) where they had to open me up at the stomach because for I could not digest my food. Well apparently I had to wear a catheter after the procedure so that is a possible cause. So here is my other question, if I don't have a concrete absolute cause of my urethra stricture set in stone then could a homeopath still help me? I was thinking the other day that maybe for a case like me where I do not really know what caused my Urethra Stricture that a homeopath can take that into consideration and apply remedies for all cases that could have possibly caused my urethra stricture. I mean I don't want to tell him well this caused my urethra stricture when I am not entirely sure. Thanks for all your help. I will respond back on here again updating my condition when I decide what I am going to do with surgery or the homeopath.

  • surf traveler profile image

    surf traveler 7 years ago

    Hi Sam,

    There are many causes of urethral strictures. My homeopathic doctor was very optimistic that he could treat my urethral strictures with homeopathy. As I indicated in my article, I suffer from what is referred to as a recurrent strictures. This is what led to me seeking out an alternative form of treatment.

    From what you have told me, it sounds like the good news is that you have "normal" flow. My flow was not, it was very restricted and not much urine would empty at each attempt.

    Homeopathy has worked for me and others. There is a link in the comments section that I posted 3 weeks ago that addresses homeopathic treatment of urethral strictures.

  • profile image

    SAM 7 years ago

    HI,I am suffering from urethral stricture.recently i have done uroflowmetry test in which the flow was recorded normal.i have also done retrograde urethrogram in which stricture is detected in the bublar urethra.i want to ask you that my problem can be cured by homeopathy or not.thanks

  • surf traveler profile image

    surf traveler 7 years ago

    Hi Joe,

    You definitely didn't bore with your life story. It's great you've got family to discuss your options with. I'll make a couple of comments. You now have more information to make your future decisions on, so although your experience on Friday was crappy at least it told you more about what you are dealing with. Now it's my turn for a long comment. :)

    I don't want to pry into what your urologist has given you as a prognosis to your urethral strictures so you don't need to answer, but these are things to consider. ie: how pressing of an issue is it right now; is your health in immediate jeopardy because of your urine flow being impeded too much; is this a surgery that he is saying needs to be done yesterday.

    Perhaps those are things that mean you need to do a surgery now in order to avoid possible damage to your kidneys or bladder.

    If you have some time, great, perhaps you can still try homoepathy.

    In regards to homeopathy and his recommendation that you can't take medicines prior to surgery. He doesn't understand the dosage of homeopathic medicines. These remedies are extremely diluted. Critics argue that they are so diluted they are essentially water and sugar pills. Taking homeopathic medicine would not interfere with a surgery.

    This website

    explains homeopathy quite well.

    If you are discussing your options with your family, perhaps they can read the page to get an understanding of homeopathy. Also further up in the comments I had put in a link. That is to a website that discusses the homeopathic treatment of urethral strictures. That would be a good one for them to read as well. It can be a little confusing at first because it uses the word allopathy which isn't all that common. It is a homeopathic term for mainstream medicine.

    I hope that whatever options/path you need to take works out for you Joe. I'd like to hear how this works out for you. It was why I wrote this article. I wanted to share my personal experience in case it could help somebody else with urethral strictures.

    As I said, at the beginning of the article I normally write about surfing and travel, so clearly I'm not a doctor. I'm just sharing this treatment that has worked very well for me so far. I will never give you an opinion that says do not have a surgery or you have to see the homeopath.

    Joe, if you ever want to email me you can do that. Near the upper right part of this page is a part that says contact Surf Traveler. Like I say, I won't tell you "have the surgery" or "don't have the surgery" .

    Good luck to you.

  • profile image

    Joe Kotulak 7 years ago

    UPDATE on my condition. I had planned to go see a homeopath and still might, but I chose to hold off for a while because I wanted to get a 2nd opinion with a reconstructive surgeon. Last Friday I went to go see a surgeon in New York City, because I scheduled a urethrogram which is a X- Ray that looks at the length of my urethra stricture. Now going into this I did not realize what I would be for and boy let me tell you it wasn't a pleasant experience. First they had me lay on this examining table and then the surgeon put this anesthetic on my on the tip of my penis. Then the surgeon took a catheter and tried to get it in because he needed to fill my bladder up with water in order to do the X-Ray. It was a big time struggle to get the catheter in and I definitely felt some pressure on my urethra, but they go it in just enough so that the water could pass through the back end of my urethra into my bladder. Now there was good news and bad news of what I was going through. The good news is that I never you that by the mere pressure of water passing through my urethra into my bladder could actually dilate my urethra stricture, but it did. But this is just the beginning. After I was filled up and he took the catheter out I needed to urinate in this container laying down on a table because they needed to position me in such a way so that the overhanging cat scan machine would take a picture of me urinating into the container so they could look at the monitor and see the length of the stricture. Now he told me it could take a LONG time for me to urinate laying down, but little did I know it would be 2 1/2 hours later before I would finally urinate. The problem I had was it wasn't on the table, but in the toilet because I could simply not go to the bathroom laying down. I pushed and had the urge to go but the urine would just not come out. After 2 1/2 hours I completely flipped out, not because I am an impatient patient but because the urge and the excruciating pressure to go caused me to hyperventilate. They could not get the X -Rays unless I peed into the cup laying down on the table. FINALLY the doctor came in and had me go urinate in the toilet in the bathroom He watched me and all of a sudden the urinate came out like pistol shooting out of a gun. My flow was very strong. About 5 seconds into me going my surgeon asked me then to see if I could go back on the table and urinate so he could get the X-RAY. Well guess what I was relieved big time for those 5 seconds, but that didn't mean I could go laying down on a table. Then the surgeon was once again called in after I failed once again to go laying down. Then what really chapped my a** (excuse my language) is that when the surgeon came in all he did was redid the original thing only he did not refill my bladder and just took a picture of my urethra when he put the catheter in me under the X-Ray machine. So essentially he wasted basically 3 hours of my time when all he really needed to do was just put the catheter in and take a picture instead of me suffering for those hours trying to pee laying on a bed. Anyway the result was certainly not great when I looked at my urethra stricture on the monitor, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was or could have been. Basically I have a 3 cm stricture at the scrotum and another stricture farther up above the testicles but the good news with that stricture is that it's not anything that needs to be treated because it's not confined to a point where it could be a problem for me. In other words I can live with it. My option is to do a skin graft procedure where they take from my inner cheek and make it into a tube and not cut out my entire urethra, but rather just the segment that is impeding my urine flow. I would have to wear a catheter for 3 weeks after the procedure to allow healing if of course I chose to go through with it. Miraculously, but urine flow is the best it has been in months and arguably as good as the 1st day after I had my catheter out for my internal urechtomy procdure 8 months earlier. Now it's basically up to me to decide, because I want to go see a homeopathy and planned to go but the problem I have is that my surgeon recommended that I not take any medications before the surgery although I must admit I wished I asked when I come to think of it regarding the medication. Anyway I should talk this over with my family and decide do I delay the surgery and go see a homeopath which was planned to happen and hope that I can get a remedy that will work while my urine flow is still good or do I just get the surgery and hope for the best regarding complications. It's a tough call, but I must say I was encouraged by what I read above regarding your updated situation. It pleases me to here that your doing well, so wholefully you will be cured. Anyway I have spoke too much and I won't bore you with my life story if you mind reading all of this, but it's long story that can't really be told short.

  • surf traveler profile image

    surf traveler 7 years ago

    Joe, it's probably around now that you had the homeopath appointment. I hope it goes/went well. Best wishes for your treatment.

  • profile image

    Joe 7 years ago

    Thanks for the article. Wholefully when I go see a Homeopath in a couple weeks he will able to help me, because I certainly want to try and avoid if I can reconstructive surgery especially from some of the things I have heard about it.

  • surf traveler profile image

    surf traveler 7 years ago

    Hi Jason, for me the other surgical options were temporary fixes which is what led me to try homeopathy. For some, having the scar tissue cut or a dilation does the trick and they don't need further surgery. For me that was not the case. The location of one of my strictures is located very close to my sphincter, so any reconstructive surgery there comes with inherent risks of lack of continence. Since my last update on August 9th (today is 8/15) my urinary flow has improved to where the stream is better than it has been in over two years. I can tell you that I have never experienced my urinary flow improving like this in the past, even with dietary changes (cutting out alcohol and coffee from my diet). At present my urinary flow is equivalent to what I used to experience in the first few months following a dilation procedure.

  • profile image

    jason 7 years ago

    Get reconstructive surgery. The other surgical options are usually only a temporary fix. Pills can't make your urethra wider, which is the problem.

  • surf traveler profile image

    surf traveler 7 years ago

    Joe I just came across a website and they made a particular mention of homeopathy and dilations stating "Homeopathy will prolong the duration between dilatations and will resolve scarring". Thought I'd forward this link onto you, the information on the site is very supportive of homeopathy and urethral strictures.

  • surf traveler profile image

    surf traveler 7 years ago

    Joe, good luck with your treatment. I'd like to hear how this works out for you.

  • profile image

    Joe 7 years ago

    Thanks a lot Surf Traveler. I find your article very interesting and I greatly appreciate the advice you gave me. Hopefully I can cure this thing once and for all, because there is nothing worse in my opinion then being in a discomfort state.

  • surf traveler profile image

    surf traveler 7 years ago

    Joe, I guess your thought on this is that if you get the dilation, then see a homeopath for treatment, how are you to know whether it's working or not.

    That's a valid point. I would think based on your past experience that if you were to start a homeopathic treatment after your dilation and before your symptoms deteriorate you'd be better off, than simply waiting for your symptoms to possibly deteriorate before seeing a homeopath.

    After two months if you monitor your symptoms you'll get an idea of the effectiveness of the remedy. The more you tell the homeopath about your past urethral problems and what possibly caused the stricture, the more likely you'll get a remedy that helps. And yes hopefully the homeopathic treatment will prevent the recurrence of scarring.

    One thing to remember is that when you talk with the homeopath he is going to ask you about your health, he isn't going to give you a physical exam, so there is no need for the symptoms to be at there worst when you see the homeopath.

  • profile image

    Joe Kotulak 7 years ago

    Surf Traveler I have one more question that I want to ask. Lets say my urologist dialates me again which for me has only provided short term success on the order of about 2 months. Now could I still go see a homeopathic doctor after I get dialated in an attempt to acquire a remedy that could possibly prevent the recurring of scarring of the urethra or would I have to wait the 2 months or whenever the stricture creates a headache of a problem for me? I asked this question to my urologist regarding homeopathic doctor, but he doesn't even know what a Homeopathic doctor is. Thanks that's my last question.

  • profile image

    anghel 7 years ago

    almost 3 years of pain and chronic general inflamation of urinary tract: prostate, bladder, urethra, testicles, sperm tubes, etc. I'm free of the most terrific one, homeopathy solved my chronic non bacterian prostatitis, recently i saw the same urologist who 2 years ago gave me the chronic diagnostic and said that everything is beautiful now, perfect!, except the constricted final part of the urethra (4 cm from the glans). He doesn't believe in homeopathy of course, but it was the only thing i took :), their antibiotics and anti inflamatory drugs did nothing for me, except a bigger pain and a bigger prostate .. for one year i took only alopathics without results, everything was just growing. In just two months my prostate came back from 25cm to 18cm. This was the moment i started to believe in homeo .. when i saw the size on the screen of the monitor :). since then, my homeo doctor tried several remedies, some worked some not, so i started trying by myself too and then call him to announce if it worked and ask for a precise dosage, he was happy to see me working on my problem, and this is normal. ONLY YOU KNOW WHAT YOU FEEL! sometimes you can't describe the pain, but when you read written symptoms you can choose, it's a difference. No doctor will ask every kind of stinging, burning, itching, etc., they usually wait to hear from you the kind, and the truth is in homeopathy for itching is one remedy and for biting is other remedy, for stinging is other remedy and for you the feeling is the same. Reading and applying some treatment in low doses for short periods of time do not harm, and if you see improvement you got to tell your doctor, depending if you are friends already, and he will suggest a potency and dosage. It was my case, it was so complicated and unclear when i told "everything is inflamed" that he couldn't try every remedy on me, and i couldn't wait for them with the pain i felt. It's better this way. The best remedies for me were: 2 from the doctor, and 4-5 from my research .. and i'm almost perfect, except the possible stricture after these years of disturbances. Of course, i had negative reactions too when i took them over the dose :)), but learned. Increase slowly, increase with patience, stop when other symptoms from the description of remedy appears, etc. You should pay attention to your reactions! it doesn't kill, i repeat, but for a couple of days it could be more painful due to an overdose or too high potency. That's all. :)

  • surf traveler profile image

    surf traveler 7 years ago

    Hi Anghel,

    Thanks for sharing. You indicated that you have 3 years experience with homeopathy. Is that the period of time for treating the urethral stricture?

    The homeoint website is a good resource to have included here in this article. Thanks for taking the time to reference it. The other website, abchomeopathy, is actually one of the ones I was referring to when I discussed self-diagnosis. I think it is better for people to see a homeopath who has the experience to know the best remedy and dosage for each person.

  • profile image

    anghel 7 years ago

    Hi, i'm curious too if you'll be ok after the treatment. Usually it takes some time, some remedies help 10%, some 60% etc, and you need to follow your remaining symptoms .. I'm from the affected peoples side, and treat myself too with homeo. i'm not a doctor. I use now Clematis, for urethral constriction and beginning stage of stricture. I'm curious what is your treatment, you could help if you share a bit. At least i know for almost 3 years what's all about homeopathy and how to take them. Homeopathy do not kill! Thanks, Anghel :) here are almost all the remedies and their description here is an online remedy finder for your symptoms

    everything is shared, there are no BIG risks as in alopathy, but everyone needs to read a bit about how to take them. It is necessary!

  • surf traveler profile image

    surf traveler 7 years ago

    Hi Joe,

    Sorry, I live in Costa Rica. My homeopath is in the town of San Isidro del General. My neighbors have been going to him for years, but it would likely be difficult to do something with him in terms of advice/payment.

    It sounds like we have similar problems with the urethral stricture. Perhaps it is because of my physical location here in C.R. that I considered homeopathy.

    You probably have a good idea of the condition/risk of potential problems with your bladder if you have been seeing a urologist. So my advice would be that if you are at a stage where the stricture is not putting your immediate health in danger, then you can give the homeopathic treatment a shot. I would recommend that you see a homeopath, don't try to self-prescribe.

    My first appt with the homeopath was over an hour. He asked all sorts of questions about my health in general. Not just as it related to the stricture. When I was researching this article, I was surprised that there were websites, giving advice on the dosage of homeopathic medicines. It doesn't seem like a good idea to self prescribe.

    I just went to see the homeopath this week and he changed up what he is giving me. This was my third visit. Each person is treated differently, so there isn't a recommendation I would feel comfortable giving you in regards to type of remedy or dosage.

    My flow has changed up and down since the initial visit. The flow started to weaken in the week prior to this third visit. Right now it's a little better again, I should know better in a couple more days. I'll update the article in a couple of days. When my flow was getting better two weeks ago, I started drinking coffee again (it's my weakness, so now I'm right off coffee. I do think for some people with urethral strictures, coffee can cause problems, so if you're a big coffee drinker, try cutting it out entirely for a month and see if it helps too. Brace yourself for the headaches though.

    Good luck Joe, I hope you have success with this, I know what a hassle it is. When I go out in public spaces and I don't have easy access to a bathroom I feel stressed, because that urge to need to void can be overwhelming.

  • profile image

    Joe Kotulak 7 years ago

    Surf Traveler what homeopathic doctor do you see and where is he located? The reason I ask is because I have basically exhausted virtually all possible procedure efforts to cure my urethra stricture. None of them have cured me. I am essentially in the position you were in before you went to the homeopathic doctor. I want to give this a shot even if it does not work out for me. I live in NJ, but even if he is out of state it would be helpful to me to get an opinion over the phone. Thanks a lot.


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